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  1. We were on the Vision in June. On the night we left Venice it was masquerade Ball theme. We picked up masks when we were in Venice and wore them that evening
  2. My daughter too, but not till the last day.
  3. The European cruises tend to be port heavy on our 12 day Mediterranean were only at sea 3 1/2 days I couldn't justify the additional expense of a balcony so we went back to an inside cabin which we haven't done in years But I figured on the sea days we could hang out on the top deck Now if I was doing an Alaskan to her I would pay the additional price for a balcony
  4. We are doing a 12 day Mediterranean out of Barcelona leaving on May 30 Like you here in the Midwest our kids will be out of school by then but I'm not expecting a large number of European kids on our cruise, but am hoping for some American kids (hopefully older teams). My daughter has afriend who lives in Madrid will still be in school for another week or two
  5. She is pretty outgoing but she struggles to make friends at school though she seems not to have a problem on the cruise or at summer camp She 17 now and will turn 18 the day we get off our next cruise she's not happy about not being 18 on the cruise but mom is happy that she can go to the Teen area and not have to worry about making friends elsewhere on the ship
  6. We are booked on a cruise out of Barcelona in May 2019, we booked just after Christmas last year and I think that we got the email from our TA that the cruises were open for 2019 about a week prior to that.
  7. I was concerned about my daughter when we went on the Allure when she was only 12, but everything went well. Because they can come and go we set up rules about what she could and could not do. She was also required to check in with us every few hours. Like earlier poster said, make sure he goes to the teen club the first night to meet others. For my daughter, the club is more of place to meet up before heading to the pool or other places on the ship.
  8. Just applied for Global Entry as US citizens for both my daughter and I, go our pre-approval right away, but the earliest we could get interviews was the week of Christmas and we have to travel 4 hours (8 round trip). I did get an email about Enrollment on Arrival. It is available at many US airports, don't know if it is only for US citizen or if you would be eligible as well.
  9. We've been on two cruises since our daughter turned 12, once when she was 12 1/2 and the other time when she was just shy of her 14th birthday. The teen program was not real structured and they can come and go as they please without a parent checking them in or out. I've found that the teens generally meet up in the teen lounge then head out to other parts of the ship. It should be no problem with them hanging out together. Depending on how many teens are on the ship they may separate the older teens from the younger for some structured activities but not many. Make sure they go to the teen club the first night for the meet and greet. Our DD made friends with some other teens then hung with them the rest of the cruise - we hardly ever saw her except when we were in port. We set some rules and she was required to meet us for dinner each night. She had a blast. On our next cruise our daughter will have just graduated from high school but she won't turn 18 till the last day of the cruise, I am glad she won't have aged out of the teen group but she's worried that the other kids will be too young.
  10. Just took a continuing ed class at local community college on traveling in Europe, according to the instructor there is no such thing as speeding through the museum to get to the chapel. The instructor and his family had been there before and wanted to skip most of it and he said it still took at least 45 minutes to get to the chapel. They funnel you through and you follow a predetermined path.. I believe there is no charge to get into the Basilica but there is for the museum. You can get advanced tickets online at www.vaticanstate.va He said allow three hours for the museum.
  11. I am hoping to do Australia and New Zealand in about 5 years when I retire. I don't want to have to be rushed to get back to work and three weeks is about the max I can take at a time. What time of the year is the best to go?
  12. Our phones go in the safe as well - love that my daughter is not connected for a week. She's out on the ship making friend with other teens. Cruising allows us to spend time as a family but also allows my husband and I to have some couple time as well. Our daughter loved the kids clubs when she was young and her time there gave us time as a couple. Now she is a teenager and we only really see her at dinner (she's required to have dinner with us) the rest of the time she is hanging with other teens. Cruising gives you the chance to see different places even if it's only for a few hours. We've been on 5 Caribbean cruises now and we found an island that we would love to go back and explore more and hope to do that some day, but it is someplace we probably would have never thought of going to if it wasn't for the fact that we visited there on the same cruise as a couple of ports we specifically wanted to visit. We are doing a European cruise next year and am looking forward to getting a taste of several cities and countries.
  13. My daughter was a few months past her 12th birthday when we went on the Allure. I too was a little concerned about her being in the Teen Club. We set ground rules and she had to check in with us periodically. She went to the get together the first night, didn't really meet anyone her own age, but she went back to other activities and by the second or third day she met another girl her age that she hung out with the rest of the cruise (they still snap chat each other 4 1/2 years later). We are taking another cruise next May/June (12 Day Mediterranean Cruise) just after she graduates high school. She turns 18 the day we get off the ship and I am actually really glad she won't be 18 and she will still be able to hang out in the teen club vs with young adults.
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