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  1. It’s just something more for you to pack🧳 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
  2. Please search for the “somewhere” you read about a plastic prohibition and let the rest of us know when you find it, which would be very helpful in this discussion
  3. Its not Sillhouette, it’s Equinox
  4. Generally once a cruise there is a lunch in Tuscan in which you can purchase just as any other specialty dining. As to who gets invited to private parties there, your guess is as good as mine.
  5. Can you give a link to that? i know that plastic mouthwash bottles, plastic shampoo bottles etc. have always been allowed, along with plastic bottles of water. Has somethhing changed?
  6. Only if you buy the whole bottle
  7. Port and dessert wine are allowed, sparkling wine is allowed. There is no limit on the number of cans or bottles of Soft drink you may bring.
  8. We don’t know if the OP is doing B2B. In any case, the duty free shop on board doesn’t generally have wine for sale, just liquor and spirits like Kahlua
  9. It’s easy to say “no problem” based on what has happened in the past. But these are new times. And Dubai and Hong Kong aren’t Tokyo, obviously Japan may have it on rules which what won’t allow an early disembarkation. To avoid disappointment, I would not wait until two or three days before the end of the cruise to let Celebrity know that you will be leaving early. Make the arrangements ahead of time. Also remember that there is no discount for the missed night.
  10. As I recall, you don’t get the Captains Club points for the upgraded room, only for the room you booked.
  11. Remember that the offers are not “all inclusive”. They are “always included” which covers drinks, wifi, gratuities and some on board credit. You may be able to find some “simply sail” cruises but definitely compare the rates with and without the ”always included”
  12. Current Healthy at Sea as of 5 August https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/celebrity-healthy-at-sea-protocols.pdf
  13. Yes but then you would be on NCL😃
  14. Could the Travel agent have misheard or misinterpreted the question? Could it have been “were the two more than 13 weeks APART” not “were the two more than 13 weeks AGO”
  15. Can’t see all of these cruises on website yet…. there is one Coastal Cruise showing on 9 April 2022. What will follow that?
  16. I fear that it would be a huge hassle if you drag your full-size suitcases up to the scanners and they are rejected and you would have to go all the way back down to street level to check them in with a porter.
  17. A few years ago there was a situation like this and people got stuck making last minute adjustments. The ship went from Honolulu to Vancouver and then a one-way from Vancouver to Anchorage. Neither cruise by itseld was a problem, but combining them violated the PVSA. the new Eclipse scenario will be OK because the Vancouver to Alaska is a round trip, beginning and ending in Canada.
  18. You would be able to get carry on sized bags through. Doubt if they have ever allowed anyone to measure their equipment
  19. What is the name of the excursion that takes you by a small boat to get close to the glacier, please
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