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  1. I live close to the port in Southampton and am used to hearing the ship's horns (and even sailaway parties if the wind is blowing the right way!) as the ships depart. We've had quite a selection of RCI ships in recently including some which rarely dock here - Allure, Majesty, Empress. It's surreal to hear the horns still though, knowing that the cruise ships are sailing albeit empty, save for a reduced number of staff. Anthem of the Seas was the latest to leave on Saturday.....I hope it's not too long before we all get the chance to sail again.... 🤞
  2. I really hope that this goes well and that the sailing paves the way for further cruises / cruise lines to follow suit. I hate to think of the potential set back to timelines if this doesn't go to plan. 🤞
  3. Thanks for replying. We aren't stacking!
  4. That's great to know. Thank you for letting me know. We've just had one cancelled for October and want to use the FCC against next year's which is already booked 🙂
  5. Hi there! Apologies if this has been asked before, but do you know whether Future Cruise Credit can be applied to cruises already booked, or does it relate to new bookings only? Thanks in advance...…..
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