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  1. We are travelling on HOTS in March and I was just wondering what the operating hours are for Johnny Rockets.


    Is it also just breakfast free and chargeable lunch and dinner (does it open for dinner?).


    Can you also book tables.

    We plan on taking our two children one evening if possible


  2. 23 hours ago, lovescats5 said:

    Izumi is about the only place we have to worry but knowing she loves shrimp we look for a cooked item that has shrimp in it.  If she cannot find anything that she really likes to eat we allow her to get pizza after we have dinner but she always sits with us until we are done.  All the other specialty restaurants have things she likes so it is not problem there.  The only other place we might have a problem with is Wonderland where they do have different things to eat.  Don't know the age of your children but she is 12 and since we have started to cruise again the rule is that she always has to come to dinner with us and shows with us but other than that she can spend time with the friends she makes.  It is hard sometimes for her to find something to eat also.  I know that in the Coastal Kitchen there is not much she likes so we always have them get her a pasta with white sauce and she is happy.  I guess we have always felt that if you do not try something different you may never know if you like something or not.  I know we will be going to Wonderland again in November and we will all try everything they bring out.  Regardless of how things work out it will be a fun time.


    That's exactly it, it'll be a fun time. Mine will be 10 and 8.


    My husband doesn't fancy Wonderland this time which I think is a shame as one of the dishes I had last time was one of my favourite things I've eaten. However may be best to keep it that way in my head in case second time it's a disappointment (if it's even still on the menu).

  3. 2 hours ago, lovescats5 said:

    Send them to Adventure Ocean.  They could eat with the other kids and you could have a nice relaxing dinner.  Or you could be like we are.  My granddaughter goes with us to all restaurants and tries something off the menu.  If there is nothing that she likes to fill her up then she can get pizza or whatever she wants but she always seems to find something she likes.  She is not an Izumi fan but goes with us and there are a couple of things she does like after trying several things.  She is also a fairly picky eater also but is always game to try something off the menu.  Have fun.

    I have a suspicion they won't go to adventure ocean but it's something I'll work on as would be nice to have one meal without them.

    Do you mean she'll get pizza after? Another thought of mine if they really do struggle to get to grips with the menu 

  4. Has anyone eaten at Izumi with children and can give me an idea if there’s a separate children’s menu. I have standard typically picky children who don’t eat Japanese food, rice or noodles but I would really like to go to Izumi. 


    Would we we have the option to book and pay for the two adults and feed the children beforehand in the windjammer perhaps?

  5. We are travelling with RCCL next weekend and arrive in the Port on Tuesday. We have limited time to get to our organised event so need to get to Quai de la Joliette fairly quickly. I know a taxi will be around 20 euros but I was wondering if RCCL put on a free shuttle? I presume it goes to the Vieux Port? How much is the shuttle? Can you buy just one way or do you have to buy return?


    Many thanks

  6. Absolutely not !! Lol ...... I had noticed ...... but I've noticed more about filling up 8 seater mini busses and repeated thread posts as long as your arm lol.


    Maybe they're saving the excitement. Unlike me! I have to admit there's not much going on. I check other boards sailing in June and July and there's not much going on in them either. There was much more going on in the boards our previous cruise.

  7. Does anyone have info about the zip line? Do you have to reserve a time? How long does the whole process take? Is there a waiver (I presume we just need our cabin card as ID?). And weight and height limit? I'm trying to convince my husband to go on but he's being a party pooper. I am definitely going on it. Though my street cred will drastically reduce with the helmet hair after!

  8. Hoping a few can help with experience on the sister ships perhaps.


    I was wondering what lunch options could be available on Harmony. We sail in June and I was hoping to Lunch at Jamie's Italian one day however it can't be pre-booked. Is it even open?


    Is Sorrentos open all day too or just evening?

    And Izumi?

  9. There is a HOHO bus in Naples. They have three routes, although one of them has limited hours (it used to be weekends only, I'm not sure what it is right now). It is expensive, however. If you are planning to just ride around the cost may make sense but if you're looking to use it mostly as transportation you can get around much less expensively using public transit.


    There's a brand new metro station across from the cruise port at Piazza Municipio which you can use to get directly to the archaeology museum, if you're interested.


    There's also a new shuttle van service that goes from Piazza Trieste e Trento (near the royal palace/opera house/galleria, not far at all from the cruise port) directly to the art museum Capodimonte. The round trip cost is €12 and includes the ticket for the museum. (If you get there on your own the entry ticket is €7,50.)


    Other amazing sites in Naples include the museo San Severo (with its famous "Veiled Christ" sculpture: http://www.museosansevero.it/en/), the cloisters, museum and archaeological site of Santa Chiara (http://monasterodisantachiaraing.jimdo.com/photo-gallery/), the museum on the cliff overlooking the port, Certosa di San Martino, with an excellent collection of the Christmas figures that Naples is famous for, and much more. You can look through the options here: http://www.campaniartecard.it/pdf/Campania_artecard_Guida_Napoli.pdf


    Thank you. I am very interested in the archaeological museum as I have heard great things. I'll have a look through all the suggestions.

  10. We give Euro Cruiser credit for spurring us to spend more time in Naples (most recently we were there last month). It actually is a city with its own charm and can be a lot of fun. We echo "Euro's) about the Museo San Severo...which we would mention is difficult to find among the maze of streets in that part of town (so have a decent map and do not hesitate to ask locals for directions).


    For "Euro's" benefit we finally had pizza (last month) at the very famous Da Michele :). Even though it was off season, we still waited out in the street for about 45 min before we got into the crowded pizza parlor. While their pizza was very good (they only have 2 basic kinds) we thought it was somewhat overrated when compared to other pizza we have had in Naples. But to their credit, Da Michele, has kept their prices very low when compared to many other pizza places.




    Thanks Hank. I've been interested in trying the pizza also from Da Michele. A) because I am huge pizza fan and B) because my name is Michele so it comes with it's own desired photo shot. I have not had high hopes for it but am interested to go to experience it.

  11. We have a tour booked to Herculaneum, Sorrento and Positano but it's looking like we might have to ditch it as no one else has signed up yet.


    This will be my 3rd trip to the area so I've done almost most places (Herculaneum not being one of them).


    I'm actually quite interested to visit Naples itself however. Can anyone recommend places to go, things to do, places to eat. I've heard there's a hop on hop off too.

  12. We just ate there last week and you only have two options for dinner. 6 course meal with or without wine paring (6 glasses).


    We did it without the wine pairing and they adjusted for my wife who doesn't eat meat or dairy. The food was amazing and well worth it!


    We had the drink package as well. The cost for the wine pairing is still extra. That is the case for any activity on the ship you pay for that has alcohol as part of it (i.e. the Prohibition Event). Just order the wine separately as mentioned. We just ordered cocktails. Not huge wine fans.


    Sounds good to me. Thank you

  13. Unfortunately that presumption is wrong. The wine pairing (6 or 8 glasses from memory) is $75, separate from the cost of the meal.


    If you have the drink package you would be better off just selecting individual glasses of wine for each course from the wine list. If you choose wines which cost more than the package limit you just pay the difference.


    Ah, glad I asked. Best to be prepared. Thank you, I think we'll go with as you suggest!

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