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  1. If the “out of business” TA is a local office, go to a different Agency in the same area. They can contact their Carnival BDM , who will be the same for all agencies in the area. The BDM should be able to help. In return, please be sure to give future business to the agency that helped.
  2. On the cruise lines homepage, usually near the bottom, there will be a “find an agent” link. It will direct you to an agent in your area who has completed the cruise lines training. Most agents work with most all cruise lines.
  3. After the uproar about the medical letter for passengers over 70, I think age will be kept out of it for awhile...LOL
  4. Have your TA call accounting at Holland America and have them transfer the $500 to your Alaska cruise. You need to make sure your port taxes and fees are covered with "New" money, either from your deposit funds or the $500 due as your refund. They should be able to also apply your FCC at that time. However, last we spoke with Holland, they seemed pretty confident the April cancellations would be processed by Mid May. If you transfer the whole $500 and your FCC would cover the balance due, they should be able to refund you the overage up to that $500 max. Did I confuse you.....just tell your TA to call Holland and they will work it out.
  5. This was reversed/removed/modified/eliminated or whatever you want to call it on April 7th by CLIA. The individual cruise lines are a little slow removing. I believe they have all now removed. But if you read the passenger contract with any cruise line, there is a paragraph which states you may be denied boarding if you are determined not fit to cruise. This has been there for many years.
  6. Your local TA will have the ability to search by port of call. Give them a chance, they can probably meet those on-line prices and will give you personal in-person service.
  7. Vermont also has EDL if I am not mistaken. One cruise I did not bring my Passport...don't know why, but I traveled on my EDL. When we go back into the port in Los Angeles, Immigration/Customs had no idea what it was. Tried entering with my NEXUS card which would also have been ok as I was going from Vancouver, BC to Los Angeles without a stop. Nope, had no idea what that was either. They did let me through. I wrote into DHS when I returned home and they sent me info to carry with me to show the EDL (and NEXUS) was A OK. However, I usually have my passport, so no worries.
  8. Quick clarifying question. Did you cancel the cruise under the short term cancellation policy or did Holland cancel your cruise. If Holland cancelled the cruise, you should receive your port taxes and fees and any non-cruise purchases returned to the original form of payment. This includes air and pre/post cruise hotels. If you cancelled the cruise, different terms apply. You should still receive the non-cruise and taxes refunded, but the air will be treated differently depending on if the air was restricted or flexible. If you did not use a TA on the previous booking, it may be a good idea to get one now. They will be apply to view and apply your FCC. Also note, you will need to pay the deposit and that will go towards the taxes and fees as those may not be covered by the FCC. Again a TA will have all this info at their fingertips.
  9. I would recommend a luxury or a premium plus cruise line. Sebourne, Crystal, Windstar, Viking, Riviera, all sail the Caribbean. I would recommend looking at November or December so you avoid the hurricane season. Weather is perfect at that time. The luxury lines will be more all inclusive as well.
  10. If you book the cruise next year it will be the same price, cash or FCC. Have your TA book it. Then apply the FCC or Cash. Only difference is if you had a $2000 cruise previously and took the refund, you would have $2000 to apply to new cruise. If you took the FCC, you would have $2500 to apply to new cruise.
  11. Now that is in good taste. You are an upstanding contributor to offer an apology when due.
  12. If the cruise falls within their new temporary cancellation policy, which September does, you may cancel and any cancellation fees will be refunded as Future Cruise Credit. So if only deposit is paid and you cancel prior to final payment, the deposit will be refunded as FCC. If you make final payment and then cancel, your will receive refund or FCC according to the cancellation schedule.
  13. When a gift is purchased for a passenger, either by the TA or a friend, etc, there is a choice to show or hide the gift. When the gift is delivered, there will be indication of who it is from. On the perks, such as beverage package, it will show the value of the package. The TA also has the ability to hide or show this item on the cruise personalizer.
