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  1. Opening bookings on 4/21/21, and confirmed the atrium and restaurant renderings which have already been posted here.
  2. That's very kind, thank you 🙂 I likely watched your YouTube video before making mine, so thank YOU for helping me choose this cabin!
  3. I can't wait to get to Iceland! I am going on the Star in 2022. Doing a 32 day voyage. Starting in Reykjavik, hitting Greenland, other ports in Iceland multiple times, rounding the UK, and hitting Norway before returning to Reykjavik. My dates are 7/25/22. 8/4/22 and 8/14/22. Reading through all the suggestions above is making me very excited to go! Keep them coming! Robbie
  4. LATREW = the promo code that adds your internet minutes/any onboard bonuses that comes with your latitudes status. This promo code does not give you any extra points. LATITUDE, on the other hand, is the promo code that gives you the extra point per night for Latitudes cruises.
  5. Yes it has the bed that comes from the ceiling. I much prefer the forward facing view than the side view. There are windows in the class that can be opened if you'd like fresh air. You can also request padded loungers to be put on the balcony, which you can't get on the other balconies. It's quite nice!
  6. Keep the status we had before April 1, 2020... or only keep what we accumulated up until shutdown? I had a cruise the end of March that would have pushed me back into Ruby.... if not, I'll be Sapphire.
  7. That's the video I took of it! So funny! Yes, 16001 is my favorite cabin on the Epic... it's the biggest of the 2 Bedrooms. 17001 is similar, but a tiny bit smaller. The solarium is A/C. No lighting restrictions since the cabin is above the bridge, but if it were a deck or two below, there would be. Robbie
  8. Although the Latitudes status does not transfer, your Casino Status (if you have one) does carry between all lines are all Casinos At Sea. So if you are Ruby on NCL, you will also be Ruby on Oceania and Regent.
  9. The Norwegian Escape was known as Project Seahawk before being officially named as Norwegian Escape.
  10. Many congratulations to you... if that's what you were looking for 🤣🤣
  11. Sometimes people would rather take one nice Haven trip vs 50 interior trips. Different folks, different strokes. Your comments just show what kind of person you are. I agree with you. I hope this post has given you some kind of help with choosing your vacation. My post and view on the subject is just a few back. I have the unpopular opinion, but take it with a grain of salt. I cruising to Alaska in the Haven last year and by far one of the best I've done. Being in the Haven takes nothing away from Alaska what-so-ever. You enjoy your vacation how YOU want! Sit in that bea
  12. Hahah, yes. Given she was based in NYC for 5 years straight... it was easy 😜
  13. Beautiful! The Shore Excursion credit is $50 per port and you can also upgrade the internet package you get with the FAS to unlimited for like $80 bucks usually. May be worth it if you are a big internet user like me? 🙂
  14. I have the totally unpopular opinion, so let me explain my reasoning. Yes - Glacier Bay is extremely gorgeous... but, out of the two above, I would pick the one that goes to Endicott Arm/Dawes Glacier (Bliss). I much prefer the half day in Juneau, and the half day visiting the Arm vs a day in Glacier Bay. Plus - this specific itinerary offers one of the #1 Alaskan Shore Excursions that broke the charts for the past years. (I just did it again on the Joy last year). It's called Endicott Arm Fjord and Glacier Explorer. You get on the smaller vessel in Juneau about 30 minutes before
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