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  1. Thanks Keith, I hope to see some of the familiar faces soon! Peggy
  2. More details https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/environmental-health/cdc-offers-two-pathways-us-cruising-depending-vaccination-here-are-details?NL=ST-002&Issue=ST-002_20210429_ST-002_538&sfvc4enews=42&cl=article_1_b&utm_campaign=STRADE_News_Seatrade Cruise News Breaking Headlines_News_NL_04292021_1840&utm_emailname=STRADE_News_Seatrade Cruise News Breaking Headlines_News_NL_04292021_1840&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua&utm_MDMContactID=68476426-ffbe-4286-87ff-a094cf9f0149&utm_campaigntype=Newsletter&utm_sub=Seatrade Cruise News Breaking Headi
  3. I saw this on line . . .Peggy https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/29/cdc-says-its-committed-to-us-cruise-industry-resuming-operations-by-mid-summer.html
  4. So what do we need to apply for the Bahamian Travel Visa? And how long before we're actually arriving can it be done? Peggy
  5. Keith, Where do I find the Future Cruise Sticky thread? TIA, Peggy
  6. Crystal will do it on the Serenity.
  7. Nyloc, So much good advice - thank you! A couple of questions: I heard that there are two ports in Nassau. I know about the one down town - off Bay Street - which might be under construction. Is it? And where is the second one and - more important - which one will the Serenity be sailing from? TIA . . ..Peggy
  8. Nyloc, The last time I was on Eleuthera, I flew back to New York on Pan Am. I guess that dates me! Looking forward to returning! Peggy
  9. Crystal Serenity is doing sixteen 7-day trips in the Bahamas, starting July 3rd, boarding in either Nassau on Saturday or Bimini on Sunday. The ship stops in Harbour Island, Great Exuma, San Salvador and Long Island before it returns to Nassau. Peggy
  10. Royal Caribbean will be in Nassau on Saturdays. Peggy
  11. BSR, Or you can ask at the front desk - they'll check re: refundable credit. And answer any question you have. Peggy
  12. Be sure to discuss this with Regent - and/or your Travel Agent - before you get on a ship. Peggy
  13. I've been on ships that didn't go into a port but the authorities came out and boarded the ship. I was talking about the Alaska cruises . . . Peggy
  14. Could the ships sail from/to Seattle and do a technical stop in Canada to comply? Peggy
  15. "sisters" and "singles" . . .thanks Sandy and Carolyn and all: thanks! Peggy🛳️🌍❤️
  16. Karen, I'm 99% sure that there is a laundry line in every cabins - shower-only and tub/shower. Peggy
  17. And there is the issue of the Singles on board - we're probably not traveling with family and our 'travel group" may have only joined when we board. Regent - in the past - has handled Singles so well. Peggy
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