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  1. I think the cruise went exactly as hoped. The folks that tested positive were probably in the incubation period when tested so were negative. When they DID test positive, they were asymptomatic and only had to be quarantined. That is the good result. If people were not vaccinated, much more likely to get very sick. If many of the passengers are not vaccinate it increases the chance your cruise will be disrupted over and over the next few days with people needing to taken to ports for hospitalization. This is what I have been worried about, not catching covid. As far as the people w
  2. Can you make reservations ahead of Cruise? Or do you do it after embarking? I have never tried it, but ya'll have sold me!!
  3. I'm glad the majority think these cabins are good, because I just spoke with my agent and had her cancel my April TA with a big balcony, off the off cabin, to the inside cabin on deck 3 on the Jan 19 Southern Caribbean cruise. Traveling solo this just saves me ALOT of money, and those cabins really intrigued me. Thanks for helping me out!!!
  4. That is just what I needed to hear. I have always had that cabin off the hump with the big balcony and loved it, but always noticed people coming out of the hallway while at the Passport Bar. Seemed like such a cool place to be located near. I am scheduled on the April TA in my big balcony cabin, but think I will change to the 10 day southern Caribbean for January and get that inside cabin. I will be going solo, and the price difference will let me do another cruise in the fall.😊 Thanks. wrk2cruise, I will come up in my pj's to help you celebrate🤑🤑
  5. I am looking at the inside cabins near the Passport Bar, but notice that the casino is right above them. Will I hear it??? I can't seem to find info on the S class ship cabin section. Thanks in advance.
  6. I like that idea of setting up a dinner group. About 2 1/2 years ago I was on a TA and there were a group of about 20 or more solo travelers. Someone had it set up for us to have a special lunch in the dining room one day. It was nice to meet others and go to the shows, specialty dining restaurants, or go on tours with. I am set for the TA in April on the Reflection and hope we will have some solo travelers and at least meet up at the Meet and Greet to arrange something fun!
  7. My husband and I took the course 5 years ago. We enjoyed it tremendously!. There were 4 couples and 8 drink recipes. After being shown the correct way to shake, when to shake or stir etc, we each had to take a recipe, go behind the bar and make the drink. There was enough of each drink to get a good sample. Of course, we made mistakes sometimes, but we never took it seriously, and all had a lot of laughs. Made some nice friends. I really did feel more confident about preparing drinks after that! And felt really good after those 8 🍸 🍹 🍸!
  8. Thanks. For someone like me on a limited budget, every little bit helps in reducing the final payment.
  9. So if I want to use it to pay off my cruise already booked for next year, I just give the info to my TA?
  10. I have also booked the first cabin off the hump on deck 8 for the spring TA on Refection. This will be my 4th and always get one of those extra large balconies. I like shade, so going eastbound I got a port side cabin. You will love it!!
  11. LGW59, emmas gran and Manchester is blue....Please let it go or ignore. Getting uncomfortable here! Thanks!
  12. If you have the basic package and then order a more expensive drink, do you pay the difference or or have to pay the full price?
  13. I was just getting ready to book a TA on the Volendam and realized they don't have the B.B. King lounge. I love that lounge and am now wondering if any of the bars have any musicians that play in the evenings. I am not sure about Billboards style music. Thanks for any help.
  14. Will they apply the FCC and OBC to the already booked cruise if you do that? Does Holland allow Lift and Switch that I read about on the Celebrity board? If Holland cancels my August Alaska cruise, it will be the 3rd time. It seems each time I rebook, the price has gone up, canceling out my FCC. I would like to Lift and Switch( correct phrase??) If possible.
  15. In a moment of weakness I booked a TA for next fall with a non-refundable deposit. If I decide I would rather do a different cruise, is there a chance that they would let me do that and just charge me a "change fee" and move the deposit to the new cruise?? Thanks.
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