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  1. Another casino question here, was it open at all the first night? Thanks again!
  2. We board in three weeks and your posts have me so excited, almost made me cry talking about the crew and their excitement! We are staying three nights prior at Sonesta Ocean Point. Thanks again for posting all the details, looks great to me!
  3. I am a small business owner myself, but as hard as things are now, I would never use money from a building I hadn't built yet to pay for a job I was building.
  4. Just FYI and I'm not purposely trying to destroy a company or anything but I booked a refundable excursion in Skagway with Seavey's for two people for over $300 and the trip is cancelled due to COVID and the owner says he doesn't currently have the money to refund me. Just a word of warning, hoping to take it up with Chase Sapphire. Be careful on these trips that want full payment in advance.
  5. Thank you for the wonderful ideas Anita Latte 🙂 I think we will look into a car at least part of the time. I hate feeling stranded.
  6. It's looking like no Panama Canal full transit in 2021, Celebrity doesn't have any either. Such a disappointment.
  7. I’m starting to think they aren’t ever going to release full transit Panama canals for 2021.
  8. Just wondering if anyone had updated deployment for RCCL full transit 2021?
  9. They do offer shuttle service between I think between 8am and 6pm. I was looking at two tours that were all day (6-8 hours so I just wasn't sure if I needed one or not.) Thanks for all the great tips!!
  10. We are flying into Anchorage on July 26th and taking the train to Seward the morning of the 27th. We have a room at Resurrection on the Bay until our cruise leaves on the 31st. We were hoping to have them organize a package of activities like they have offered in the past but they are no longer doing that. We were not planning on getting a car since again we were hoping to do a package. We know we want to do the Major Marine 8.5 hour trip. What other tours/trips are must do's and do we need a car? We have done 4 Alaska cruises but never stayed in Alaska. We are active and in
  11. We are doing a B2B in Tampa in April (actual overlap day is the 13th) and we were wondering if doing a day at Busch Gardens was an option? We've never been but it looks like some great coasters. Maybe Uber to the park instead of getting our car out of parking?
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