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  1. It’s not just a marketing ploy to get us to book again. We’ve learned a considerable amount from diamond princess, restaurant, factories, meat packaging plant, nursing home, and even carpool outbreaks. We’re making huge strides with environmental changes that reduce spread. As long as Covid-19 is around and no vaccine or effective treatment, further outbreaks on a cruise ship will kill the industry. Even if the cruise lines were able to pack out a ship with willing passengers and crew, there’s just no ports that can afford the repeat cost of handling outbreaks. Ports turn away ships with norovirus. They’re not going to be ok letting a ship with covid positivities debark. These new guidelines are a great start. I wear a mask, you wear a mask, 6 foot distance and proper infection control are working wonders but Americans as a whole are not willing to adhere to these guidelines. I’d doubt a cruise ship could even reach the 60% adherence level. But they might be able to get mandatory adherence for critical times such as getting on and off the ship, muster drills, some onboard activities.... I do think their crew are able to adhere to necessary guidelines. I don’t see an effective way to fully eliminate COVID from getting onboard but with proper environmental control it might not become an outbreak. If crew can have separate staterooms they could social distance. Less crew if less passengers. Other high risk activities such as cleaning staterooms multiple times a day, working in various venues could easily be changed. Ships are able to contain norovirus outbreaks. Had they failed, so would the industry. The cruise lines will also learn to control spread of Covid-19. It’ll include some changes to our own behavior too.
  2. Wasn’t that an incredible vacation. I remember writing a port review and the only negative (pre covid) was all the passengers who were sick yet still going on tour busses... I hope crew will be enforcing a quarantine of sick passengers from now on. It will be a welcome change and make cruises a little less stressful for those of us that were not crazy about fellow passengers germ spreading habits even before covid-19. We spent quite a long time planning for that sailing, which was half the fun. I’m hoping to be cruising next spring. Stay well friend.
  3. I get what you’re saying but not sure it’s fair to single out the cruise population. Depending on what media and political view we subscribed to way back in January and February - we were either dealing with a common cold/political hoax or an almost certain pandemic unless we started widespread testing and social distancing. Cruise lines didn’t do anything different than our government, airlines, and the general public were doing. They were just easier to identify, single out and blame. People were inadvertently and unknowingly getting on flights, ships... because they had zero ability to find out if they were contagious/had the virus. I think the cdc is telling the industry we aren’t willing to start back up with cruises... unless we do make changes. Passengers and the industry would be insane to just go back to the same way of travel and expect a different outcome. But we also can’t just forget about ever leaving the house. At some point I want to go back to traveling, flying, cruises... but only if I’m not blatantly risking my own and others lives. I can see travel happening with viable treatment options to decrease death rates and severity. I can also see it with improvements to ppe and procedures to decrease severity. A vaccine is a little too far away to wait on reopening the economy if we wish to keep any semblance of life as we now know it. We all see the protesters out in force, refusing masks and professing their rights yet when they and their children get sick, first responders will risk their life to provide treatment. If we were social distancing and had the ability to get tested when folks on land were sick way back in February We’d not have this excruciating lockdown today. If.... The what if’s can go on forever but we have what we have and going forward I think the majority of us are willing to make changes to our behavior in order to return to an opening of our economy. Very few of us are in the camp of, “I can cough on whoever I want and be dammed if I’ll ever social distance or wear a mask...“ Very few of us are ready to stand toe to toe for the sexy legs contest at the ship pool, Florida beach. But we’re also not ok sheltered in place for a year. I have a Disneyworld vacation with my dvc points and flights Booked for this summer. I’d say there’s a less than 10% chance I’m going. It’s still fun to think about. I’m not spewing anger towards Disney for allowing folks to plan vacations that might not happen. Same with cruises. Had I taken the cruise back in March I would have spent the $. In my mind that was money already spent. For me, taking that already spent $ and placing it on a couple different really nice Haven suites at prices I felt reasonable was a fun decision. If I get to Disney World this year but it’s vastly different than previous visits I’m ok with that as long as I’m reasonably safe. Same with cruises I’m booked on for next year. Tsa lines and flying actually scare me more than getting on a ship.
