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  1. Ah, that's good to know, though my heart goes out to all the neighborhoods and towns that are affected.
  2. We have a river running thru our town. It came massively out of its banks during Hurricane Harvey from rain upstream. What shocked me wasn't as much the volume as the velocity of the water. It rampaged thru town, picked up cars, shipping containers, mobile homes, etc, and tossed them around like rubber duckies. When the water receded, there was mass destruction along its path. Will these towns along the Rhine be ready for tourists?
  3. Interesting. We almost 2 months yet. We'll see how it evolves.
  4. Agree, getting it in writing would be some small ammunition. Contacting the hotel and having a back up testing plan just in case is also a good idea. It's frustrating, as I always prefer to fly in early for cruises. We have a terrible track record of delayed and canceled transatlantic fllights. We're actually flying in to Prague (embarking Deggendorf) and ending in Bucharest - 21 days down the Danube. Woo hoo!
  5. We've switched ships. We were supposed to be on Imagery, and now are on Artistry. Received a note from our TA that we would need a neg PCR test within 72 hrs of boarding the ship. As we are flying in 2 days prior, and I can't get same day testing for our flight, the test will be 4-5 days old prior to boarding the ship. When we questioned her on this, she recanted and said since we're checking into a hotel arranged by Avalon, that will count. We'll see if we're left scrambling to find a PCR test or are left on the pier when it comes time to board.
  6. 1. - I've not been to either, but read "All the Light You Can Not See," which is set in St. Malo. It's a wonderful book, and a good read regardless, but would highly recommend it if you decide to go to St. Malo. It's made St. Malo a "must see" for my next trip to the area. 3. - windmills are windmills. I'd probably poke around Amsterdam, do the Anne Frank house - you can get tickets for entrance and a short docent lecture around 30-60 days prior. Definitely worth it to get more historical context. And I'd do a food tour. Lot's of tasty foods in Amsterdam.
  7. Testing positive is a risk, even after being vaccinated. The current science seems to suggest that a vaccinated person who encounters the virus will have some virus replication, particularly in the nose and throat area where it first enters the body, but that it will be at much lower volume than an unvaccinated person, and that it will be "put out" by their immune system much faster. This would result in little to no symptoms and very low risk of transmissibility. Much like a small fire starting, with very little fuel and an early fire suppression system versus an unchecked fire
  8. I love the Reykjavik Residence Hotel. IMO, though, I'd consider a multiday tour that gets you out of Reykjavik. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time in the car boomeranging back and forth from the city. If you aren't already seeing Jokulsarlon, you can do an overnight trip there. If you are, consider a trip to Snaefelsness or into the highlands instead.
  9. Sadly, I did not love the old walled city. Pre-Covid, at least, it was wall to wall tourists and souvenir shops. I think Split and some of the smaller islands spoiled me, as their old cities are a vibrant mix of tourism and locals. I'd also recommend Cavtat. It's just a short drive south of Dubrovnik and very picturesque. Do the very easy walk to the top of the hill and around the peninsula. There's even a few small rocky beaches where you can sun bathe like a local. We did a food tour from Dubrovnik, if you really want to get away from the crowds. We stopped at a
  10. Absolutely agree about not using Viator for tours in Iceland. Weather, with cancelations and delays, can be a significant issue, and direct booking is always best. For some reason, Icelandic businesses seem to respond best to Facebook posts. If you have an issue contacting them directly, look for them on Facebook.
  11. I would probably ask for a full refund. I would not want to support a business that is not 100% trying to keep its passengers and crew safe.
  12. I've been to Iceland twice and still haven't been to the Golden Circle. I'll make it there one day, but it's not top on my priority list. I have heard that it's good to see first, before the rest of Iceland, as it is less impressive once you've seen other parts. Consider a multiday tour to the south coast or Snaefellsnes. Lodging will be included, and it is usually small groups. You'll see much more without backtracking to Reykjavik every day.
  13. If I need a test to get on an international flight from the US, I'd have it to land wherever we end up. There's a clinic near by that can get the results back in 24 hours. I'd love to not have to worry about that at all, though, if the vaccine certificate was good enough. Things seem to change weekly, so I'll just have to keep abreast of the current requirements.
  14. I went back and looked at the link and I can't find anything about negative tests, just proof of vaccination. Perhaps I was hallucinating. It was a long day at work yesterday. So, if I just need a negative test to get on the plane to get there, I should be fine to spend a couple extra days in Prague. Assuming I'll need another negative test to get back on the plane to come home, I hope Avalon assists with this since we don't have any extra days at the end.
  15. I agree it's not a surprise and for the best. I am wondering about the requirement of a negative test within 72 hours of beginning "Globus sponsored travel" since we were planning on arriving in Prague 2 days early. That means any test I get for the flight won't be good by the time we get to the boat. Maybe if I get Avalon to make our pre-night hotel reservations that would count. Time to call our TA.
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