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  1. currently on MYJESTY, people are p----, especially d/d=/p in suites, only 3 on seapass card where d/d=/p or suite gets 3 drinks, question is why not suite and statues combined, really a major cluster. At least tonight the mixed drinks were a little more than the min. of 1 oz and 2 inch for wine. A number are looking at switching out to something else( Galvaston) or a couple have fully refundable and may go this route. Lots have emailed Bayley and crown anchor but no response yet. Apparently mgt o/b have not heard anything yet as a few asked me if i heard anything from Miami. Very short sighted unless they want to crush this ship and its customers. Waiters are really hurting as fewer in viking lounge and fewer drinks mean fewer tips.
  2. NO. there are no computers or printers anywhere for guests!!! Customer service may assist if its a priority that needs to be done but do not rely on this.
  3. This sounds good for those of you who are really good at tech.. us average dinosaurs are lost. oh, did you try to print anything? Good luck as there are no computers or printers for customer use. The diamond lounge has a built in area for 2 computers and a printer with electrical all hooked up---no equipment. DL looks nice seats 50. We were B/B and were not impressed with the changes. We will look elsewhere.
  4. currently on the anthem and had our cc meeting. About 70-80 present and we listened to Dennis's rcl promotion. some interaction but no offer to pass the mike and limited questions. When it came to raffel time, only 2 bundled gifts of hat, pen, and other small items. NO ADULT BEVERAGES, a first for us and we were on Athem in Jan and not a problem, oasis in feb not a problem. I was told this is old policy and now being enforced per Miami, no wine to be raffeled. What is going on the other ships? Is this a budget excuse? Limit the gifts and limit the people to "0"?
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