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  1. Sorry to trouble you but wondered if you have any knowledge if cancelling the second person on the reservation before requesting the FCC will result in the FCC being in one name only? My understanding is that FCC's are split between the two names on the account, but this cruise I booked and paid for completely but is for a friend and I, normally I travel with my DH but we were doing this just the two of us together. All other cruises are for me and my DH and so the FCC in my friend's name wouldn't help.
  2. Wow, that is super good to know. I haven't had the time to dig around to see the clauses. Thank you for sharing that so quickly.
  3. I'm sorry you are in limbo but it's quite clear that the measures being taken will be in effect for at least two weeks, the length of time the schools are going to be closed, and it could be longer than that. I am very sorry but I have no hope that a cruise scheduled for 19th March will proceed. I am due to sail on the 14 May on Grandeur but I have no idea if this will go ahead either. I've heard from two sources that the period for the port closure was specified as '2 months' but I can't actually find that anywhere, and on the government documentation it just says 'until the state of emergency is rescinded'. And who knows what that actually means! I imagine Royal staff are working hard to reach out to impacted customers, in the order in which the sailings will take place... But they also now need to ensure the health and safety of their CURRENT passengers who are actively on board the ship and will need to go through health screenings before they can disembark. So they clearly have a range of priorities. I'm hoping that whatever the decision is, that I can just get my money back at this point. A FCC doesn't really help me when I have two other cruises already booked and who I'd rather move the money to, instead of having to book a third cruise and lose access to my money now. Anyway... I'm following this thread to see if anyone else hears more about what's going on and any compensation/refund options offered. The hold times to call Royal right now are outrageous so I'm not going to spend time doing that just yet.
  4. Obviously there is no comparison between suite amenities on the all-singing all-dancing ships like Oasis-class and Quantum-class, but being in an Owner's Suite is still a fine experience on other classes of ships. I only have experienced it once, on Rhapsody, but it was a fantastically enjoyable experience. We did do in-room dining from the Main Dining Room menu. You will also enjoy much quicker room service times, generally within a half hour (whereas other cabins may wait 60mins+ for theirs). You can also customise your order and basically they will do what they can (for example, we ordered the shrimp risotto, extra shrimp please! And we got 2x the normal portion of shrimp). They have little events for suite-only guests throughout the cruise (usually), like a cocktail hour or even a dinner just for Suite guests. When they did the suite dinner for us, we had food from each of the different specialty restaurants served buffet-style and huge pieces of lobster, etc. It was fantastic. Lots of nice little touches. Cabin staff were literally the best we've ever had. MDR experience was also, literally, the best we've ever had. I actually actively tried not to reveal which cabin we were in because the staff were treating us practically like royalty, and we felt ridiculous at times -- but not going to say that we didn't love the treatment! You also will get on/off the ship must faster than others, particularly if there are tendering tickets needed, as your concierge will deliver you right to where you need to go. They almost always also do some sort of ship tour, either a bridge tour or a galley tour, something like that, and they will leave a card for you to book whichever you prefer. We usually do the bridge tour and enjoy that a lot. Your cabin will be fantastic, as will your bathroom, and you'll probably find little 'treats' in your cabin throughout the week -- we even received a 'piano' shaped chocolate platter one time, it was very interesting! Lots of fresh fruit and danishes were delivered regularly too. I know it's no genie but it certainly was a really enjoyable experience and one we absolutely loved it. Hope you do the same!
  5. I'm absolutely confident this wasn't the case in this instance, but also worth noting that we experienced security stationed outside of a cabin where a death had occurred one time; however, it was only for the day when it occurred (not the whole trip). If I'm being perfectly honest, I suspect that they were waiting to remove the body until the ship would be much quieter, and this is why they positioned someone outside of the door. From word around the ship, it was an elderly passenger and the widow continued on the rest of the journey.
  6. I've really enjoyed reading through everyone's comments, and wanted to throw a few more questions into the mix. I sometimes have a sensitive stomach, and eating richly decadent meals day after day can sometimes be overwhelming. I also suffer from acid reflux and sometimes I just need a 'lighter' meal. One of my go-to favourites used to be the salmon with some mashed potatoes which was always on the menu -- however, now it's 'fish of the day' and the 'fish' is not always salmon. Do you think if I asked for salmon, even if that isn't the fish that day, I'd likely be accommodated? I also sometimes crave something really basic like macaroni and cheese, something I imagine would be part of the kids menu but really I have no idea -- does anyone know more about the kids menu offerings or whether or not mac and cheese is ever served in the MDR? I appreciate your responses, and I'm sorry if these are stupid questions. We try to be as easy going as possible and stick to the menu, but I do also sometimes find myself struggling to find a dish that will settle my stomach vs unsettle it!
  7. Probably just echoing what others have said but while there are some ships with solo cabins, it's definitely worth double-checking the pricing because these are often much more expensive than they should be, and for a few dollars more you'll find yourself in a cabin almost twice as roomy and with the double-cruise points for your Crown and Anchor account. My father often travels with us but he tends to travel in his own cabin, and this means that he is often after the elusive solo cabin. He generally sees the price for the solo cabin and ends up booking a normal cabin for 2 people, and paying the slight upcharge, because the solo cabins have terrible pricing. He did book a solo cabin on Symphony but, like another poster noted, once they decided not to build those cabins they moved him to another cabin (ended up being a central park view room, it was very nice!). We did get a GREAT price on Radiance for our Alaskan cruise next year, a truly 'solo cabin' price and also a very roomy one. It was definitely a bargain and I'm a little jealous he got such a great deal when I see the price we're paying for our cabin! So, recap: Yes, solo cabins are out there, but you're often better off in a regular cabin.
