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  1. I think we just might bring a bar or two just in case!
  2. Sounds like you (luckily) missed the red ball of soap introduced a number of years ago - Red Flower I think. Awfully inconvenient - and thankfully short lived!
  3. This is so true! People who know nothing about cruising or the difference among ships generally judge all passengers by the one or two they meet. I had a friend ask about cruising once and I told her all about Crystal - she and her husband ended up on a megaship as it was so much cheaper. They think I'm crazy to cruise at all and that all cruisers are like the ones on that megaship. You just can't open some people's minds!
  4. I haven't used makeup in so long I've probably forgotten how to apply it! But we would welcome the dressing up of a formal night now and then.
  5. It makes no sense at all to not vaccinate crew. If even people with natural or acquired immunity cannot sail without being vaccinated, why on earth would crew not be subject to the same requirement?
  6. Perhaps you missed Fauci's declaration yesterday that we won't be back to "normal" before March 2022. Only recently he says Fall of 2021. 70% vax for herd immunity, then 80%, now 90%. See a pattern here? Always moving the goalposts.
  7. Except that they change their minds every other day!
  8. I do! Not the greatest photo, I had to cut people out of the picture but it's something!
  9. I hope it’s longer! At first they said 3 months, then later they said 6, now it’s 8-9. These measurements are from people who were infected early on so that’s as far back as data go. In the meantime we are advised against getting the vaccine while our antibodies are high. Not all antibody tests are accurate, but then neither are all the virus tests. So much is still unknown so it’s a giant guessing game.
  10. Having had a serious case of the virus, we have "natural immunity" for up to 8-9 months and maybe longer. An immunity or titer type test would actually prove that we are as good as, or maybe even in better shape than vaccinated. But no one has figured that out yet or concocted an "immunity card". So we have to stay off the ships. An antibody test might be a safer way to measure passengers' immunity than fact they had the shots. Especially if the shots don't necessarily protect. We still wear masks but just so we don't get yelled at.
  11. The operative word here is "Emergency Use", bear in mind that none of these vaccines is actually "approved" by the FDA and are still considered "experimental"! Note that on the consent forms they claim the vaccines "MAY" protect you. This is probably the largest and most widespread "test" ever.
  12. I just read that digital vaccination cards will be available!
  13. For now they say 9 months - at first it was 3, then 6, now up to 9. It could extend but because the 9 month people were early on, they don't really know...we had it in October, so we are supposed to be good 9 months out but it could be longer. Anybody's guess.
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