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  1. You're trying to make an analogy for parking and I come out of left field with stale piuzza.
  2. But doesn't the pizza get stale over the course of the cruise?
  3. We will have the multi ship problem in early July before Summit leaves. We are on Empress leaving 7/6/20. Adventure leaves 7/1. Oasis on 7/4, Summit on 7/5 and Empress 7/6.
  4. On our Christmas 2018 Freedom cruise we had 2 formal days. Day 2 (Christmas Eve) and Day 6. We also decided to dress up (jacket and tie, etc.) on Christmas Day. RCCL offered dinner in the specialty restaurants on Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve for a fee of $75. It seemed to be the normal menu with champagne added. We chose Christmas Dinner in the MDFR and were not disappointed. There was a regular MDR menu (onion soup, escargots, Caesar salad, shrimp cocktail, lamb shank, pappardelle, cod and the usual deserts). To this they added some specials for Christmas (fried brie, butternut squash soup, roast turkey, beef wellington, ham and 2 holiday deserts). In our opinion, no need to spend the extra money.
  5. The only real reason to consider it for our Empress cruise is the two tender ports. The Chops lunch, departure breakfast and Vroom for all of us are nice to haves (versus gotta haves). But so is the $535 we'd have to pay for the Key. That would pay for our gratuities. The more I think about it, the more I agree with you brillohead. Thank for the touch of sanity (and reality).
  6. In then spirit of full disclosure, I have NOT read all 123 pages of this thread. But I do have 2 questions about the Key. 1. We are cruising to New England/Canada on Empress next July. We have 2 tender ports and am considering the Key for this reason. But the downside I see is that Empress has only 1 entertainment venue (the main theatre) and only one onboard "activity (rock climbing). We normally get a single vroom and share it among the three of us. So at $25pp per day it would cost us $525 for the cruise. So the question is has anyone gotten the Key on Empress and did they get their money's worth? 2. I've seen a price of $20 in reviews. Is that the best price anyone has seen? Thanks.
  7. We are booked for a July 2020 cruise to New England/Canada on Empress. I love lobster but I will be looking for clam rolls. I love the New England whole belly fried clams. Down here on Long Island we have the old fashioned Howard Johnson's clam strips. Not the same.
  8. Appetizer (I know you didn't ask): Escargots any and every night they have them. Entrée : Rosemary Lamb shank, Prime rib Desert: Most often a chocolate brownie sundae off the kids menu, And a bonus suggestion: Ask for savory bites night 1 and they should be there every night.
  9. Looks like no second window on the x164 side. Oh well, we'll have to settle for the extra space and bed.
  10. John, hope 8164 is the mirror image of 8664. Have that cabin on Empress next July for our New England/Canada cruise
  11. It seems like 7164 and 7664 (and their corresponding cabins on decks 8 and 9) have an alcove with a third bed that makes the cabin a little larger. They are all outside view.
  12. OK, 2 thoughts. First we (my wife, 12 y/o son and I) cruised to Cuba on Empress 2 years ago. We had stateroom 8000 (approximately 135 sq. ft.) and did fine. Suitcases under the beds gave us plenty of storage room (closet and drawers). We also hung a shoe caddy on the back of the bathroom door for extra storage. My son was fine in the Pullman. The only problem was the hanging Pullman. We had the beds together and it made it difficult to get out of bed at night. If I were to do it again, I think I would separate the beds for ease of access. The view was forward and there was a viewing area outside in front of the cabin. Certainly would recommend. Second, we are cruising Empress again next July to New England and Canada. I had booked cabin 8500 but after reading this thread, I decided to switch to 8164. I am intrigued by the alcove and the third non-Pullman bed. No change in price. Still close enough to go out on the forward viewing area on deck 8. We shall see how it goes.
  13. I believe that brunch is served every sea day. Not sure about port days. I think they may do it on late arrival port days. A more recent Empress cruiser can provide more current info.
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