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  1. Do they charge you at check in at the pier or once you bring bottles to dining rooms? What if I drink in room?
  2. Always cruise RCI and Celebrity and we are allowed to bring 2 bottles of wine per cabin, is this allowed on NCL? Thx
  3. I'm on the Equinox now. I asked for light beer in the mini fridge and was told they can't exchange anything. They are refilling the mini bar for us. We have our wine tasting today at 2pm compliment of the package. Great ship!
  4. Hi there... hope I r enjoying your cruise. Both my mom and I purchased the premium plus package for our Equinox cruise this Saturday. Anything we should know? Did u get Vueve champagne? Did they replenish ur mini bar in the cabin daily? Thx...
  5. Hi.. did u get options on the 2 bottles of wine? Are there really 161 wine options u can choose from bottle or glass? I'll be on Equinox next week. Thank you so much for info on this package. Enjoy ur cruise!
  6. Hi, I'm going on the Equinox next Saturday. I just purchased the New premium Plus package and am looking forward to any feedback on the package. The package says you have a choice of 161 different wine choices.... really.? Also, what is best champagne that's included? Any other feedback would be great..... Thx.
  7. I'm going on the Equinox in August.... I hope it stays unlimited until then. They seem to change rules all the time.
  8. Does anyone know the answer? I've been searching and can't find it. Thx
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