  4. Less than 20 years ago ncl was in danger of a Carnival takeover. They had some junk bonds due to Carnival and sold a couple ships and made good on the bonds/avoiding the hostile takeover. What they’re doing right now makes sense. They’re one of many companies that raise $ this way. I know Del Rio is someone to villanize but sounds to me like he’s showing us why he’s in charge. I remember reading how much these guys are paid in stock. I’d guess he has a strong desire to keep the business afloat and successful. I have faith that the cruise industry will be different but survive and our economy isn’t on the verge of utter collapse. This virus is nasty but we’re intelligent enough to overcome the obstacles it’s posing. I know Noro isn’t as deadly as covid-19 but cruise lines wouldn’t survive if you had a great chance of catching noro onboard. They figured ways to keep noro at bay and they’ll do the same with Covid-19.
  5. Does Genting HK and Apollo even have stake in NCLH anymore? Regardless I can see another big player coming into the picture. I ended up buying some stock when it first went into the $7’s. It’s been fun playing with it. A person could have tripled the investment with the wild swings. More fun than just reading the news. I know it’s risky and no different than gambling and but it has actually made me $.
  6. Me too. I’ve always had wonderful cruises on Ncl’s ships. I do prefer their smaller ships and I’m not big on the shows, smokey casinos and mass gathering events onboard. I’m more about watching the sea, relaxing, and the ports. I think there’s a lot of similar people who will be happy to resume cruising with more social distancing less pool parties and less tolerance for obvious sick people spreading viruses. I think ncl will need to figure ways to make money with potentially less crowded ships, which I’ll likely complain about but accept. I see costs for everything going up. I was happy to lock in a mid and late 2021 sailing and will also place a deposit on a 2022 now that they’re out. I went ahead and got insurance plans too. Figure those won’t be getting any less expensive or exclusionary in the coming months/years.
  7. Sorry had my years mixed up. The 19 night in February 2021 was the longer sailing I was thinking of. The suite prices are too high for me on that one but it looks like an excellent sailing. Getaway had some 10 & 11 night fall 2021 that are a little more reasonable. I personally prefer the Jewel class ships but did place a fcc on the Getaway Europe fall 2021. I figure at least I’m getting my previous fcc’s and cruise nexts parked on something tangible on paper. Gives me something travel wise to look forward to without spending more money. The Jewel 11 night Hawaii to Vancouver April, 2021 looks like a great itinerary too and one that might actually happen.
  8. Perhaps your terms are different but I received 20% off future cruise fares in addition to the 125% fcc’s from the canceled cruise. Using your example of a $1000 canceled cruise: the fcc’s are $1000 plus an additional 25% or $250 fcc. Some closer in cancellations received a 150% fcc. Mine was a 3/29/20 sailing and qualified for the 125%. Again using your example: The 20% discount on a $1500 future sailing reduces that fare to $1200. The 25% ($250) fcc from canceled 1k sailing further reduces the fare to $950. The 1k original fare from cancellation is then credited to the sailing as a payment bringing the total fare owed of $0. A future sailing of 5k is initially reduced by 20% to 4K and then the fcc’s are applied. I booked a couple far off sailings in more expensive suites to take advantage of the 20%. Got the 20% off the top and then used the fcc’s. There’s some longer sailings available in late 2021 for Australia/New Zealand on the Jewel.
  9. Ymmv but I didn’t get a double credit. I used a pre covid fcc to book a March 29 canceled sailing. My 125% was based on the $ spent above and beyond the cn’s and fcc’s. My pcc was finally able to get me squared away and rebooked on a haven suite with no cash outlay. The ncl pcc can see that the fccs and cn’s are going to come back at some point but with all the additional cancellations it’ll be a while. The 20% discount, 125% fccs along with previous issued fcc’s and cruise nexts got me down to a great deal on a more desirable replacement sailing. A little patience paid off and at least I’ve got a great sailing to look forward to this time next year.
