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  1. Just seen this thread, my hubby and I were on our first cruise on the QE2 full of plans to visit the Twin Towers and take in the view. I think we were a day into our crossing when the news came through with everyone milling around the tvs taking in the news. We went back to our cabin to watch in private, and saw both towers come down. The boat was a very subdued place for the rest of the day & the trip to be honest. We were unsure whether we would be turning back or not. The captain kept us up to date with news as for most of the trip after that day we were unable to pick up any news on our tvs. We had the ships 'newspapers' which I have kept from that time and also the condolence letter that the captain sent to the Mayor of New York. We were unable to dock as planned and were diverted to Boston. On arrival there we were anchored outside the port for a period due to a bomb scare. Clear blue skies but so quiet as no planes were flying. We eventually docked and were then coached to New York. Driving in to the sight of hundreds of candles by the side of roads and 'missing' posters everywhere was heartbreaking. The Empire State viewing platforms were closed, armed police were on the streets and so we wandered around for the couple of days we were there. One memory was that we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and there was lots of firefighters in there as they were able to eat for free. It took 15 years for me to go back to New York

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