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  1. Southwest won't open June 2020 flights for scheduling until later this year. Is there any reason you have to fly Southwest?
  2. Steelers, have had it happen many times over the years when booking FF tickets or through cruiseline far in advance that a change is made to an airline schedule (one leg of a trip) and suddenly your rebooked flight first leg is now arriving after your connection, or rebooked second leg leaving before you arrive (guess that is the same thing only different!). Agree they will not allow you to book an illegal connection initially, but once you are booked and schedule changes happen the computer can do wonky things. We are seasoned travelers and usually book flights 1/3 on our own, 1/3 w FF and 1/3 with EZair based on what works best at the time. In the past we have gotten the red alert on the personalizer and an email when there is a flight change - but not this time. That has never happened, so why I posed the question here wondering if that "meant" anything. It should be fine since it is the same airline and I am willing to take the flight they changed us to - but if it isn't I will make sure to post back and let folks know.
  3. We waited 3 months for a couple of reasons: 1) had a similar situation last year on another cruise where the original (ezair booked) flight changed and the connection was no longer valid. I called right away (several months before final payment) and all we could do was change airlines which resulted in a much higher airfare. Then before final payment the original airline had another schedule change with valid connection times. If we had just waited it out for awhile we would have been fine and they would have changed us to those flights, but since we changed airlines we were out of luck. Since it was closer to final payment airfares had gone up and were now significantly higher than what we booked at first and more than what we changed to. 2) wanted to see if the personalizer would catch up with AA. When it didn't over a period of time I began to wonder why and thought it might be because they are going to want more money! Glad to hear from others that the original price was honored. Will call tomorrow, but wanted to see what others had experienced in a similar situation since last time it didn't work out so great.
  4. Booked 1st class via ezair at a great fare about 6 months ago for a Jan 2020 cruise. AA has now taken the original flight off the schedule. On the AA website they have moved us to another flight that is fine, but original flight still showing on the Princess personalizer. If I click on "modify flight" it gives me the message that the itinerary has changed and will updated shortly - but this has been the same now for 3 months without being updated on the personalizer! When I look on EZair at the flights that AA has changed me to the Ezair price is double the price I paid originally. My question is, since they (Princess) technically haven't ticketed (paid for) it yet will they honor my original price for the flights AA assigned, or want me to pay the higher fare? I know if I had purchased the ticket from the airline directly that they would not raise the fare, but not sure how this will work for an Ezair flight not yet ticketed. Wondering what to expect before I call them. Thanks!
  5. My first cruise after losing a significant amount of weight and living a keto/low carb lifestyle for over a year was not that bad. I did splurge, but didn't go crazy. I consumed alcohol, but low carb beer and wine. That cruise I did consider myself lucky in that everything with significant carbs did go right through me 😉, so I "got by" with my indiscretions. After the cruise I regained ketosis and control quickly. Subsequent cruises I wasn't so lucky. I lost the "purge" effect and when returning home would be in the "I'll go back to cutting carbs next week, after I finish off this box of chocolates" state. Sigh. I am now back on keto and doing well. We have a 15 day cruise planned for January. I know I will drink, I know I will splurge, but I am trying to plan the best way to do this without causing too much damage. Those on other diets don't always understand the metabolic changes that happen on keto. It isn't always easy to just deal with the damage after vacation (at least not for me). My goal is always to take the stairs, go to the gym, and do lots of walking. It helps, but if I eat too many carbs I am out still out of ketosis and the sugar cravings return. I am trying to plan my splurges for those things I really, really want, but we will see what happens when the time comes. I just don't want to undo all of my hard work.
  6. nbist

    Lahaina taxi stand?

    Thanks for the suggestion Princeton.
  7. nbist

    Lahaina taxi stand?

    Thank you! Very helpful.
  8. nbist

    Lahaina taxi stand?

