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  1. Wondering about Celebrity Suites. Any pictures? Thanks in advance and thank you all for the incredible information!
  2. We did ask for a list, we were told none was available because some wines were available only in limited supply. We took a picture of the wines we enjoyed and showed it to the servers, since they were often confused about what we were saying. As you say, no big deal, just a little different than expected.
  3. We were on the Spirit July 17-24, our first Silversea cruise. The decor was nicely done. We enjoyed all of the dining venues, only missed La Dame. Atlantide was nearly a "miss" for us as we were at first seated in a very busy walkway. We asked for a quieter table, had to wait a few minutes, but were very happy with our second table. Silver Note was a delight (we were one of the couples that came in at 10 to listen to Kim & Didi) as a music venue. We found the menu on the night we ate there, quite confusing, in that it didn't have a defined style. Would have preferred the tapas we had read about prior to the stretch. Found the wine service confusing, they presented 2 choices each night, neither to my liking. They were able to "find" a cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, and sauvignon blanc "somewhere on board" that were to our liking. Wish they had a list of the available wines. The Crew was fabulous! We prefer, however, a dining staff that knows us and our likings as we have had on other ships. Overall, a beautiful ship and wonderful cruise.
  4. Tipping- another question (yes, from an American)... has anyone seen anyone tip in the bars for a particularly well made drink? I know "tips are included", but as we prepare to board in 5 days on our first "tips included" cruise we would like to be clear on this. Thanks!
  5. Thank you for all the posts! We board the Spirit in Copenhagen in a little over a week and we really enjoyed reading about your experience. It's our first Silversea Cruise and we were getting a little nervous after reading some less than favorable reviews elsewhere. Thank you!
  6. Is there a cost for the laundry machines? Thank you in advance.
  7. Wow. I am so sorry for the experiences described here. Ironic, because we have always sailed "suite class" (butler, special dining, private lounge with drinks at no cost, as well as many other special amenities) on Celebrity. I was hoping for an experience that "wowed" and wooed us. Uncertain whether that will be the case, other than the smaller ship. Since the trip is 1 month away, I will remain optimistic....?
  8. 2 questions: * La Dame? Impressions, reviews, please; * Formal nights- we are on a "short" cruise (7 nights), what level of clothing is suggested/required for formal nights? Thank you in advance.
  9. Question (first Silversea Cruise), is there room service? Other suite class cruises have included room service. We particularly love ordering a full breakfast (eggs, coffee, fruit) en suite before morning excursions. Thank you for these comments and information.
  10. Heading out on Silver Spirit from Copenhagen in July. Our first Silversea cruise. Craving info, thank you for your video!
  11. Interesting thread, thank you all! We are booked in 762, so I guess the "old" Spirit and the "seam" line. We board her on the 17th of July. It is our first Silversea cruise, after being suite class on Celebrity for a few years. Any information and impressions are more than welcome. Enjoy your cruise!
  12. Not going to make or break the cruise, just wondering.
  13. First SS cruise coming up this summer. Husband likes his Old Fashioned with bourbon and Italian cherries. Will they have those? Also any gluten free vodka?
  14. Is there an update for "Who's on the Constellation"? I have searched the thread and can't seem to find it. Thanks for our help and all your information.
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