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  1. I used the 50K reward twice with no problems, latest was on an Empress cruise that was supposed to start on Monday (7/6). Of course the cruise has been cancelled. Do I get myVegas points back or are the gone with the wind just like my trip insurance?
  2. Speaking of myVegas rewards, what happens to the reward/points when RCCL cancels a cruise?
  3. I guess I have no complaint yet at 40 days.
  4. I tried to L&S our 7/6/20 7 day Empress New England/Canada cruise to a 7/5/21 Empress 7 day Bermuda cruise and was told NO. Cruise had to be to the same region. Now the decision becomes 1) L&S to the 7/19/21 New England/Canada cruise, 2) take the 125% FCC and book the Bermuda cruise (probably an additional $500) or 3) take the refund. At least I have till June 10 to decide.
  5. We have an 7 day Empress cruise July 6 to New England and Canada. Can I lift and switch to an 8 day Bermuda cruise on the Empress July 2021?
  6. We are booked on a July 6 Empress cruise from Cape Liberty to New England/Canada. First of all, Canada ports are closed to cruise ships till 7/1. This could easily be extended. Second, what port would want a ship full of passengers from the NYC metro area to stop at their port. Based on the NY/NJ situation, way too dangerous.
  7. Same cabins on 8 and 9 are larger. 7664, 8664 and 9664 all have a second window. There are videos on YouTube.
  8. Empress 7/6 to New England/Canada DBP still $55.
  9. That's a weird time for the class, Usually it's 10 or 11 am on a sea day,
  10. Beware. The last time I looked at the Halifax HOHO bus web site it indicated they were skipping the Titanic cemetery due to road construction. I'd check it again before I purchased tickets.
  11. Did the class previously on Empress with my 12 y/o son. We both had fun and enjoyed it a lot. We needed my wife's help to eat all the sushi the two of us made. Worth doing and we are considering doing it again on our July cruise.
  12. We cruised to Cuba (I know lucky us) on Empress two years ago. The ship was much more casual than our previous cruises. Formal nights (I guess now known as Dress Your Best) were the full array of dress with very little in the way of "formal" wear. We are doing New England/Canada in July and are planning on "smart casual" for formal nights. Might even bring a tie!
  13. Easily is the key word. You'll probably make it but I'd try for a 1 pm flight.
  14. Agree about the shoe bag except we hang it on the inside of the bathroom door.
  15. We were on Empress 2 years ago to Cuba. As I recall the ship was much more casual than most. They might call it formal (or dress your best) but it looked like any other nigh in the MDR. IU agree with Merion Mom, whatever makes you happy will be OK.
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