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  1. I've cancelled 4 cruises over the past year, but have the westbound TA on December 15, 2021 still on the books. Almost 11 months from now. Fingers crossed. It would be SO nice to actually take a cruise as opposed to cancelling it!
  2. For years I saved the baggage tags on which the cabin numbers were written. Of course I have no idea where those are now!
  3. My first ship, which began my love affair with the sea and Cunard, was the original Queen Elizabeth, on which I crossed twice as a teenager in that long ago summer of 1968. She was retired from service shortly thereafter. My family had adjoining cabins, B109 and 111. The portholes opened and I recall putting my head through one and staring down at the immense black hull, as solid as Gibraltar, with the North Atlantic racing past in a white froth. Such a beautiful ship and so long ago, yet crystal clear in my mind.
  4. With the exception of TAs, which always seem too short to me anyway – I’m just settled in when it’s time to disembark – my minimum is around 12 days. The longest was a 72-day round the Pacific cruise years ago, which was glorious. I love having sea days liberally spaced between port stops. And like some overnight ports as well. Any cruise without sea days I immediately eliminate. I appreciate a balance between the two. But the happiest thought to me at the moment is to simply be onboard again.
  5. I absolutely agree. I've always thought Queen Alexandra was an ideal name. An elegant lady, an elegant ship.
  6. Congrats in advance on the Diamond status. One of my favourite cabins in the slightly-obstructed category is 8013. I've had it twice now, and had it booked for a crossing later this year which - of course - has been cancelled. Sitting on the sofa or the bed, you see nothing whatsoever of the lifeboat, which only appears when you walk right up to the glass and in no way hinders the view out or forward. I also like its proximity to the library and Commodore Club - haunts for differing parts of the day. Ah, just writing this makes me long to be onboard!
  7. You'll have a wonderful time! As a start, by train from Southampton Central, the cathedral cities of Salisbury (about 30 minutes away) and Winchester (under 20) are both filled with enough activities to keep you occupied all day, and still allow return to the ship in plenty of time. Portsmouth, where you'll find the remains of Henry VIII's great flagship the Mary Rose and Nelson's Victory, is an equally fascinating destination, less than an hour by train. Tour companies run daytrips to sites such as Stonehenge and Highclere, where Downtown Abbey was filmed. And in Southampt
  8. Final payment is on the 24th. Hopefully I'll just get hit with the $75 cancellation fee and the deposit will be returned (at some point).
  9. I, too, was on that cruise and cancelled yesterday. I was looking forward to it - and much prefer that itinerary to anything offered in 2022. Ah well, a sign of the times.
  10. So odd to see her decks so empty. Normally they'd be crammed with passengers eagerly taking in the experience. Sign of the times.
  11. I'm booked B2B on the Quest in South America, January/Februay 2021 and cannot imagine now that it will take place. I already had 2 cruises canceled this year. I've been looking forward to sailing in a part of the world I'm just beginning to explore. And these also would have been my first Azamaras. I think I was anticipating that aspect more eagerly than I was the ports!
  12. Absolutely agree. Fascinating on so many levels and well worth the visit.
  13. Two cancelled for this year, 3 on the books for January, February and December of 2021. I've no hope for any but the December one - and that's 50/50 at the moment.
  14. I love cruising and have 3 still on the books for next year. But I can't imagine boarding any ship for the foreseeable future. There are just too many variables, too much uncertainty. When there is either a vaccine or a treatment, I will be among the first back up the gangplank. May it be soon!
  15. Thank you German cruiser! Your trip sounds lovely. If these first attempts at sailing again bring me hope – with 3 cruises still on the books – I can only imagine the relief the thousands of crew members sitting in their home countries feel, knowing that ships are slowly beginning to stir again. As for the QR code. We went to a country restaurant last week, tables miles apart, with the code card at the table which you access through your mobile. But the people at a neighboring table apparently didn’t have a phone or couldn’t make the code work – so the staff brought a large
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