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  1. It isn’t about preparing forever, it is about exercising common sense. I likely will not cruise until 2022 at the minimum (and with a vaccine). I work with the public, and tell people every day how to wear a mask properly. The last thing I want to do is spend a week (or longer) on a ship with a ton of people that have no idea that a mask has to go over the mouth AND nose, and not be used a a chin guard. Plus, i also just signed for an all-inclusive timeshare at 2 weeks per year. So even when (if) we set foot on a ship again, it will be less than when we used to go.
  2. Let’s remind everybody on here that there are more important things in life than cruising. Illness can (and does) spread in confined areas, such as cruise ships. I typically go 3-4x per year, and will likely not get back on a ship for quite some time.
  3. Which isn’t a bad idea. I have cancelled my plans for thanksgiving AND Christmas. I do not want to gather and risk spreading COVID. I can guarantee i will not be on a ship until I am vaccinated. I also won’t be cruising in 2021 or 2022 unless the cruise lines demand proof of a vaccine and implement strict protocols for those not abiding by shipboard guidelines (quarantine and disembarkment for not following protocol). I have also cancelled all cruises booked for the foreseeable future, and do not have anything outstanding.I personally think the no-sail order should be extended until COVID is u
  4. I have cancelled all cruises until (at least) 2022, possibly longer. I am not willing to sail run-of-the-mill milk run itineraries. They are fun and all, but I will just go to an all inclusive.
  5. my plan B has been an all-inclusive all along. And it is to the point that we are considering purchasing a timeshare on the resale market. We are mid 30’s and *might* be totally done cruising depending on how much the experience changes.
  6. and this is exactly why I am done cruising for at least a year, perhaps two (or longer)
  7. well this hardcore cruiser won’t be in line. I won’t cruise without a vaccine. I would much rather go to a land-based all inclusive for the time being. All inclusives are much larger than a cruise ship, and you have significantly more area to spread out. Plus, the last few Caribbean cruises the wife and I have treated the ship like an all inclusive (never actually disembarked at ports of call).
  8. ‘how was it booked? Even if with a TA, call msc. I have had decent luck with them in that regard with the refunds.
  9. This is what I have at the moment: as far as I know, the first test is a rapid one, and if that one comes back positive a PCR is administered to double-check. The extra spaces were inserted in there to make it easier to read (copied from msc website) Combining new data and research into COVID-19, an improved understanding of the virus and how it behaves with the latest technology in screening and protecting people from possible contagion, the new operating protocol is designed to prevent and mitigate the risk of transmission during an MSC Cruises’ vacation. It include
  10. no different than what is occurring in the EU right now. MSC is only allowing pax to board if they are residing in the Schengen area.
  11. this is an outright lie. I have received refunds for cruises on Magnifica (April 2020), Seaside (April 2020) and Meraviglia (October 2020)
  12. ...they seem to have their act together... With 3, sometimes 4 sailings per year for the last few years on MSC, I can vouch for this. Not with COVID protocols but on ops in general.
  13. and msc has already been sailing in Europe.
  14. this explains why Royal Caribbean is currently doing simulated sailings with Navigator. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5647/
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