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  1. I would also note that I was was somewhat disappointed in the way they gave the FCC. It equaled exactly 50% of the fare pre tax and pre gratuities, but they split it evenly between the four names on the reservation. I would have preferred that it be split in proporation to the fare paid for each name for my circumstance, but in these times I'm sure they are doing their best to keep things moving, solvent and satisfy everyone.
  2. I received my FCC 8 days after cancelling. I received some of my refund 4 days after that. I'm still not square between the FCC and refunds for what I originally paid but I'll give it a couple of weeks. I also have received refunds from monies I have paid on Cruise Planner (drink, internet and specialtity dining). My cruise was May 10, I cancelled Mar 8.
  3. Covid-19. Come On Eileen. Now you'll have that in your head all day too! You're welcome.
  4. Hi Canadian here. In our jurisdiction, 19 is the legal drinking age. We are cruising in May on HOS out of Port Canaveral. We are rule abiding people and understand and respect RCCL's legal age of 21 years old. My question is, while in ports (2 in Mexico), does RCCL have a policy of checking 18-20 year old passengers for alcohol consumption when they are re boarding from those jurisdictions. So as there is a grey line between local jurisdiction and RCCL policy, are they known to enforce their policy for reboarding 18-20 year olds who are not exhibiting any
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