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  1. I was thinking of having lunch at Giovanni’s. Don’t care for Johnny Rockets
  2. We have a Central Park balcony on Allure and with it we receive a free lunch. Not sure how it works. Do we just show up at the restaurant when we want or do we make reservations ?
  3. I love O’Sheehans on NLC. It’s a pub with free bar food. I don’t understand why RCI has not had a pub like that yet. But then RCI has other great places to eat. It would be nice to have both
  4. We got our cabin assigned on Allure 30days before cruise
  5. I loved docking in Hamilton but there is no ferry from Hamilton to St George. The dockyard has a ferries to Hamilton and St George
  6. Actually in the summer I wear white a lot. I don’t think it’s silly at all.
  7. Does RCI have a white party celebration? I know I have been to a few but because we have sailed on other cruise lines I’m not sure which one has the white party.
  8. I remember when winning a key chain was coveted. We still have ours. I personally think the reward for the young man was in the hunt and the win. Sounds like fun to me. Some rewards are not tangible.
  9. I received my obc for the visa credit card and my balcony gty cabin assignment. No more waiting. I know it should be good news but I kind of liked waiting for the unknown. My cruise is September 29th
  10. Thank you for your words of wisdom. They always seem to make sense. 👍
  11. Haha. I know what you mean. Their sales aren’t always real sales. As a matter of fact they rarely are sales.
  12. Nordic Prince was the first cruise we ever took. I have such fond memories of that cruise out of New York to Bermuda.
  13. I’m sure this has been asked but can’t seem to find it in search with my cell. Will there be a big sale this weekend on excursions, internet, drink packages? I finally got my visa obc to spend. Thought I might wait till tomorrow to see if there are some bargains
  14. It says to wear something over your bathing suit but it also recommends long pants. Also close toed shoes. I understand all of these suggestions but when we go in the water everything will get soaked. Sneakers seem like the right shoe but there must be something else we can wear on our feet. I really don’t want my sneakers getting soaked. Any suggestions? Maybe someone who has done this before
  15. There use to be a different drink of the day every day and was usually a few dollars cheaper than a regular mixed drink. Are they still offered? It use to be posted on the daily compass but I have not seen it on any of the compasses posted.
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