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  1. Hooray! Great news! Someone told me they just hosted on Bliss and and Escape (December) with no beer and apps. Maybe they are only doing on new ships? Or maybe based on the size of the group.
  2. Hi all, I am hoping to plan a CC Meet and Greet for my June Encore sailing. Someone told me that NCL has reverted to only pastries for Meet and Greets (as I recall them doing on the smaller ships in Cagney's), however, I have been to M&Gs on the Escape, Bliss, etc. as recently as summer 2019 and they were in District Brewhouse with beer tastings and apps. Can anyone confirm that the Encore Meet and Greets the past month or two (January or February 2020) have been in District Brewhouse with beer and apps? Thanks so much!
  3. Thank you so much!!! He is going to be so happy to know that the cigarette smokers have their own room and he can smoke his cigars in a separate space. I know it sounds silly, but there really is a difference! Much appreciated!
  4. Hi there! As everyone has said, this is an enormously helpful review!! Just wondering - you posted some pictures of an outdoor smoking lounge. Is this a cigarette lounge separate from the Humidor Cigar Lounge? Or was it the Humidor lounge? I ask because I couldn't find a cigarette lounge on the deck plans. My husband loves smoking cigars, but has found that the Humidor Cigar Lounge has turned into a cigarette lounge on most ships, despite the rule that cigarettes aren't allowed (that rule is never enforced). We are sailing on Encore in June and are tentatively excited by your pics that there is now a separate cigarette lounge! Thanks so much!!
  5. Thanks again so much, Amy! I am crossing my fingers that all of your hopes come true! My husband got a minor injury yesterday that will prevent him from going into the ocean 😞 but we are going to make it work and have a great week!!! Hope that you have a great evening!!
  6. Amy!!!!! Oh my gosh, how amazing are you!?!?! First of all, I seriously can't believe you remembered to try to take a look at our stateroom! I am so sorry I missed your message to me; somehow, I never got the alert. I just sailed Escape last week so was focused on Escape reviews in June and missed your Dawn review until now! I never expected you to remember offering to take pics for me, but recognized your name and recalled enjoying your posts from other threads, so thought I would read your review, and much to my surprise I had a personal message from you. I can't tell you how grateful I am for your thoughtfulness (even if the pics are of the other cabin LOL). Equally as important, you did such a fabulous job with your review. I really appreciated how positive you kept your comments, even if they were constructive. For someone about to board the Dawn, it is nice to hear even the critical things from a helpful perspective! Thanks to you and your family for sharing your vacation with us!!!!!! And thanks again for your generous spirit.
  7. Have an amazing time! Wish we could join you again! Sure! We ate at Cagney's, La Cucina, Le Bistro, Bayamo, and PIncho. I liked them in that order, but La Cucina could be tied with Cagney's. We didn't eat at Teppanyaki or Moderno, so they aren't included in the ranking. We usually don't eat at Moderno. I have eaten at Teppanyaki before and have loved their filet mignon.
  8. Yes, I looked up the dining package info when I got home yesterday and saw that it was updated. I'm glad! Sure, Food Republic will count as one of your dining package options and each person with the meal plan can order any 4 items from the menu as far as I know. If you don't have the dining package, or don't want to use one of our meals at Food Republic, it is still available a la carte.
  9. I was extremely impressed!! The magnitude and variety was amazing. And who doesn’t love Nutella crepes!?!?
  10. I think we had a BB balcony on the 14th deck. It was forward (towards the front of the ship). It wasn’t midship, but it was just a few cabins away from where the midship section ended. We had breakfast and lunch (once each) in the main dining room and it was terrific both times. We had breakfast and lunch in O’Sheehans (also once each) and the service was great, and the food was fine, but maybe not as great as the other venues. We had lunch a bunch of times at the buffet. We were really impressed by the variety of options on the buffet - it truly was impressive. There really was something for everyone with so many cuisines represented. In in my opinion, if you plan to go to Pincho or any other specialty restaurant, you should add meals to your meal package. I am not sure how much it costs to add meals to your 3 meal package if you got it as a perk, but it might be as little as $15pp (check with NCL). If that is the case, then it is a bargain because the items on the tapas menu range from ~$4-15 if you purchase a la Carte without the meal plan. Yes, if you use the meal plan for Pincho, it is 4 items per person. I believe that now there is no more all you can eat option at Pincho, but I could be wrong (it used to be that you got all you can eat with the meal plan, but you had to use a meal plan AND pay a surcharge - now with the 4 item exchange for the meal plan, there is no surcharge). Hope this makes sense!
  11. Glad you loved the ship and crew as much as we did. You are not limited at as far as I know!! I believe you have total freedom from when you dock on Wed. until you depart on Friday. I know we got back around 11:30pm on Thursday after the glowworm cruise and it was no problem at all. Have a great time!!!
  12. We did a few things: 1) A Catamaran snorkel trip with Restless Native. I would highly recommend! Great crew, clean boat, lots of fun. 2) A beach day at Horseshoe Bay - we go every time we are in Bermuda and we love it. 3) An evening boat trip to look for GlowWorms (they come out 3 days after the full moon). Booked through BUEI. Very nice sunset cruise experience, but not many glowworms, and expensive taxi back from Hamilton (ferries had stopped running). Would still recommend, though.
  13. I completely agree! They were the friendliest crew we ever experienced. I think it comes from their leadership. The ship's officers were so friendly and accommodating, and I think it trickles down to the rest of the ship.
  14. I really like entertainment I can sing along to, and Choir of Man is basically an a capella versions of all popular songs. The show has great energy and does a good job of getting the audience involved. We really liked it a lot. We also liked a woman named Chelsea Reynolds - a great singer! We also heard a number of other singers (a duo, and then a singer in the brewhouse) - all excellent. The only live music that wasn't as good as usual was Howl at the Moon; it wasn't bad, but it just wasn't as amazing as usual. But all other live entertainment was fabulous.
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