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  1. I also filed a claim with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau and with MasterCard but that did no good either. I sent the latest Crystal letter of October 20 to Goldman Sachs to see if that would have any impact but have heard nothing more. It is interesting how differently the two credit card companies have treated me. The person at Goldman Sachs admitted she had not even read to the bottom of the letter where I was offered a refund but seized on the offer of the future cruise credit to deny my claim. They will not reopen my claim unless I have additional info, though I think if they actua
  2. I paid for my Crystal cruise (supposed to leave 7/2/20 from Rome, cancelled by Crystal on May 14, asked for refund May 15) half on Bank of America credit card and half on Apple credit card which is administered through Goldman Sachs. I filed credit card disputes with both credit card companies around July 8. BOA has given me temporary credit and I think it should be final as of November 15. Goldman Sach denied my claim saying that Crystal offered me the cruise credit to use by 12/31/2023 and then I could reach out to the merchant and request a refund. I pointed out that I had not taken up the
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