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  1. What a wonderful experience. I'm jealous too!
  2. Not a luxury line like Crytsal, but all Cunard ships now have single cabins. Some on the QM2 are gorgeous. These are in the Britannia class, not the Grills. Cunard ships have a certain refinement - and having traveled solo on both the QM2 and the Queen Elizabeth, I've never been disappointed. (Have 2 more Cunard cruises booked this year).
  3. A deck chair on the Deck 7 promenade, with a good book and a mesmerizing view of the sea. I can never get enough. In the evenings, the Commodore Club or Chart Room. Have a wonderful crossing!
  4. Cunard's Queen Victoria is circumnavigating South America January-March 2020. She has some single cabins.
  5. I was in 3010 this December. You will love it. I heard no noise from the corridor outside, and while a few people do use the corridor to pass to and fro, it is a very small number and was of no disturbance to me. The view from the windows is amazing. The bed is narrower than many - it being a single cabin - but I'm well over 6 feet and slept well. Enjoy!
  6. I, too, am a convert to the plastic dry cleaner bags and have found them to be an excellent solution to wrinkling. My tux, dress shirts, suit, sportcoat and dress pants were all hung in the dry cleaner bags. When I took them out of my suitcase, there was not a wrinkle to be seen. Why, I don't know - but it works!
  7. We are booked on the QE Baltic for this September. We chose it feeling the crowds would be less, and knowing that the weather would be cooler. Has anyone experienced the Baltic ports in mid-September?
  8. Following along as I did last year on your World Cruise. Thank you! I have always wanted to take the Grand South America - and will be very interested in your port experiences. And, of course, the Trivia questions!
  9. I did an expedited renewal last October at the passport office in New York. It did cost a bit extra, somewhere between $60-$85, I believe. And I had to bring proof that I was traveling within the next two weeks. The turnaround was 24hours and I had the new one the following afternoon. Good luck!
  10. We just got off today after a wonderful week and will be following you enviously. Have a great cruise!
  11. We were 14 days on the QE in a cabin almost directly across from the laundry room. No noise whatsoever - and so very convenient for just popping in and seeing if a machine was free or not. I greatly appreciate Cunard having these facilities, as some lines seem to be phasing out their self-service laundries.
  12. Most of my cruises have been with Cunard, so fixed dining is what I know - and I'm leaving toward it here for the reasons you all have mentioned. And I do like to know the waiters - and have them know me. I realize every cruise is different, and it is the luck of the draw who you're seated with.
  13. Thank you to all of you who have posted. I'm very close to booking the Veendam transatlantic to Rome in April 2019. Though I have cruised many times before, this would be my first solo - so your experiences are tremendously helpful. I confess that the evening dining is the only thing about traveling solo which concerns me. I'm leaning toward fixed dining and late seating.
  14. Interactive TV, glass shower doors, proper promenade deck, good WIFI, library, fixed dining.
  15. No, I don't think so. Though if that's not the case, wiser minds will chime in here. In my case every page was full. My new passport has twice the number of pages. And it's good for 10 years from the date of renewal (not the date when the old one would have expired).
  16. Coincidentally, I just was at the Passport Agency here New York expediting a new passport (I'd run out of pages, not time, on my current one). It cost $170 and the new one will be ready for pickup tomorrow afternoon. 24-hours and peace of mind.
  17. Thank you for your review and the photos. I've booked this cabin later in the year - and after having been only in balcony cabins before, I have to say that I'm now quite excited at this lovely one.
  18. I believe the first ocean liner with a swimming pool was White Star's Adriatic of 1906.
  19. Wow! The amount of time and work you'e put into this is deeply appreciated. I certainly will consult it when booking for next year. Thank you!
  20. Or are you taking New Jersey Transit from Newark? That will bring you into Penn Station - not Port Authority. There is a taxi rank upstairs on the 7th Avenue entrance.
  21. Wonderful stuff! Thank you so much for posting. Oh to have walked up the gangplank into one of those beauties.
  22. Many thanks for your excellent, well-written review. Your attitude is wonderful. I was especially interested in your detailed comments regarding the lanai cabins. As we love the promenade deck, having direct access, privacy and your own dedicated deck chair seems ideal. Now we just have to find one without leaks or exterior noise!
  23. I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the QV's refit. We're considering the South America cruise in 2020 and have not yet been on her - although we have enjoyed the QE several times. Bon Voyage!
  24. I couldn't agree more. My first crossing was in 1968, also on the original Queen Elizabeth. I was 15 - and the memories remain clear and strong. It began my lifelong addiction to ships and Cunard. You'll be giving your children a priceless gift. And rest assured - based on my experience - there will be other children on board as well.
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