  14. These guidelines were released early March prior to the pause in cruising. The first week of April, CLIA retracted these guidelines. The individual cruise lines are a little late in removing the restrictions. Maybe they are busy with cancelled cruises, refunds, FCC or something. In any event, as of right now, it is not believed there will be any restrictions. However, with that said, it is always good to check with your personal physician who knows you and your condition prior to travel, cruise or otherwise.
  15. I prefer Princess to Holland for Alaska. I enjoyed the Puppies in the Piazza and all the onboard special activities. Also, I enjoy the production shows and Holland is moving away from the shows. However, I do like the new Classic Rock Club on the Nieuw Konsingdam and Nieuw Statendam.
  16. Make sure you compare apples to apples. The new standard pricing for Princess includes the Drink Package, Pre-paid gratuities and unlimited wifi. If you want those perks removed, you need to request Princess Savor Pricing.
  17. This obc offer is only for those who's Alaska cruise or cruisetour was cancelled. The obc is tied to your captain circle account.
  18. With the addition of Princess Plus Pricing (making the Best Sale Ever promo permanent) new sales will be limited. With this promo refundable deposits are $100 per person. I would book the third person. If the person does not sale, you can remove them and the extra $100 paid will just go towards the final payment. I know every penny is precious right know and even if an extra $100 is no big deal, it is still $100, any way you look at it. You could also book a cabin that sleeps three and IF, and that is a gamble, IF the occupancy limits on the ship and lifeboat station allow, you can add the third person. If there is a possibility a replacement third person could go if first one cancels, book the third person as TBD. Also, your TA may be able to extend the option on the cabin and book once you know for sure who is sailing. A good, local, experienced TA will give you these same options. Oh, and TA's have been told to grab all the group space for this year and next that we can as the demand for sailing next year will be great. So using a TA may give you access to some great rates.
  19. Princess cancelled Alaska Cruise Tours and Alaska Gulf cruises. The planned sailings of Ruby and Emerald, July onward, from Seattle are not Gulf Cruises. They only go as far north as Skagway. So far, those are a go.
  20. IF a cruise ship were able to get a waiver for not being built in the US (as did NCL POA) and was flagged in the US, it would have to carry a staff of at least 75% US citizens and up to 25% Permanent US Residents (Green Card). It could have some on work visas but that would reduce the amount of Permanent Residents. Take a look at some US flagged ships. How about the new VIking Mississippi cruises, or American Cruise Line. Better yet, price out a one way trip from Bellingham to Juneau with bunk beds and no meals on the Alaska Ferry. You will see that it would price out many of the current cruisers. Even those that could comfortably afford may no longer see the value of the cruise. Oh, and it is not only the labor laws, but also the coast guard regulations which would greatly hamper the schedules of the cruise lines.
  21. Port of Seattle (cruise port only) is closed indefinitely and that means at latest July 1st (from a reliable source). Victoria should not be an issue. Only bad news is that it looks like football schedule will be released next week with no modifications so it is Alaska or Seahawks...no question...Go Hawks!
  22. If you ever find a great price in the future and can't immediately get ahold of your agent, book the room. Your TA can transfer the booking to them. Also, the $125 obc is tied to your captain circle account, so it will be credited no matter how you book. Give your TA a big hug when you see them. I am sure they will need it.
  23. There is a lot of misinformation on this post. 1. Prices on new cruises are the same regardless if paid by FCC or cash. When booking a new cruise you may either, put a cash deposit down now and then apply the FCC OR wait until FCC is issued and use to book new cruise. 2. If the cruise was cancelled and paid in full, the original TA received commission as per contract. Does not matter if you take FCC or refund. 3. Your FCC can be used to book a cruise with the original TA, a new TA or direct with MSC. Commission is paid on new booking. 4. MSC is not running out of money. See all those container ships out there.....they are still sailing. 5. News flash...those who originally booked with a TA may be getting their refund or FCC quicker as the request form was open to TA's before it was open to those who booked direct. If your TA did not take care of this for you the day the cancellations happened, may want to look at a different TA.
  24. No they are not. As long as final payment had been made
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