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  1. I would also note that I was was somewhat disappointed in the way they gave the FCC. It equaled exactly 50% of the fare pre tax and pre gratuities, but they split it evenly between the four names on the reservation. I would have preferred that it be split in proporation to the fare paid for each name for my circumstance, but in these times I'm sure they are doing their best to keep things moving, solvent and satisfy everyone.
  2. I received my FCC 8 days after cancelling. I received some of my refund 4 days after that. I'm still not square between the FCC and refunds for what I originally paid but I'll give it a couple of weeks. I also have received refunds from monies I have paid on Cruise Planner (drink, internet and specialtity dining). My cruise was May 10, I cancelled Mar 8.
  3. Covid-19. Come On Eileen. Now you'll have that in your head all day too! You're welcome.
  4. Hi Canadian here. In our jurisdiction, 19 is the legal drinking age. We are cruising in May on HOS out of Port Canaveral. We are rule abiding people and understand and respect RCCL's legal age of 21 years old. My question is, while in ports (2 in Mexico), does RCCL have a policy of checking 18-20 year old passengers for alcohol consumption when they are re boarding from those jurisdictions. So as there is a grey line between local jurisdiction and RCCL policy, are they known to enforce their policy for reboarding 18-20 year olds who are not exhibiting any bad signs or behavior generally associated with over consumption? No, we don't intend for anyone to get inebriated while in port, but it would be nice if she could have a drink or 2 while in ports without worrying about being denied reboarding. No we don't need to drink to have fun. No we don't have dependency issues. On another note, is thee any way to effectively search these forums. I'm sure this question has been asked many times before, but I was unable to find any such threads. I have very strong google foo in general and I'm a programmer by trade but I can never seem to figure out forum searches.
  5. I've been following for 8 or 9 hours. I just felt I had to comment, however inane it was. Edit: I'll add this. I live in Newfoundland, near where itineraries dock here in St. John's. We get similar storms frequently (in the midst of one) and have equally dangerous shorelines. I'm amazed at what the Norwegian Rescue teams had at their disposal and how well they used it. We have similar with equally trained personnel but for that volume of people to be removed in those conditions without incident is nothing short of amazing. I don't think it would have gone so well anywhere else in the world.
  6. Yes the lack of mint was my major gripe as well. LOL! First world problems.
  7. I was on FOS Jan 27th to Feb 3rd. I echo this review. The service was fantastic as was the service all around. Ship was showing her age but not distractingly so. Only small gripe was poorly stocked bars which seemed to not be able to keep supplies for certain drinks (but I always managed to not leave empty handed). This was my 5th cruise with RC. I didn't have The Key but for that terminal, if I had paid for it, I would have looked for my money back. The keys were with the pinnacles, followed by the emeralds, diamond+, etc. but after about the first 15 people or so went through after they opened the door, it was a circus and basically everyone just went on. I thought they did a terrible job of that, bordering on dangerous. It was much better coming off. I didn't see how the key worked for coming off but if it helped me avoid the long customs line I would probably do it next time. "I just returned from our 7 day cruise (ABC) on FOS" Dumb question I'm sure, but what does ABC mean in this context?
  8. I agree, I love RC but that is unacceptable as you have narrated it. I would take my NRD back and take my money elsewhere. That said, as a last effort, if you are going on an Oasis Class (Boardwalk so I assume yes) ask if there are any Ultra Spacious OV w/Lg Balcony available. A little more room and potential for privacy in one room with a balcony as well and still close to boardwalk. 7730 & 7330 I think off the top of my head. There are a couple of others in the same class but I'd take one of those first.
  9. The swimming pig excursion is a short boat ride away in the North Berry Islands, a little south and east of Coco Cay.
  10. I would also not that in the Cruise Planner there is a separate heading for "Perfect Day". That's where the pig swim is showing up for me at least.
  11. I'm booked on a May 10th, 2020 Harmony sailing (Perfect Day on May 11th, 2020) and so far there is very little available in the Cruise Planner as an extra. Parasail and Swimming Pigs tours.
  12. Hi, I put deposits on some voyages yesterday but I have not received one confirmation email. They are all showing up in my upcoming cruises page I just prefer an email for my own organization. Is this a thing now that they no longer send these emails confirming the payment and then another with the guest invoice attached? Or is it a batch thing that just hasn't happened yet?
  13. How can you go drinking all day if you don't start first thing in the morning? When you get that last drink at 3-4 am you need to get some beers for the state room fridge such that when you wake up at 7 am you can have 2-3 beers right off the bat before you get to the windjammer for the double bloody mary.
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