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  1. Just got off 12/1 - There is a craps table with a minimum bet of $25.00 with a 5-1 back up on the pass line.
  2. If you are in the Haven you can make requests any day of the cruise and they will try and squeeze you into any specialty restaurant/show at the requested time. On our Nov 24th cruise we were only turned down once but found an opening another restaurant.
  3. We were just off the Joy Sunday and on the cruise we witnessed the crew was constantly sanitizing rails, hallways & basically anything anyone would touch for the entire cruise. The staffed handed all food and drinks so no passengers touched food or drinks unless it was given to you. I think the issues of a sick ship has sailed.
  4. We appreciate your review as our family is cruising over thanksgiving on the Joy in a H6. I think your review/tips will help make the cruise even more enjoyable. Cheers!
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