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  1. I am in the planning mode for next year's Baltic cruise. We think we have most ports sorted out but want some feedback about a couple of excursions that Princess offer so if anyone has done either of the the following we'd appreciate comments - good or bad. We are no longer concerned about ensuring we see the Little Mermaid on either tour as we are docking at the Langelinie cruise terminal which is within walkin distance but is it the last thing seen before returning to the ship? We'd get off there and walk back if it is (and they let us do it) A Discovery Exclusive - Christiansborg Castle & The Royal Chapel - it sounds like the Little Mermaid is at the start of the tour North Sealand Country & Frederiksborg Castle - I get the impression the Little Mermaid could be at the end of the tour Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks for all the responses and the wonderful news that we are docking close to the Little Mermaid. As someone said seen as how the tours we are looking at aren't long it will give us time to walk to the Little Mermaid at leisure before or after the tour. Thanks again to everyone
  3. In response to Hallasm, we will be on the Crown Princess and arriving on 22 July 2020 which is a Wednesday. As suggested by Dogs4fun I'll also post on the Princess site. Thanks for the information so far
  4. How close is the Little Mermaid to the port (not sure where the ship is docking yet but will find out). If going on a tour (with Princess) can anyone say if they got off the bus at the Little Mermaid for photos or just got to see it through the bus window. The tours we are considering are: Cristianborg & Royal Chapel Or Sealand Country & Frederiksborg. Thanks in advance
  5. We have sailed on the Regal and Majestic. The Balcony was petite to the point we will not book a Royal class ship in future
  6. Yes done the Club Class and room service suite breakfasts but this time it was supposed to be the regular Sabatini suite breakfast (starting at 6:30). The "electrical fault" meant no cooked breakfast but we did get mimosas before heading to MDR for a Club Class breakfast.
  7. We did go to Club Class after mimosas but it is not the same.
  8. When we got into the suite on the Island Princess on a Panama Partial in March I was delighted to see that there was going to be breakfast for suites in Sabatini's. I have asked Princess if it cannot be done in letters following cruises (working on the latest) and it seemed that my whining was listened to. I told a number of other Sabatini breakfast users that it would be happening. When I said to the wonderful Sabatini breakfast crew how happy I was they said it was only the second time it had happened. We went down for breakfast on disembarkation imagine the reaction to find that there had been an electrical fault so the only things that could be offered were mimosas, coffee and pastries. Surely the coffee takes electricity. The cynic in me is saying it was a one off and it will not be a freature. Has anyone had suite breakfast in the regular location on disembarkation day? I would really like to think that it is going to happen on the next cruise but.... Thanks for any responses
  9. Close but not quite there - I'm a Safety Professional
  10. Here's hoping if ever there is an incident on a Princess ship they are able to let people know in advance that it is going to happen so everyone can get to their must point in advance just as happens for the Muster. No prizes for guessing what my profession is - I even suggested to Princess that on longer cruises they say on boarding day there will be an unannounced muster so they can assess how effective their new "improved" version of the drill is seen as how you don't have to take the life jacket and try it on.
  11. Just went downstairs and told my brother so it sounds like he is now okay about getting a taxi. At least if you have to wait at the port the ship is close so when they say come on board it is easy to do. Thanks to everyone for the very fast responses.
  12. I know there has been comments about the fact Princess are advising people on specific decks to arrive at, or after, specific times but have the distinct impression no one does it at Fort Lauderdale. I can't get onto the booking as it keeps coming up with parsererror (if anyone can tell me how to correct or get rid of it I'd appreciate it). As it won't let me log in, I can't review documents to see what they say. As we are staying at Embassy Suites and waited an age (okay 1pm) last time for the Princess coach to leave for the port I was going to go by taxi but my brother (who I travel with) says we may as well wait at the hotel as there is no advantage to going earlier as the rooms aren't ready till the after the recommended boarding time. That was one I hadn't heard of before so am hopeful someone can clarify what is happening at Fort Lauderdale. Last year at Vancouver we certainly didn't wait till the suggested time and had it not been for a Homeland Security computer issue would have been on board around 10:30 - we were on in time to have had embarkation lunch had we wanted to. Thanks
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