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  1. Looks like alcohol pkgs go up if you wait till you are on the ship, but when looking in the wine pkgs it doesn't mention that fact. I just would like to be sure I won't be paying more if I wait til I board. Thanks.
  2. Just booked a cruise which came with a perk for dinner for 2 in Pinnacle. Since I am traveling solo will they let me have a dinner two different nights? Thanks.
  3. I guess I am crazy, but I actually love the flying part of my trip! To me, it signals that my vacation has started. I turn off my phone any order a glass of champagne when I get on the plane. When I was a young child my family would often go to the Atlanta airport for our Sunday entertainment and just people watch. I loved it and found it so fascinating, wondering where the people were going,etc. I still love doing this while waiting for the plane!
  4. I saw yesterday when I went to Manage my Account, you go to order Gifts and Indulgences then packaged, you will see the insulated mug that comes with a $25.00 beverage pgk for 38.80.
  5. I was on a Transatlantic last Octber on Reflection. There were probably at least 15-20 solo women on it. They set up a list on their cruise roll call and someone arranged to have a luncheon one day on the ship in the MDR. It was nice to meet the others and join them on and off the ship. I don't know if there are always that many,but I would try to start something on your roll call to see.
  6. I called a few weeks ago and asked them for a quote to see if I wanted to book a particular cruise without booking the cruise yet. I gave her the flight I was interested in and she told me the price. The price was good, so I went and booked the cruise I wanted. No problem!
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