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  1. Art Mel's had a very convenient location in St. George's last time we were in Bermuda. I'm told that location has closed. Such a shame. Sandwiches are to die for. Would recommend highly.
  2. I hate to disagree but the chip is NOT activated until the cup is used for the first time. If the cup was never used, it should work on a different ship. On our Freedom Christmas cruise my wife and I bought the packages but we used an unopened cup for my step daughter from a previous Oasis cruise. Worked fine.
  3. Just 2 thoughts about posts in this thread. 1. We did a Christmas 2018 cruise on Freedom and had a great time (except for my son's fractured ankle in Aruba). We had an aft balcony and the balcony was huge. The ship was clean and in fine shape. We also ate in the MDR each night. The food and the staff was excellent. Great Christmas dinner (Beef wellington, turkey with all the trimmings and many more choices). The ship has a lot of the bells and whistles (flow rider, ice skating, rock wall, mini golf). Would recommend her highly. 2. We flew Jet Blue JFK-SJU. On time and comfortable. Was the best pricing we could get.
  4. We had 7708 on our Christmas Freedom cruise. Huge balcony. 4 chairs, 2 loungers and a table. Some sun but always had some shade.
  5. We had the same issue with our son's passport on our Christmas Southern Caribbean cruise on Freedom. His passport expires this month (February) and we had no problem using it for the cruise. The 6 month requirement is if you are leaving the ship on one of the islands (emergency, medical issue, etc.). He only needed his passport to check in and to return through customs and immigration. No problem whatsoever. Wait till you get back.
  6. We used Uber from the Hyatt House to the Pan American pier for our Christmas Freedom cruise. Easy peasy. No problem.
  7. We were able to use an unused (aka unactivated) soda cup from Feb 2018 Oasis cruise on our December Freedom cruis.
  8. We never made it to the Shipwreck on our Christmas Freedom cruise. My 12 y/o son fractured his ankle in Aruba 2 days previous. We spent our morning in St. Kitts at the orthopedic surgeon getting his ankle casted. I guesss the only saving grace was that the day was kinda showery.
  9. I agree 43. It's my vacation and I'm there to enjoy MYSELF. Others may have different ways of enjoying their vacation. Who is to say what is "right." All I know is that I don't have time to check each corner for dust or rust or to see how long an elevator takes to arrive. And I've never left a cruise meal hungry.
  10. Our only cruise out of Puerto Rico was Jewel two years ago. We experienced none of the problems that the OP outlined. Prior to our cruise all the reviews we read about departing San Juan urged "USE A PORTER." I can't stress tt more. It is the best $$$ spent on the cruise. We are on Freedom Sunday out of San Juan and will see which cruise shows up.
  11. Marriott turned us down at the Renaissance Curacao and the Marriott St. Kitts for day passes for our Christmas Freedom cruise. I have been loyal to Marriott for many years and have been Platinum in their rewards program. Still no dice. I guess me supporting Marriott is OK but them supporting me in return doesn't seem to be in their play book. I moved my pre cruise hotel to Hyatt in San Juan. Am I expecting too much from Marriott?
  12. Same $15 deal for the Refreshment package on our Freedom Christmas cruise on Black Friday.
  13. I am not much of a gambler and I used a Casino Royal voucher for $100 OBC on our Freedom Christmas cruise. Dumb question, is the OBC all you get or is there something more for using the voucher (status, benefits)?
  14. Thanks Brational. Looking forward to it on the 29th.
  15. There was a post 12/6 on their Facebook page announcing an event for 12/8 so they were still open this weekend.
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