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  1. This cruise with double points will put us at Diamond, but we will be Emerald coming in... I am just trying to figure out when we will be purchasing out of pocket - sounds like at CocoCay and during the day at the pool (unless we want to go in CK and grab a beer/wine). Dinner drinks will be covered if we eat at CK until 8 or 9? So, maybe few drinks at the shows.... doesn't sound like it's worth $950 drink package unless we hit it really hard at CocoCay! haha...
  2. We are booked for a 2-bedroom suite (deck 9) over Thanksgiving on Oasis. Debating on the drink package.... we have always purchased the package for adults and teens/kids as they enjoy getting their own soda freestyle cup and virgin daquiris. This is our first time in a suite.... sounds like we have access to drinks for adults in the evening in the suite lounge and possibly at the pool? Can someone fill me in on where/when we can get drinks and whether drink package makes sense in a suite... It's $950 for 2 adults right now our week! yikes!!! We do plan to eat most our meals in Coastal Kitc
  3. And that's part of the concern also. I do enjoy a craft beer or two, but for drinking by the pool during the day I was hoping for buckets of miller lights. It's really odd that they wouldn't have a light beer offering. I am coming up with nothing, not even Heineken light...haha!
  4. I think we have successfully reviewed all the drink menus posted recently. But, I am not seeing much selection when it comes to light beer - No Miller Light, Bud Light, or Corona Light. Not that it's a make or break, but we drink quite a bit of Miller Light on our cruises. I also don't see Truly/white claw options either. I am hoping there are some lighter options offered at the pool bars and we just haven't seen pics yet. Am I going to have to convert to Heineken this cruise? #firstworldproblems
  5. Thanks for the info! We have 9 and 14 year old boys. Sounds like a good place to check out, but stick to the other side of the pier for snorkeling. Thanks!
  6. We are going to be in Grand Turk on Spring Break. Thinking about heading down to the beached whale.. I see lots of reviews on the food, but not many on the beach area. Can my kids snorkel there? Super rocky? Anyone have pictures? Thanks!!!!
  7. Love the review, definitely a good resource for those that are debating! We flip back and forth between Royal and Carnival. We just did the Symphony in Nov and planning a trip on the Breeze in April! Couple of things not mentioned - the "fun factor", Carnival wins HANDS DOWN. We showed up to the sail away party on Royal to a crowd of 10 and super boring. Carnival sail away parties and pool deck dance parties are not to be missed! The cruise directors make such a bigger impact on Carnival with the fun factor. I don't even know the cruise directors on Royal, they
  8. They did have a specialty dining package you could purchase for $60 which included the steakhouse and two of the following: Ji Ji's, Cucina, or a $15 voucher at Bonsai Sushi or Guy's BBQ. Normal price would be $68. They also had a lesser advertised package for three $15 vouchers for $38 that could be redeemed at Cucina, Ji Ji, Guy's, Bonsai, or Seafood Shack. Okay, this is great info! We are on the Breeze in 60 days and I am curious to see if they offer the same package. I do not see it online, must be only offered on the ship. We loved the Horizon, sailed her in No
  9. Great, good to know!!! that would be the only time I probably will let them spend money in the arcade.
  10. Looking at past fun times for our upcoming cruise and it appears that they offer a "power hour" in the arcade on night 1. Does anyone know what this means? It has the ($) next to it, so I assume it is discounted arcade games and not free. Thanks!!!
  11. On the Horizon last year and planning for Breeze this spring break with kids. We just did the Symphony over Thanksgiving (Oasis class), so we are in the same "boat" as you all.... My kids LOVE the sail away parties on Carnival. They are not to be missed. Last week on Symphony, the sail away had 20 people and it was lame. We missed the Carnival sailaway. Lots of line dancing and limbo for the kids. They still talk about it. I also remember a Dr. Seuss parade and singalong on day 1-2 that my kids loved. They hold signs and parade through the lounge and end in the
  12. I believe it is included in the unlimited dining package, right? It's part of the reason we are upgrading from the 3 night to the unlimited. For $75 more you get playmakers ($35 credit pp) and hibachi.
  13. I always look forward to your reviews, and they have been super helpful on previous trips! We did the Freedom in 2018 and loved the ship, the Freedom class is my absolute favorite of the Royal ships. We started booking more Carnival and MSC cruises because our family outgrew the royal rooms and my kids no longer willingly shared the double sofa bed. I was so excited to see your pics of the ultra spacious room. I showed my husband last night. Good to know that we have some options!!! Thanks so much for the info 🙂
  14. The last couple of times we visited Labadee, they had Corona jeeps coming around with drinks. Does anyone know if they have bar service like this at coco cay? Or only at the bar? I love having drinks brought to me in my seat without having to wait in line at the bar.... definitely got spoiled at Labadee! 🙂
  15. We ate dinner there on the Horizon last fall. Very good meal with a live band. Not crowded at all. I think our bill was $20-$30 for 4 of us. It was fairly reasonably priced. We enjoyed the pulled pork and sides. I would recommend doing it at least once on your cruise!
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