  8. Yes, absolutely. I have done this many times. Just a consideration, you could do 3 nights and just pay for the lunch separately, as sometimes the lunch pricing is less than the per-meal price that you get with the dining packages. It's worth doing the math and getting the most value out of your options. (It may not be cheaper but still worth checking!) Lunch is not always offered in the specialty restaurants, depends on the ship and whether it's a sea day, but I hope you get a chance to try all the specialty restaurants you want!
  9. Agree that hot rocks cooking is great, but if OP is looking for a 'hibachi' experience, the hot rocks will definitely disappoint. But easily some of the most delicious food, I love getting the seafood hot rocks! (And all of the signature rolls, too!)
  10. Every time we have sailed in a Junior Suite, our print out for the port ('SetSail Pass') has designated us as 'SUITE' category. We have always been pointed to the 'Suite' queue. This includes Grandeur out of Baltimore in December 2017.
  11. I'm a total novice when it comes to hair colouring, so I'm sorry if this isn't as useful as some of the other posts. I decided to get my hair highlighted during our transpacific cruise (18-nighter) this spring. I hadn't dyed my hair in 20 years so I had NO idea what I was doing, I don't know what the processes involved are, etc. I was on Radiance of the Seas, so I can only comment on that ships service. I had my hair cut and highlighted, I have pretty long hair, price felt over the top, over $300 for the cut and highlighting but I have no experience (although friends have told me I paid way too much). I'm afraid I'm not sure which hair dye brand it was they used. I had red and blonde highlights put in (well, lighter than my brunette hair, not quite blonde). The red dye still bleeds from my hair even now, 3 months after the fact, even though I take temperate showers and use the (very expensive) colour protect hair care products they sold me. For the first MONTH the hair dye bled constantly, ruining towels and bedding. The girl spent about 5 minutes rinsing out the dye (from my very long, thick hair) so I know she didn't do enough with it. Ultimately, most of my hair is now at least tinged slightly with the red dye, because it bled so much. She also gave me 0 advice on how to maintain the colouring (I didn't know hot showers were a no-no at the start so part of the bleeding into the rest of my hair was caused from the start, though I quickly Googled it and learned about proper hair care procedures). It's also worth noting I told her about 10 times I hadn't had my hair dyed since I was a kid so had no idea what to do, and needed advice on maintenance. Personally I was super disappointed by the overall process and price, but I do love my new hair style. If you're a regular at these things, you'll probably have a better experience (as you'll know what to do and how things work) but be aware it's very overpriced. (But convenient if you have nothing else to do during a day at sea!)
  12. Same travel protections which all European travelers get -- you are probably most familiar with the rights passengers have when flying, ie. delays lead to compensation, cancellations lead to both compensation, new flights (at no cost) and hotel stays etc where appropriate. They also have to comply with ATOL protection standards (you always hear that quip when you see adverts for travel, 'Suchandsuch is an ATOL protected company'). Simply put, 'It ensures that you don't lose the money you paid out or become stranded abroad if your travel company collapses.' All of these regulations cost money to the cruise carriers, hence pricing in the UK is more expensive. Because we carry good travel insurance, and because I'm a US citizen and still have a US address I can use, we generally book our cruises via the US. Also worth mentioning that, for seemingly no rhyme or reason, sailing out of the UK specifically seems to be the most insanely priced cruise options. We now tend to fly down to Barcelona (2 hours on the plane, Barcelona port and airport are absolutely fantastic, quick and easy to use etc) to catch any Med cruises we want to do, saves us a ton of money and we get to avoid the channel crossing which tends to be rougher seas anyway!
  13. Generally speaking we have had no problems bringing food on board; however, when we sailed out of Tampa, for whatever reason one of the security agents at the terminal refused to let us bring any 'opened' snacks. We'd started in on a pack of Wheat Thins and had to throw it out, even though we'd resealed it in the box. Anyway, just something else to be aware of. It had never been a problem before, but we are careful now to only bring sealed food items on board.
  14. Actually, the first half of this is completely incorrect -- safe (good) sushi actually requires the fish to have been frozen to a certain temperature to ensure all of the parasites have died: freezing fish at temperatures of -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius) for seven days, or frozen at -31 degrees Fahrenheit (-35 degrees Celsius) for 15 hours, which kills any parasites Furthermore, it's worth noting that almost ALL of the sushi rolls served at Izumi (not including the sashimi/nigiri which is a different type of sushi) are cooked in one form or another -- from rolls with tempura shrimp, to unagi (eel that's been grilled) to smoked salmon (smoking it is a form of cooking). It's all been cooked! Lobster roll, the steak roll, the spider roll (soft-shell crab) -- all cooked!! We were on Radiance in April/May and we were able to dine on the a la carte whenever it was open. And I can confirm, the sushi at Izumi is delicious!
  15. Just to go back to the original post -- We hit 175 cruise points on our cruise last October. As soon as the cruise points posted to our Crown and Anchor account, it reflected that we were Diamond Plus. So that confirms you can have exactly 175 points and be confirmed Diamond Plus. Benefits for D+ kick in at your next sailing. We are 34 now, DH turned 34 during the cruise where we hit D+ status. I started sailing at 21 but the bulk of our points have been accrued since 2012, when my DH and I started cruising together. We don't tend to get odd looks for going in lounges (which we rarely do anyway) but in general we tend to be some of the youngest passengers on the ship (if you don't count children), as we tend to pick longer cruise itineraries. It's never been a problem for us before but I'd happily show anyone my seapass card if challenged which clearly states my C&A tier!!
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