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  1. Thanks! I figured that was the case. I hope they don't go up too much but the longer they're out of service, the more money they'll need to make up.
  2. I have my first cruise on NCL coming up. I saw that they're offering refunds or future credit. I'm thinking cruise prices will go up after all of this. I get it, they're losing lots of money right now and need to make it back. My question is, if I booked the same cruise but on a different date, would I still get what I've paid for on my current cruise? Meaning, if I paid for a mini suite would I still get that or, if the price I paid is now the price of an interior room, would I be downgraded? I hope that makes sense.
  3. I'm on the Jade out of Amsterdam on the 16th. I think it will be cancelled. Even if things are better in the US, it's doubtful all those countries will be opening their ports anytime soon. There's no point in a 14 day cruise that can't stop anywhere.
  4. Recently some sources are saying that it could be and the rumor mill has turned that into "OMG it's airborne". I'm not dragging the person who posted that. I'm just saying that they've probably heard that somewhere. Everything is changing so fast that it's hard to keep up.
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