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  1. I live in Albany NY, So I do get it. But I myself would still cancel if that’s the case, and I would cancel all the bookings I have for the next few years. I would wait until the cruise lines quit requiring masks to book.
  2. I wear a mask in public, as it is a requirement where I live. It is NOT a requirement to go on a cruise. Big difference. I won’t go on a vacation and be required to wear a mask. But only time will tell.
  3. if it is, I’ll cancel. Simple as that. I cruise to relax and get away, not wear a mask and make myself MORE concerned about worldly problems. if cruise lines do in fact require masks we all can forget cruising until 1) a vaccine 2) heard immunity or 3) ever cruising again, because the general public won’t tolerate it. I'm all for common sense, but masks on a cruise ship won’t sell at all. If the lines all try it they will get pushback like you have never seen. Most of us that have booked (or rebooked) will cancel.
  4. I can say without a doubt that if a mask were required, I would instantly cancel. And I would also cancel all my bookings out into 2021 as well.
  5. my last NCL cruise was dreadful. I took a hit on a cancellation fee and lost a cruise next. 2 private K-6 (iirc) schools chartered out cabins on the Getaway for students and parents. It was not an enjoyable time. Over 1000 unruly kids on that ship with parents that let the ship be the babysitter. The line at guest services was 10-20 people deep on any given moment with pax at the counter demanding credits and action from security. We were totally put off from the lax attitude.
  6. This one is a personal preference. You will not get many lookie-loos in your cabin anyway, as the Havana Retreat is off-limits to the general cruise area now anyway. Carnival made it a genuine ship within a ship area. IMHO should have been this way from the get-go to compete with Norwegian’s Haven and MSC yacht club.
  7. thing is, if you roll on over to the regent board he has his fervent defenders that think he’s actually saving Norwegian. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I honestly do not understand that logic, you cannot run a luxury cruise line in the same manner that you run in mass-market line. The demographics converge slightly with the Haven, but there is a small piece of the pie. Even then, the Haven was originally conceived to give family cruisers a taste of luxury, it only recently turned into giving luxury cruisers a taste of the big ship life.
  8. we used to sail Haven too. We have 2 bookings in the YC now, and have been more than satisfied with the standard suites on MSC. We are black/diamond, and get all the associated perks. The expedited embarkation alone with Haven is it enough to justify it, as we get that just being black/diamond. We also have an upcoming working on carnival vista in the Havana area. It will be interesting to compare the Havana to the Haven and the yacht club. obviously the Havana is nowhere near as extensive, but it is also significantly less expensive.
  9. I have been on Gem since Norwegian NEXT. Actually, it was shortly after it left the drydock. That was one of my last times on NCL. (cruise directly after on Getaway WAS my last). If I am thinking about it, we haven’t been on NCL in 4 or 5 years. Ship looked great, service left a bit to be desired. Getaway was just dreadful service wise though. Cruise on the Gem was when all the nickel and dime stuff returned, up charges up the ass started, no outside beverages were allowed on the ships, no food outside of dining areas, stuff like that. it put me off of NCL. All the policies they enacted were blatantly disregarding the passengers.
  10. we are platinum on NCL, but lately have been alternating between MSC and Carnival. With the occasional Royal Caribbean sailing thrown in. We have also been doing Oceania from time to time but that is quite rare.
  11. Oh believe me, I am definitely not debating the fact that MSC is inexperienced with building ships (seaside is my fave). We were just shooting the breeze and having a hypothetical discussion. Actually I would prefer Norwegian stay as is and go alone. While they are not my preferred cruise line, they definitely are for some people.
  12. for me, the NCL branding would now be a turn-off (speaking from all the changes Frank Del Rio has made since Kevin Sheehan has departed), but I am likely in the minority. as long as MSC remained at the helm, I’d be good.
  13. I have heard this from other sources as well.
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