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  1. I just switched from the Getaway Mediterranean (prior to final payment) to Alaska. I kept my original booking date and booking number. They also moved my shareholder credit over. I had additional unused fcc leftover and they let me use it for excursions and to pay my dsc. My fcc and cruise next was due to expire in October, 2021. My pcc and the shore excursions staff were very flexible and extremely helpful.
  2. My pcc told me I had up till 60 days prior to add on air for my September, 2021 getaway sailing.
  3. When we stopped in Montenegro on the Jade in 2019 we picked up a large number of crew. It was something about their passports. They had to board in Montenegro vs elsewhere.
  4. My September Getaway sailing is still bookable. I received an email and a phone call from the pre concierge today. First time I’ve ever had them reach out to me before a sailing. They asked about dinner reservations… so it seems as though some sailings are still a go for September. Fingers crossed! Seems like the economy got turned back on full throttle and it’s difficult for companies to ramp back up to meet demand. I read American Airlines is having difficulty meeting demand. Friends just returned from Hawaii today and said it’s a zoo - jam packed.
  5. The information I read from NPR was that the crew only received vaccine on June 4th. They were NOT considered fully vaccinated. 6 asymptotic and two mild symptoms.
  6. As someone else who’s booked in a deck 10 H4, I feel your pain but I don’t think this was anything malicious or bait and switchy on Ncl’s part. Although pretty consequential, I think it was an honest mistake. I was pretty bummed to see they amended the room description for deck 10. I’ve found ncl to be pretty reasonable. They want to make $ but they also want to provide an excellent vacation and have satisfied return customers. They can’t magically make a hot tub fit on deck 10 balconies but I would not be surprised if they try to make some amends for the error.
  7. I do think they just made a big mistake and didn’t have the correct information when they sold the rooms. See the first description on the H4. The deck 10 h4 was definitely marketed and sold with a hot tub on balcony. I had an H3 with hot tub and only switched to H4 on deck 10 after verifying directly with NCL the existence of the hot tub on the deck 10 H4 balcony. The H3 at the time was only like a couple grand extra. I’m very thankful I have a deck 12 H4 on a different sailing. Hopefully ncl will make it right somehow. Obviously the deck 10 isn’t getting a hot tub but they could at least
  8. Except the 2 bedroom is probably now more $ than what you originally paid for the H4. Prices have really shot up. At the time I gave up the H3 for the H4 it was only like 1k savings. Now it’s crazy priced to switch back. They should have had accurate room information available. That’s a pretty big mistake to advertise deck 10 H4 with a hot tub and then omit them later on.
  9. They have added a notation on the H4. H4’s on deck 10 no longer have a hot tub. H4’s on deck 12 do have the hot tub. I switched from the H3 to the H4 thinking the only difference was one less bedroom. I have a deck 10 H4 on my fjords sailing and not very happy unknowingly giving up the hot tub when I switched. The H3 has since increased by thousands and the H4’s available on deck 12 sold out.
  10. Thanks for sharing. They made me whole and then some too. I took credits instead of cash refunds for my sailings. It was pretty fun booking the Prima at great rates with my credits. I got lucky (or at least I think) with my 2021 September getaway rebooked sailing. It looks to be a go and was a fantastic deal with all the discounts from the March 2020 canceled sailing. It took a while to get sorted out but my pcc stepped up and was able to help me after the travel agent disappeared. If I’ve learned anything from all this it’s that patience pays off. Ncl has done right by me and I have faith
  11. I’m booked in both of these for different sailings. My pcc gave me the information. Was originally booked in the h3 on deck 15. he suggested 15 and said it was much larger than the one on 13 but I don’t have the ratio. I switched to the H4 after finding out it still has the hot tub on the deck.
  12. Didn’t read anything else. Ncl ships with spa access staterooms typically have quite a few more stateroom categories with spa inclusion. The Prima only has the few spa balconies. No Haven... spa suites. I’m sure they’ll sell additional spa passes and access for whatever the market will bear. How many in a post pandemic world and at what cost is the unknown.
  13. I sailed a similar Iceland 2 week on the Jade a couple years ago and booked pretty far in advance. Prices were almost identical. Even the Haven was similarly priced. A few on the roll call won upgrade bids from ocean view or inside to balconies or mini suites but the Haven and suites were booked solid with only a room here and there opening up at much higher $. And that was for a September sailing. These sailings just don’t have fire sales. Lots of folks who are happy to get their vaccines prior to traveling abroad. I don’t think ncl is saying 100% forever. They’re saying for resta
  14. Spa. I can’t wait to find out about the spa. Only 28 spa balconies and no other rooms have spa access. I assume spa is 16 forward where the spa staterooms are located. I’m guessing the spa is going to be pretty special. And likely quite a premium to use. The spa balconies on the Norwegian fjords September 2022 sailing jumped $300 pp since yesterday. They sold out yesterday on the 2022 TA as did the entire Haven. Assume some of them are on hold and will return to the system.
  15. Regarding aft balcony sizes of the following H4’s: cabin 10352 is 447 sq ft and balcony is 527 sq ft. Cabin 12928 is 459 sq ft and balcony is 535 sq ft so not much difference. For the H3 stateroom - the balcony on deck 15 is considerably larger than deck 13’s H3’s. The downside of deck 15 is being right next to Haven pool so potential for mechanical and deck chair/deck washing... noise.
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