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  1. Friends trying to get this same info for October 28 transfer fro Marco Polo Airport in Venice have been told the info will be availability 14 days prior so November 7 people have a little wait for an answer. Your idea to get their own transfer at least keeps control in their hands albeit with a cost. See everyone on board Riviera, soon pending a negative Covid test or two or three or… along the way. Mauibabes.
  2. AlexCherei , Call Oceania and ask the Specialist to work up the comparison between Your World and the Unlimited Passport. Ollection. In our experience the YW 25% discount gives the best bang for the buck. Your specific combination of excursions could be different but they will run your numbers. Mauibabes
  3. Maybe a newbie faux pax because no O veteran would ever compare the three meals a day served in the Terrace Cafe to other lines. Meals cooked to order, not just all the wonderful fare served buffet style. Also now lots of plant based, vegetarian and vegan and smoothie bar items for the healthy eaters. Might I also suggest your morning coffee be from Baristas along with some fresh pastries. Oh yes, make sure you get to Tea at 4:00-5:00. ENJOY! Mauibabes
  4. Will try to post it next week. I am sure it will be posted on the wall outside Toscana. I hear the new Italian menu items are great so will definitely be trying as many as possible as often as I can. I have heard the GDR has been very good and since it changes daily, lots to choose from every day. itzfitz, one question is your Stateroom level. In a Suite, you have access to more Premium reservations. If A and B Veranda and below, you might only have one in each that you can book now BUT you can also get space available reservations directly with the desired restaurant once aboard. Since the cruises will probably not sail full, there is a good chance you can get additional reservations, no matter what level you are booked in. FYI, A and B Veranda, Room Service dinner is from the GDR and in Suites, you can order from the Premiums. Believe me, you will not starve! Mauibabes
  5. We board Riviera on Monday and will share some more thoughts after we have dined. We have eaten in all the restaurants and it is truly personal preference. We love the menu’s in Toscana and Red Ginger, Polo is always great Prime steaks and Jacques has some amazing dishes. I believe the toughest reservation to book is Red Ginger. I am sure you will get a lot of feedback and recommendations but here are a few of my favorites, not necessarily my wife’s who doesn’t eat fish. Red Ginger: Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass and the Duck and Watermelon Salad, the Restaurant Manager suggested the Rack of Lamb and it is wonderful. We order the fish and athe lamb and share the lamb around the table. Toscana, enjoy the Olive Oil and Balsamic cart and breads. My wife rates every Italian restaurant against the Toscana Lasagne and the Oso Buco and Filets and of course all the fresh pasta. Polo with the Prime beef is great, love the jumbo shrimp cocktail is a wonderful starter, the prime rib, the Porterhouse, etc. are great. Also the fresh Maine Lobster is great if you like lobster AND your waiter does all the work digging out the meat. Jacques has a wonderful French Onion Soup and my favorite is the Pumpkin Soup, the Escargot, the Filet, the Sea Bass for two and the Filet of Sole are great. Of course the Lobster Newburg is excellent. 🤪. All the reports we have received from friends currently sailing on Marina are 11 stars on a 10 star scale in all the Premiums, even better than it was pre pandemic. You will just have to tough it out and make your own decisions. Life is tough. Mauibabes,
  6. Ditto ORV, never have paid a changed credit card fee to Oceania. I will often use multiple cards depending on the credits I am collecting at the time. $50, NO THANK YOU. Sometimes when we have had to make the two hour drive from Sacramento to San Francisco, we have found using and dropping a rental car at the major airport is a very cost effective option compared to paying for transfer services. From Santa Barbara it can be a couple hour drive to LAX at the wrong time of day I would guess. Sometimes we just opt to fly down to LAX, blow some Marriott credits for a nights stay and get a good nights sleep and not add the travel day stresses. I always compare SFO and LAX flight options when considering Oceania air options.
