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  1. Haha!!!! I can’t imagine putting ketchup on a great piece of steak.
  2. I’m wondering if this is fairly new. I don’t remember being charged a few years back. I suppose if no one complains they can charge for a lot more.
  3. I was listening to a podcast and a cruiser mentioned that in Cagney’s there was an upcharge if he wanted a gravy on his steak? Is this true? Is it something new?
  4. When we did gty we requested a neighborhood balcony and preferably CP. We got deck 12 middle of CP. Our balcony was great. We always had ocean view balconies but decided to try something new. I never thought I would like it. I loved it. I enjoy people watching now instead of starring at the ocean.
  5. I do believe a spacious balcony room is a room that is slightly bigger. The balcony is usually slightly smaller.
  6. I never thought about the fact that the cost of a cruise to Bermuda is based on supply and demand. It’s not a year round port of call. I have cruised to Bermuda in the fall many times, in the summer once, and in the spring once. I definitely like the fall weather the best. I have vacationed on Bermuda twice for a week and found it to be equivalent to a cruise as far as expenses go. Airbnb’s are reasonable and with kitchens or bbq grills we saved money food wise. I guess what I’m saying is because the cruise is kind of high I found I could stay for a week in paradise instead of 2 1/2 days for close to the same price.
  7. Can anyone tell me why cruises to Bermuda seem a lot more expensive than cruises to the Caribbean?
  8. Grandma Petania you are so right about the CP balconies. We never felt like we were being observed by the people across from us. We also loved having breakfast on our balcony while watching Central Park come to life for the day and in the evening listening to music while having a cocktail on our balcony. The lights at night were magical.
  9. I sailed for the first time on an Oasis class ship about a month ago. I must admit I was very leary about sailing on a ship so large. Always sailed Freedom or Voyager class. I always had an ocean balcony but decided to do Central Park balcony. I absolutely loved it. I loved everything about the Allure. It never felt crowded even though it was sold out. The entertainment was so professional. The food in the MDR was delicious as was the food no matter where we ate. I guess I was surprised that I liked the cruise so much. I’m so glad I decided to take that cruise. 💙💙
  10. Why do you have to be so negative? You seem more upset about it than the OP
  11. Thank you. My daughter was wondering if she would have to tell the taxi driver since Explorer hasn’t been at the Miami port for awhile. I told her cruise critic will know.👍
  12. How can I find out which pier Explorer will dock at when she arrives in Miami on Tuesday?
  13. Thank you for your input. I know the wine isn’t worth what they are charging. The tray is hard to judge because I only have a picture. Never seen it otherwise. Just the tray is $25. I’m looking to have it delivered to my daughter and her husband’s cabin next week. I would like to send them something.
  14. Has anyone ever ordered the cheese tray and bottle of wine on the RCL website for their cabin or as a gift for a cruiser? If so what was it like? The pictures make the tray look skimpy and not sure about the wine.
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