  10. I’m waiting on two Haven cruise next returns from my March 29th sailing. Still no fcc either. Ta said to check back mid April. husband received an initial email mid March with some pretty off the $ mark credits. He also initially had a $250 cruise next put back in his account which all have since disappeared. I think it’s just taking a while to get sorted out. I was initially offered a 20% off rebook if done before 4/10. I think that’s been extended till 4/14 so hopefully we’ll get the proper credits before that deadline. I think ours might be taking a little longer to process because I booked with (2) previous fcc’s and (2) Haven cruise next deposits.
  11. I was notified on 3/13/20 that my 3/29/20 sailing was canceled. I’ve yet to see anything in my account or on my cc. My pcc says I now have one $250 cruise next. I had used (2) $500 Haven cruise nexts to book along with cash and fcc’s from a previous mishap. My husband’s “my ncl” has zero fcc ... and it’s not showing him booked on the sailing. My account still shows me as booked and departing today. Pretty frustrated because I could not get the correct proof of cancellation in time so was denied a refund /credit on my independent insurance policy. I did eventually get ahold of the ta and they said ncl was working on it- just never happened in time for insurance refund. My pcc suggested I give ncl another $1500 Haven deposit to secure my next sailing and then apply the fcc and cruise nexts, refunds.... when they get around to straightening things out. I politely declined. Hopefully they’ll get things straight someday and will succeed as a company.
  12. So some good news to report about the travel agency- they actually Called me! They are not charging the $100 cancellation fee And they’ll refund the $24.99 booking fee. They said ncl is canceling the sailings and it just takes a while. They were really nice and said they’ll call me back when they have more information.
  13. my biggest gripe is with the travel agency. I used a company that advertises they only do cruises. They are Loosely affiliated with Some airlines. They charge $24.99 processing fee and $100 cancellation fees. They are definitely not refunding the already charged $24.99 processing fees. Not sure how the $100 ta cancellation penalty will play out but they have the nerve to penalize their customers, provide zero help and zero ability to contact them and still beg for my business. I will never use or recommend Cru....Only to anyone. If I were them I’d at least have sent me an email letting me know Ncl canceled my sailing. Obviously I’d have to live in a hole (And ncl did email me about husbands cancellation) to know I’m not going on vacation tomorrow but there’s been zero communication from the ta. When I finally got ahold of them it was a pointless call. They had zero ability to give me any information. No ability to even send me a cancellation invoice I could give to my insurance company.
  14. I’m currently giving them a benefit of the doubt. Some pretty unprecedented crap. Worst case- I didn’t get my vacation and was out the $ for it. It was $ already spent. Best case? They pull through and I can sail with them again and get my fcc’s towards a very nice vacation after all this is over. I don’t always understand how they charge and credit my on board account and used to get upset about it but they always seem to get it right by the end of the sailing. I’m hopeful this will work out the same way - just take a little time to sort out.
  15. I also used fcc from a previous sailing. Two $1500 fcc along with two Haven cruise nexts. To complicate matters more the travel agency was impossible to reach. My ncl pcc was able to see that I was refunded (1) $250 cruise next. The (2) $500 Haven cruise nexts have disappeared along with the $3k in previous given fccs. Husband was refunded a strange random amount as a fcc-something like $757.21 (nowhere near any amount we actually paid oop) and then a 25% additional fcc. We had purchased shore excursions, package upgrades... on the sailing which are Someday coming back to us in theory. The only thing I can do is hope they will sort it out someday. A bummer about this is the time taking. I would have been eligible to request a refund for travel insurance if I could provide proof of cancellation and 100% refund prior to departure for my trip. I had everything (Husband Cruise cancellation, our airfare). My Ncl account has me departing in my Haven Suite in 4 days and my sailing is still on so I didn’t meet the requirement from the insurance company to get the refund proof prior to trip/flight commenced. Instead I’ll be working as an essential in health care praying I stay healthy. I’d also be happy with any fraction of a credit but I’m not Counting on anything except my blessings that I didn’t take that flight and get on that ship.
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