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  1. If we drop our luggage off early afternoon are we able to get tested at that time as well? We have a 5pm boarding time. Can we drop off our luggage, get tested then go to Baha Mar and have lunch and come back at 3pm for our check in?
  2. Thanks! I just sent the email. I will let everyone know the response I receive.
  3. Do you know if we can drop off our luggage at noon and then taxi or shuttle to Baha Mar Hotel to have a drink/lunch and maybe gamble a little until we have to be at the convention center at 3pm for our 5pm boarding time? If this is possible it would solve my waiting issues after checking out of my hotel.
  4. This is the only restaurant I've had dinner at in Nassau, besides Atlantis Resort restaurants. No view of water but very nice setting.
  5. Cafe Matisse --- Excellent Food! make a reservation for the courtyard seating...beautiful. In the states, Stone Crabs are only permitted to be caught from Oct 15th to May 15th. Can't get them any other time of the year, not sure if the same rules apply in the Bahamas.
  6. I will be sailing with my Mom. We cruise together all the time, prior to covid, of course. We live up in Stuart Fl. Where are you coming from and whos sailing with you?
  7. Thanks for the response. Is there a charge/fee for the second dining night if I book Prego?
  8. I booked the 1 night for dinner at Umi Uma. I understand this is included in the cruise rate but the website is allowing me to book another night at a specialty restaurant, are we allowed to book 2 nights? Are they both included or do they charge your account once on board? This is our first Crystal Cruise. Thanks!
  9. I'm booked on Virgin In Nov and Dec and this beach club looks beautiful. Happy to hear it's the same one, I thought Crystal was just sending us to the Hilton property to use their pools and beach. Virgin includes all food at the beach club, Crystal does not. Should be a great day though esp if only Crystal passengers can use the property!
  10. I have all the excursions listed now. I'm booking the "Pigs", probably at 9am, anyone else book this time slot?
  11. Hi. We are also booked on this sailing. We are from Stuart, Florida and can't wait to cruise again!
  12. We are joining you on this sailing, We were booked in June, then July and now Nov. Looking forward to it!!!
  13. I don't have the "pigs" excursion for Exuma, is this because I haven't made final payment yet? The excursion is all day? I might have to do this one alone since my mom is not a big swimmer and def does not want to swim with pigs...lol...but I DO!!
  14. I live in Stuart, Florida. I just booked a flight in the day before (7/16) on Bahamas Air and home on Silver Air through a 3rd party company (found on Kayak.com) for 281.00 PP. I'm very happy with this.
  15. Just Booked Serenity: July 17th Nassau Gambler458 Elisa/Linda My Mom and I will be traveling together, First Time Crystal Cruisers. We are avid cruisers on Celebrity and Royal. Thanks for adding us! 🚢
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