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  1. We took our first cruise on SOA, our honeymoon, in 87. Super great time. I was so impressed how huge it was and clean. People constantly cleaning. I can still remember the 6 other people who sat at our dinner table, an unusual experience for us. The bridge tour was cool. I shot clay birds off the rear side of the ship, hit all of my birds and the spectators cheered. Such fun. I remember telling the wife to pack light cause when boarding you had to jump across from the dock to the ship. Not sure she believed me but it was a fun joke. Sail away was great in those days with all the confetti. About an hour after the life jacket muster we were standing on the top deck and my new wife was nervous and asked what to do if it sank. I looked out and 600 yards away was a beautiful white and red coast guard cutter. I simply said "there is the coast guard to pick us all up" She has never been concerned about ships since! LOL. Great times.
  2. Are there plenty of drinks under the $9 threshold? When using the standard drinks package. Thanks.
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