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  1. Our choice of excursions in Weissenkirchen would be either : A Highlights of Durnstein and Melk Abbey or B Wissenkirchen walking tour and Melk Abbey.Which is better? Our choice in Passat is A. City of Three Rivers walking tour or B Passat Castle Hike- which is better. Can anyone make a recommendation for Lintz excursions. I really would like to see Cesky Krumlov in the afternoon, which means I cannot take full day Saltzburg excursion and must do UNESCO City of Media Arts tour. Has anyone done these to compare?
  2. Does anyone know the river levels on the Danube from Budapest to Vishlolsen? It seems to be very hot in Europe and expected to get hotter. How would this affect AMA Amalea on a late July cruise?
  3. AMA has asked us to select tours listed below- which ones do you think are best? #1. In Budapest- Queen of the Danube Tour or Castle Hill Hike? Please note we will be in Budapest for 3 nights prior to embarcation on the amalea #2. Bratislava-Morning Coronation City Walking Tour or Bratislava Castle Hike #3. Vienna- Morning- Highlights of Durnstein and Melk Abbey, or Durnstein Fortress Hike, or Weissenkirchen Walking tour and Melk abbey. #3. Vienna - afternoon- Castle visit with private reception #4. Lintz- morning- Unesco City of Media Arts walking Tour or Cultural Mile Bike tour or, Full day Salzburg excursion, #4. Lintz - afternoon- Cesky Krumlov Excursion, Austrian Lake District Excursion, or Half day Salzburg excusion. Too bad we cant to the half day Salzburg in the am and Cesky Krumlov in the pm- That's what I would do if it was available. #5 Passau- morning- City of 3 Rivers walking tour or Passau castle hike #5 Passau- evening- Octoberfest Celebration.
  4. Can anyone comment on the AMA Amalea trip “Melodies of the Danube” on which of the excursions you would recommend?
  5. On the AMA Amalea cruise from Budapest to Vilshofen, we have an included 2 nights in Prague with a one day “Golden City of a Hundred Spires” tour included. Does anyone know what is included in this tour (through AMA) and since we are staying on our own for an additional day- what other tour would anyone suggest to book with a private tour operator to compliment the “Spires” tour so not to overlap. We are open to see Czeky Krumlov or Terezin. But with only one day “on our own” we want to make the best of that day before leaving the following day.
  6. I will be on the AMA Amalea for the Melodies of the Danube Cruise in July starting in Budapest. I have 2 questions maybe one of you can answer: 1. We will be in Budapest for 3 days prior to boarding on the Amalea. I have hired a guide to take me around Budapest for one day and a full day Danube Bend tour the following day. What sites did the ship excursion focus on that I do not want to duplicate with the private tour? 2. What is the best day to plan the Chef’s Table on this particular Cruise?
  7. Thanks so much. I feared that I threw 900 dollars out the window since we will not spend that much time inside the cabin. But having the increase in room size (not sure how much of this space is the actual outside balcony vs. inside cabin space)plus the balcony and window will be appreciated. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. We are doing the same Danube trip Melodies of the Danube with AMAlea. Any difference between the BB and the CA categories as the BB gives more room and a double balcony for 900 more per cabin? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. We have deposited for a “Melodies of the Danube” cruise on the AMA AMAlea for July of 2019. We had to decide between the “double balcony “ BB category or the single window category CA. The $900 total difference between the 2 categories was not that much concern to book the larger/ balcony cabin. There were no CA category cabins in the top desk( even over 1 year in advance!) so we took the BB cabin on the second deck. Was this a mistake? Sent from my iPad using Forums
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