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  1. >>Personally I have not noted any particular change in the quality of excursions offered since the take over of Regent by NCLH. On our cruises this year most excursions were good; some were exceptional; the odd one was below par. i.e about the same experiences as before NCLH ownership.<< I agree with Susan (flossie): the excursions have not changed since NCLH ownership
  2. Carlylecat, I'm glad it worked! And you're welcome! Peggy
  3. Serene Spa & Wellness™ up to 60 days prior to cruise, by calling 1.877.718.4244 or sending an email to SereneSpa@rssc.com I have n clue if this works but if someone tries it, let us know!
  4. Marcia, That was the way it was last WC. I have not heard that anything has changed. Someone on board one of the ships now can check. Peggy
  5. Sandy, It sounds as if it has to do with all the things which went on in dry dock. Peggy
  6. Judi, I hope you reported the "whistle" to Reception . . . . I'm glad to hear that the blue lights are doing a good job! Thanks for your feed-back. Peggy
  7. Aunty Jan, Once you've made your choices, you can call Regent and get them to book the tours you've picked. This works well and is far simpler that trying to do it on line. Peggy
  8. Wendy, I check my bank and credit cards almost daily on WC and have not had problems - occasionally there are days when the internet is down but it has never been a long-term issue. Peggy
  9. Jim/Karen, I knew the columns were not changeable but thought I'd heard the stairs were getting something done - guess I was wrong! Thanks! 9 days! Peggy
  10. Sandy, The staircase I was interested in is the one outside the main/front entry of Compass Rose, not the ones near the back elevator. I'm sorry I wasn't clear about that. It's not important - I'll see everything in just over a week! Enjoy and I'll see you soon. Peggy
  11. smbblack, refundable/non-refundable credit: ask at Reception. Peggy
  12. Thanks Marc . . . I've had the same thing happen but never knew it had a name. You learn something every day! Peggy
  13. mrlevin What is "priority disembarkation"? I've never heard of it? Peggy
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