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  1. Sorry as the Sky is a Royal Class ship we won't be replacing this year's cruise with the Sky.
  2. Thanks for the responses I guess it is a case of waiting for Princess but it would be nice to see the next one on there. I know I need a new passport before I can finish it off but I'm waiting for hairdressers to re-open I look a bit shaggy right now and don't want that look for the next 10 years so maybe they are doing me a favour by not deleting it
  3. So the next question is - thanks to AF-1 for asking the question about cruise personalizer - how do you remove a cancelled cruise (by Princess) from your personalizer and therefore from the MedallionClass. It is really great to know that under normal circumstances I would have 46 days before leaving here to join the ship, but seeing the 46 days is like rubbing salt into a wound
  4. June is less than a month away so it isn't too long but I'd contact Princess (if possible) and ask if they are going to extend FCCs in light of COVID. If enough people do it they may well do it, course they may already be doing it just not letting the world know
  5. Does anyone know how to delete a cancelled (by Princess) cruise off MedallionClass so that the next booked cruise can be seen. I've been trying since the cruise was cancelled including deleting the app and reinstalling with next cruise details but as the cancelled cruise should be first, it replaces the next one. Called Princess and left 3 messages as I was on hold for considerable time - no response, emailed my personal cruise rep but got a message back she was off due to family reasons but someone would be reviewing her emails and get back to me (hasn't happened yet). If anyone has a solution I would love to hear it. I mistaken thought that as it was cancelled by Princess they would delete it but apparently that is beyond their IT capabilities.
  6. Is there any discount for the BSE if Elite and already getting some WiFi as part of being Elite? Thanks Dorothy
  7. Last cruise specialist had been on Princess cruises and he was good, but jumped ship to Hilton so much missed (by me) - having said that I will try again.
  8. Interesting - I was speaking with one of the Princess Cruise Specialists who said can't do it. Going to send this link to them to see that some people have been able to get without cancelling and rebooking. Also noted above that someone mentioned the Princess Insurance which is not available in UK. Used it when I lived in Canada and expected to be able to continue with it over here but similar response to above - different countries have different rules so no insurance (or BSE) according to the specialists initially spoke to. I'll try again tomorrow to see if I can get my regular contact (due back tomorrow after Christmas) to see if she can make it happen - she is the one that said you can only apply one reduction when you see a price drop so I am not convinced it will happen.
  9. In the UK don't expect to get it without cancelling and making a new booking, losing any benefits or price reduction already obtained (course the UK can only get one reduction for the cruise unlike N America where you can ask for as many reductions as seen on the web). When it came out, I tried to apply it to an existing booking saying I had seen it was applicable to the UK on existing bookings and was told that each country had different "rules" and that as such it was cancel (and pay the fee) or not bother to ask. It would be so easy for Princess to have the same "rules" in every country but apparently that is beyond them.
  10. Many thanks to everyone (though really only 2) for the responses. I've been ready to organise excursions since booking but brother (who I cruise with) tends to leave everything to the last minute. Now I've got this issue sorted he has no excuse not to get on with it
  11. I see on the Princess site there is the following message The port authority in St. Petersburg prohibits independent tour operators from entering the port for 90 minutes after a ship docks in St. Petersburg. Guests booked on Princess Cruises Shore Excursions will not be delayed and will be given priority disembarkation. how does this affect anyone taking an independant excursion? Does it mean that non Princess people will be allowed to leave the port and meet independant shore excursion buses or do independant shore excursions make allowance for this? We want to do the 2 day excursion with the Faberge museum which is not offered as a package by Princess. Any help wpuld be appreciated before we book and then find it isn't a possibility
  12. Based on the responses I did think it was still available in North America. I asked as I had lived in Canada for 20+ years and as people had said kept an eye on prices and would asking for a new reduced price - never an issue and always given. Family health has meant that I had to return to the UK but they do not offer if over here. The comment was that it was to meet UK requirements but not a legal requirement (as was put to me when I called Princess UK as a result of being able to get a reduction of £500 this used to be close to $1000 but now with Brexit, and the drop in the pound, it's just over $600 each. As a result the two cruises we have booked will be the last Princess cruises. Had I not lived in North America I, like most other Brits, would not have known of it but I do know and rather then cruise with a line that treats some cruisers differently we will change lines. At least if they do the same not being in Canada any more I won't know. Thanks to everyone that has confirmed what I thought especially as I hadn't seen anything on CC about it (and I'm sure I would have done if it had changed)
  13. Please advise if, in North America especially, you are still able to request a price reduction if you have seen the cruise you have previously booked now advertised at a lower price than when you booked it? Are you now required to cancel the original cruise so losing any deals that were on the original booking? If you do have to cancel the cruise rather than just get the new price applied as usually happened do you have to pay the cancellation cost (even though you are still going on the cruise). Comments would be appreciated. I have seen nothing on CC to say this is the case hence why I am asking
  14. I am in the planning mode for next year's Baltic cruise. We think we have most ports sorted out but want some feedback about a couple of excursions that Princess offer so if anyone has done either of the the following we'd appreciate comments - good or bad. We are no longer concerned about ensuring we see the Little Mermaid on either tour as we are docking at the Langelinie cruise terminal which is within walkin distance but is it the last thing seen before returning to the ship? We'd get off there and walk back if it is (and they let us do it) A Discovery Exclusive - Christiansborg Castle & The Royal Chapel - it sounds like the Little Mermaid is at the start of the tour North Sealand Country & Frederiksborg Castle - I get the impression the Little Mermaid could be at the end of the tour Thanks in advance
  15. Thanks for all the responses and the wonderful news that we are docking close to the Little Mermaid. As someone said seen as how the tours we are looking at aren't long it will give us time to walk to the Little Mermaid at leisure before or after the tour. Thanks again to everyone
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