    We will be arriving via Star Princess to Lahaina in January. This time we just plan to go up to Kaanapali for a beach day and lunch. It looks like there is a bus/shuttle for $2/pp that runs hourly? As getting off the ship via tender is often one big cluster, who knows if we will get over and not have a long wait for the shuttle. I have never paid attention to the taxi situation at this port. My question is: 1. Is there a taxi stand or line near the tender drop off, or where is the best place to find a taxi in Lahaina? and 2. If we want to taxi back is there a taxi line at Whalers Village or are we better off finding a taxi at one of the hotels? I realize it is about $20 each way, which is fine for convenience. Thanks!
  9. We loved the Star and the Hawaii 15 day route so much that we are doing it again this January. I much prefer this route to the Caribbean, but different strokes.......That said you may not be happy if you continually are comparing the Star Princess to Oceana 😉 Taste in food is so subjective that it is hard to reassure you that it is wonderful all the time. Though we have found the food on the Star to be consistently good with some great dishes and some not so great. We have never gone hungry or felt is was subpar. I will be honest in that the more we cruise the less I enjoy the Main dining room for dinner (anytime or traditional seating) on any line. It is often noisy and chaotic. On the last few 7 day cruises we have eaten in the specialty dining rooms every night. On the 15 day Hawaii we still do about 1/2 our dinners in the specialty restaurants, a few in the MDR and the rest graze at the buffet or eat burgers under the stars. Yes, Crown Grill and Sabatini's cover charges will increase your overall bill, but we plan for this expense and think it is worth it. Good luck with your choice.
  10. I usually have at least one spa treatment on each cruise and depending on how the first one goes will decide if I want more. Every ship is a different based on the manager and staff. Usually, basic swedish massages are fine and as expected. I tried the bamboo massage - ouch - halfway through asked her to not use the bamboo anymore. I actually had bruises on my arms later. Loved the seaweed wrap and massage - but yes, it is messy. My skin was so soft after this treatment. Liked the oxygen facial the first time I had one, but on the Regal I had a very sick aesthetician who did a less than stellar job. When I mentioned to the manager that I wasn't very happy with the service she became a little snotty with me. Good thing about that though is that she couldn't talk without having a coughing fit, so I didn't get a sales pitch. Also saved me some money in that I cancelled 2 other treatments I had scheduled because of the manager. Again, I have had fabulous manis and pedis on some ships, while on another she cut my toenails too short and also made a cuticle bleed. Most of the time the treatments have been enjoyable , so even with a couple of bad experiences I keep going back. I have just learned to be more proactive. I tell them up-front that I don't want a sales pitch and am open with them early on regarding amount of pressure with massage, etc.
  11. Link to story of flipped floatplane: https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/aviation/2019/06/27/floatplane-flips-in-ketchikan-with-no-apparent-injuries-officials-say/
  12. Thanks for the replies. Yes, we plan to wait and see what the fares do, and run the numbers to see if it makes sense. With current fares if I factor in our usual bar bill at the end of the cruise and what we gain and lose in OBC, gratuities etc., it will cost us approximately $800 ($400/pp) to change from our current promotion and oceanview to a balcony cabin under Sip n Sail. To me that is probably worth it, but we will see what the fares do.
  13. Thank you OzKiwiJJ. Guess I will just have to ask when on our next cruise!
  14. The 3 day sale from the large TA does show that our cruise qualifies for their offer.
  15. We have always loved the braised short rib over penne (Penne con Brasato di Manzo) from the old Sabatini's menu. I have tried to duplicate it at home with recipes found on the internet, but it is missing something (maybe just the sea air and someone else cooking it?). I contacted customer service via email and was surprised to get a phone call from a very nice young man. Unfortunately, he said they don't have the recipes at the home office. He said it might be in one of the Princess cookbooks that I could find on Amazon. None of the books on Amazon lists the recipes included in the cookbook. I suspect that someone on CC has the cookbook collection and might be willing to check to see if the recipe is included?! Even if you don't want to post the recipe I would appreciate knowing which book it is in. Thank you in advance!
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