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  1. He did at the beginning of May. You can google it. The headlines are easy to find. Shortly after he also said that the company had raised enough money to keep them going for another year. We seriously intend to take the TA on the Ryndam in October 2021 and want to visit Amsterdam. We were on the New Statendam TA last October and really enjoyed it. But I am not ready to put a deposit with all the uncertainties facing the cruise companies and will not cruise if there is no vaccins available or if I have to wear a mask on a cruise ship. I follow the guidelines of my province and wear a mask in public always but will not cruise if I have to do so on a ship.
  2. What I like about HAL? I forgot to add the $30 laundry bag. I think it is cheaper in the Caribbean. You can really put quit a bit of laundry in it!
  3. I really like HAL and Celebrity both. We did 3 TA on Celebrity. On HAL we did 2 méditerranéen and the last TA. The food, the employees are great. On HAL I like that a standard veranda cabin has a foot stool on the balcony. I do not get the concierge class on Celebrity. I did not have to stand on the bed to store my clothing like on the Reflection. The roof over the middle ship pool opens and with the aft pool, it gives 2 outside pools. The atmospheres in the pools areas. The variety of music venues in the evenings. The price of drinks seems lower. Our coming cruise is in the caribbean. I am curious to see the atmosphere. Eventhough I do not like crazy Circus atmosphere around the pool (we experienced this one time on a different line) I enjoy some live music. All in moderation!
  4. The two are not incompatible. We were on the Statendam for the TA in October. We liked the quiet atmosphere of the cruise during the day but enjoyed lively music at night. The few evening main stage shows we saw were not very good in my opinion. One documentary on the ocean was like watching an aquarium said my husband. I really do not care much about the evening shows in the theater, do not attend many and it is not a factor when choosing a cruise. We liked absolutely everything else about our cruise on the Nieuw Statendam and we will soon be on the Knoningsdam for a 10 day cruise 😄
  5. We did 3 TA on Celebrity. During the crossing, for lunch at the Lido, they chose a country and featured the food of that country. It was always really good. This October, we are going on the Nieuw Statendam for the TA. Do you know if HAL has something similar during their TA?
  6. I reserved our cruise with HAL and then transferred to a big box TA. Following this I reserved our flight on HAL site. I have to pay the flight when I do the final payment. My question is to which company do I pay the flight when it comes due. HAL, the bog box TA or in my case Air Canada.
  7. It would be nice to be able to select a seat already. Now we have to make up our mind which city we want to go to before the cruise. It was Nice but now we are leaning towards Florence 🙂
  8. Thank you Kazu for the info. So I have nothing to loose by booking it. If I see something more interesting I will just cancel it.
  9. We are booked on a TA cruise next October. I was looking at Flight Ease to book our flight to Europe from Montreal. Their flexible price for a flight is much less than the regular economy. The restriction says Prices and Availability are not guaranteed until the cruise and air booking are paid in full. No fees will be charged for changes and cancellations made prior to the cruise final payment due date. To me it means that until I pay for the flight and cruise together, we are not assured a seat or know what the final price of the flight will be. Can I pay for the flight only now to guarantee a seat and price and pay for the cruise only when final payment is required?
  10. Thank for coming back with your experiences. Coming back to Mtl must have been a shock not only the snow, but the cold. I feel comfortable with the noon flight. Naturally unexpected events can happen. Our daughter came back 2 weeks ago from a cruise (HAL) from Fort Lauderdale. They took the latest disembark. They were going to the airport to rent a car and they were at 10:30.They took a porter and skipped the line. We will do that. Again thank you both.
  11. To Johnindc and Trueblueky, These are all good tips. Many thanks,
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