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  1. I think you nailed it. Allowing reservations for Select dining has killed it. If people want to dine around the same time each night they should choose "Fixed" dining. Same menu.
  2. "Thank you for your business, we appreciate your loyalty. Not!!" Very surprised and disturbed with the treatment you received. I would expect better in general and especially given the loyalty that you have shown X and also that you had booked out 9 weeks. In many of the cases you noted "No" definitely should not have been the answer.
  3. Rogers Roam Like Home gives you access to your home plan so you can phone, text, and use your data bucket as if you were at home for $7/day when used in U.S.A. and territories (i.e. Puerto Rico, St. Thomas) or $12/day International (i.e. Mexico, Europe). I use my Rogers phone plan on port days and then we use our complimentary 90 internet minutes (x2) while at sea. Usually get good signal on the ship while it is in port.
  4. If you want a true balcony which appears you do, pass on the Concierge and Aqua. I would keep the SV, they are gold!
  5. Several years ago we took a Eastern Med. RCCL cruise out of Venice. We booked a package through an airline which included airfare, cruise and transfer to/from the pier (local transfer agent not RCCL). Concern would always be flying in on the day of the cruise (especially overseas), however, our issue was with the local company responsible for the transfer to the ship. Our flight arrived in plenty of time and we grabbed our baggage and met the agent outside of the baggage hall. All good with 3-4 hours before disembarkation. The problem came when the transfer agent insisted on waiting for everyone that was on her list for the transfer. In became apparent to everyone but the agent that those who hadn't shown after an extended period (the baggage hall was empty) were not going to show or had found their own way to the pier. After several hours and pleading (threats) by everyone they finally agreed to leave the airport. At that point we were in real jeopardy of missing the ship. To further complicate matters they stopped at another ship before ours. We finally arrived at the pier minutes before sailing, ran to drop of our luggage and ran up to the departure area where we were met by the RCCL check in personnel and wisked onto the ship. Very lucky that we were able to still board. We missed muster and had to sign a waiver.
  6. Enjoying your blog Paul. I would appreciate your feedback regarding available shaded areas around the main pool and how it would compare to S or M class ships. Thanks.
  7. We booked our flights through Celebrity for our upcoming cruise. The rate was lower than what we saw on the airline site and other sites. The airfare was added to our booking and is due with final cruise payment. So far we have only made a small refundable deposit ($25pp) for the cruise so if we change our plans we can cancel all or part. It's good to have everything in place with minimal risk. Celebrity will give us free seat selection once we pay however if we are concerned about getting seats together or location we can get these directly through the airline for a fee. We have our airline record locator and regularly check the seat map for our flights and so far it's wide open, so we will continue to monitor.
  8. Trying to understand why anyone would even want to take the toilet paper. Memento??
  9. S class would likely be a good choice and fit. We are also in our 60's and love these ships. Lots of shaded area near the pool. Pricing will be more competitive for the S class vs new Edge class. Will also depend where and when you wish to sail. You would likely be Select or perhaps Elite (Diamond on RCCL).
  10. Certainly has changed. We were on Equinox in December with traditional dining, late seating. We had a table for 10 right in the middle of the MDR. Several nights it was only the two of us, never more than six. According to the Maitre D the table was fully booked. Lots of half empty tables many nights.
  11. Thanks so much for the information on the Little Fish Oyster Bar. I've eaten at the Five Fisherman many times and it's always been very good. We'll definitely need to stop for lunch. As you said, there's nothing better than the east coast locally grown potatoes.
  12. There are many fine restaurants in Halifax. Salty's for Fish & Chips, The Five Fisherman, or try the Donaire at Tony's. Tony's won the gold star award for this east coast specialty - 2390 Robie Street. Try 'The Coast' Halifax's website.u
  13. For the price difference grab it! Unless you are really picky. You will likely wind up with a decent cabin deck 7 or higher.
  14. Even a 60% like or 3/5 which is where the rating is at for Edge is on the CC ship reviews is poor. Especially when you consider ratings for the S class ships at 4+ out of 5 , or greater than 80%.
  15. I think price/value needs to be considered. Perhaps as a different question. This first set of questions is rating the ship and experience. Would like to see if there is enough bang for the buck. We have a booking on the Edge for next summer and we are really wrestling with the price given the value as based on the feedback we've seen.
  16. We did this! We liked the itinerary for upcoming Summit cruise this summer and originally passed due to the excessive price for a balcony. We have always booked balconies. Later went back and booked an ocean view for CDN $2000+ less. Still high in my estimation but more manageable.
  17. The weather in Montreal can be quite nice in May. Springtime temp. range from mid 50's to mid 60's. Remember we use celsius in Canada. Great walking weather!
  18. We use a queen bed at home and have found those "queen" beds on the ships to be far more generous in size and quite sufficient. Frankly, I don't understand the need to go larger (for regular size staterooms), particularly at the expense of cabin space. I guess they consider it a marketing feature, but does it really matter to most.
  19. There are still many who prefer to secure their cameras, tablets and laptops in the safe (I am one). Regardless, I don't understand the logic and decision making behind installing safes smaller than what they have been using and was generally considered acceptable.
  20. Wonder whether the Suits who signed off on these design elements had any extensive cruising experience. Also, what sort of focus group studies, if any, were done and what was the experience of those involved.
  21. Congrats. We will be celebrating our 40th anniversary June 2020 and booked 11N Italy, Croatia and Montenegro on the Edge. Based on member feedback regarding the IV, we were able to secure a sunset veranda.
  22. If you check out the "Millennium Revolution" thread on this board member pictures from the first post refurbishment cruise are being posted. I assume that the Summit should look the same once it comes out of drydock. From what I've seen so far it looks good. We are sailing on the Summit this summer ( Independence Day cruise) and for us it will be the first time we will not be sailing in a balcony cabin. We too have chosen an ocean view, deck 3 port side mid ship. We really liked this itinerary but found the pricing for the balcony to be excessive.
  23. There is a very nice Tartan shop in Halifax - The Plaid Place. You can purchase tartan yard goods as well as Kilts. They sell all kinds of accessories such as hats, scarves, socks etc. I also saw sweaters, blankets and throws. They are located at 1603 Barrington Street. All made in Canada.
  24. Make sure you keep records of your conversations and correspondence with X including time, date and names.
  25. Was there on Equinox mid December. No tender tickets and they used local boats that held more people.
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