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  1. The deposit is lower (15%) and not due for 90 days after booking. I know, we just booked. They aren't taking people's money right now.
  2. It's the first thing I'm making when we get into our new house! We'll have our tequila connoisseur friends over to test it! Sounds yummy!
  3. How sad, we loved Albert. Long ago he had wanted to have his own hotel...what a classy guy.
  4. Hahaha we sold our house and bought another - that will keep us occupied (and broke) for at least a few months!!!🤣🤣🤣
  5. This is so sad to hear! Doesn't bode well for cruising any time soon.
  6. Yes. But not terribly public about it.
  7. This is just too much fun!🤣🤣
  8. Our 50th anniversary celebration (2018 SF to NY) in the Vintage Room with special friends and a memorable Pavlova!
  9. Actually it stuck around for FIVE days!!!!!!! We were stuck in our house here in Charleston and could get out due to ice on our stairs and walkways!🙄
  10. So I'M the bad guy here because my case was early and before the tons of cancellations came in?
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