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  1. As I said, it was on your posted link to SeaTrade.
  2. I know but hope Crystal will follow along with what CDC says about antibodies.
  3. We have had friends, who even before they were vaccinated, whose doc told them we are the safest people to be with! We just had another antibody test a week ago .. our doc has advised we NOT get shots yet. Rather have our plasma. So we are the people you want in your orbit😉. For now at least. We want to cruise again and will be on top of all the requirements! Yes and Rand Paul has been hammering Fauci on this point of natural/acquired immunity.
  4. Right but there is hope for us!
  5. Sorry not on the Crystal link. Keith posted 2 links, it’s on the first one.
  6. Believe me we’ll have that test within 90 days of sailing! SARS immunity has lasted in some for 17 years...
  7. On the Crystal web site says unvaccinated ok with proven antibody test
  8. Hooray! FINALLY an acknowledgement that those of us with antibodies will be allowed on board! We were just tested again and ours are still off the charts (high). We will continue regular testing and will get vax when needed. Right now we're in the plasma donor stage even after 7 months.😎
  9. Igor St Stepanovic - we've known him since 2000 when he was an assistant waiter on Symphony - I believe he's from Serbia, or one of the "S" countries in eastern Europe. How wonderful for him!
  10. Hard to believe that real science is involved in China's statistics.
  11. I have a hard time taking seriously any entity that puts most of the world at level 4 but puts China at level 1.
  12. https://www.news-medical.net/news/20200716/Singapore-study-finds-virus-specific-T-cell-immunity-in-recovered-COVID-19-and-SARS-patients.aspx NOTE THE DATE - JULY 2020!!
  13. It was a study done out of Singapore...I'll have to look for it and will share when I find it. Or you can google SARS immunity for 17 years.
  14. .You could make the case either way I suppose. I'll wait.
  15. ...which could be dangerous for those who already have immunity!
  16. Interesting that natural,(or acquired) immunity is discounted. New study on victims of SARS shows that the natural immunity is still in effect after 17 years. It's the same virus (SARS COV-2) and should qualify as well as "vaccinated".
  17. Yes, some of those smaller ships, Oceania too, have the CD as the headline entertainment. Some are better than others.
  18. So Raphael can no longer play his trumpet on board? Too bad, we enjoyed him.
  19. I think we just might bring a bar or two just in case!
  20. Sounds like you (luckily) missed the red ball of soap introduced a number of years ago - Red Flower I think. Awfully inconvenient - and thankfully short lived!
  21. This is so true! People who know nothing about cruising or the difference among ships generally judge all passengers by the one or two they meet. I had a friend ask about cruising once and I told her all about Crystal - she and her husband ended up on a megaship as it was so much cheaper. They think I'm crazy to cruise at all and that all cruisers are like the ones on that megaship. You just can't open some people's minds!
  22. I haven't used makeup in so long I've probably forgotten how to apply it! But we would welcome the dressing up of a formal night now and then.
  23. It makes no sense at all to not vaccinate crew. If even people with natural or acquired immunity cannot sail without being vaccinated, why on earth would crew not be subject to the same requirement?
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