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  1. From what I read, it looks like it extends the timeframe for bookings to be made by 4 months but the actual expiry date remains the same (April 30 2022). This really doesn't help me much as I would always book several months in advance anyway, and I have no idea when we'll get to be able to cruise again. Oh well, I'm hoping they may extend our actual expiration dates to the end of 2022 which would be a big help.
  2. Sorry to trouble you but wondered if you have any knowledge if cancelling the second person on the reservation before requesting the FCC will result in the FCC being in one name only? My understanding is that FCC's are split between the two names on the account, but this cruise I booked and paid for completely but is for a friend and I, normally I travel with my DH but we were doing this just the two of us together. All other cruises are for me and my DH and so the FCC in my friend's name wouldn't help.
  3. Wow, that is super good to know. I haven't had the time to dig around to see the clauses. Thank you for sharing that so quickly.
  4. I'm sorry you are in limbo but it's quite clear that the measures being taken will be in effect for at least two weeks, the length of time the schools are going to be closed, and it could be longer than that. I am very sorry but I have no hope that a cruise scheduled for 19th March will proceed. I am due to sail on the 14 May on Grandeur but I have no idea if this will go ahead either. I've heard from two sources that the period for the port closure was specified as '2 months' but I can't actually find that anywhere, and on the government documentation it just says 'until the state
  5. Obviously there is no comparison between suite amenities on the all-singing all-dancing ships like Oasis-class and Quantum-class, but being in an Owner's Suite is still a fine experience on other classes of ships. I only have experienced it once, on Rhapsody, but it was a fantastically enjoyable experience. We did do in-room dining from the Main Dining Room menu. You will also enjoy much quicker room service times, generally within a half hour (whereas other cabins may wait 60mins+ for theirs). You can also customise your order and basically they will do what they can (for example,
  6. I'm absolutely confident this wasn't the case in this instance, but also worth noting that we experienced security stationed outside of a cabin where a death had occurred one time; however, it was only for the day when it occurred (not the whole trip). If I'm being perfectly honest, I suspect that they were waiting to remove the body until the ship would be much quieter, and this is why they positioned someone outside of the door. From word around the ship, it was an elderly passenger and the widow continued on the rest of the journey.
  7. I've really enjoyed reading through everyone's comments, and wanted to throw a few more questions into the mix. I sometimes have a sensitive stomach, and eating richly decadent meals day after day can sometimes be overwhelming. I also suffer from acid reflux and sometimes I just need a 'lighter' meal. One of my go-to favourites used to be the salmon with some mashed potatoes which was always on the menu -- however, now it's 'fish of the day' and the 'fish' is not always salmon. Do you think if I asked for salmon, even if that isn't the fish that day, I'd likely be acco
  8. Probably just echoing what others have said but while there are some ships with solo cabins, it's definitely worth double-checking the pricing because these are often much more expensive than they should be, and for a few dollars more you'll find yourself in a cabin almost twice as roomy and with the double-cruise points for your Crown and Anchor account. My father often travels with us but he tends to travel in his own cabin, and this means that he is often after the elusive solo cabin. He generally sees the price for the solo cabin and ends up booking a normal cabin for 2 people, and paying
  9. Yes, absolutely. I have done this many times. Just a consideration, you could do 3 nights and just pay for the lunch separately, as sometimes the lunch pricing is less than the per-meal price that you get with the dining packages. It's worth doing the math and getting the most value out of your options. (It may not be cheaper but still worth checking!) Lunch is not always offered in the specialty restaurants, depends on the ship and whether it's a sea day, but I hope you get a chance to try all the specialty restaurants you want!
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