  7. The Your World Package discount is most often the best Value for excursions. You can add in the Free excursions and even OS and OE tours at a discount so work through the booking cart and look at the total cost. On a 30 day cruise with lots of Oceania excursions, our average excursion cost was only $75. If you have any trouble working through your excursions and want to be sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. Just call the Oceania Reservation line and the Cruise Specialist will confirm your pricing and even do a comparison with the Passport Collection to make sure you are getting the Best Value. Ciao, Mauibabes
  8. Kate and others, I’d like to share a bit of what I have learned while sailing with Oceania over the last 14 years. I have looked for an agent who is professional, extremely helpful, accurate with their information and works with me and for me. I am paying the booking that generates their income so I have every reason to expect outstanding service. If I dread talking to the TA, then I have the wrong TA. If they are not honest with me, I have the wrong TA. Some TA’s think they own their customers and that is flat wrong and they are not my TA. An Oceania Connoisseur Club member is definitely a person who knows their product. They will always try to maximize your Oceania cruise benefits and amenities because if you are happy with their services, you will come back for more bookings and bring friends along. Oceania always provides all the contract information, insurance documents, and everything you need for your fabulous cruise. Any TA that can not attach that information to an email does not deserve you as a client. Some posters on these Boards and Roll Calls try to emphasize how they have received major discounts or rebates and that is why they use that TA. I can tell you Oceania and many other lines have an Anti-Rebating policies and I for one have too much respect for that TA to ask them to jeopardize their relationship with their Agency and most importantly Oceania Cruises. I want a TA that respects their clients and treats them with integrity and respect. If I can spend $10 to 20,000 or much more on a vacation, I am not going to ask the TA to give me their livelihood. Kate, you deserve a great Oceania TA and I hope you find yours real soon, they are out there. Maybe one day our paths, or should I say seas, will cross and over a glass of something special, we can talk. Ciao, Mauibabes
  9. Thanks all but not my bottom line. We have never had a Waitlist not work out for our benefit but then we have never tried to pull off the impossible. With small ships it is true Waitlists can be difficult but we always book when itineraries are released and not last minute. I guess timing is everything. Ciao, Gerry
  10. A nice thought but just like us, we can only pay extra to fly from Sacramento. LAX and SFO are the only two Gateway airports in CA. That is why we have to be willing to travel to SFO or even fly down to LAX depending on where we are headed and the desired flights. We have some friends heading out in a week and flying on their own dime down to LAX and then using their Oceania Air for their flight to Athens because that was the best flight option for them. it can always be a bit of a crap shoot but at least Oceania has to make it happen. ciao, Gerry
  11. Interesting, my friend sails Miami to Miami over Christmas on Riviera and is staying at the Oceania hotel, “East” and their booking has them traveling the day prior, includes transfers and there was no Air Deviation Fee on their Statement. Maybe it was a unique situation and booking on their part. All we can do is ask when we are exploring that Oceania Hotel option. It could be that it may not show up yet because no flights had been selected. We shall follow up with them soon. Gerry
  12. We have been very successful with O Air to Europe from the West Coast with Premium Economy seating. I just don’t have the miles to get discount Business Class so we tough it out in PE. We have never had bad connections and I refuse to hop across the US to Europe so our SFO pond jump works out great. In these times of constant change and indecision, it is easier sometimes to let the Oceania Air Department shoulder the flight burden and get us there with days to spare. I look at it as an option. Many times we have elected for O Air AND booked private flights, especially with No Change Fees in play. The flying game is ever changing. Mauibabes
  13. Kate, I agree, the “$ticker $hock” is hard to comprehend but…while we have never used the O hotel a friend who valued being cared for vs. planning and booking and rebooking changes decided to try it. There are definitely benefits as it INCLUDED the Air Deviation Fee so $350 was covered, a meet and greet by a driver, transfer to the very nice 5 Star hotel, and transfer to the ship/port. Your transfers from Flumencio and to Civitavechia to the port and Air Deviation can reduce your hotel cost significantly, especially in very expensive cities. Travel safe, Mauibabes
  14. We always fly in early for every cruise, travel is stressful these days without adding the worry if we are going to arrive in time to board the ship and sail. When we book our Oceania Air, we always pay the Air Deviation fee of $175 pp., now based on our level, that fee is waived by Oceania. We book flights anywhere from 270 to 75 days out and are usually purchased by Oceania about the 60 day mark. We have been able to work with our travel agent and the Oceania Air Dept. to review our flight options and routes as we refuse to do red eye flights and jumping on board the ship. This aging body does not do well without sleep. Mauibabes
  15. We all speak from past TA experience and who knows what a post Covid Return to Sailing TA will be like. We will let you know in Nov/Dec since we are on Riviera when she returns to Miami Dec. 3. I expect all of the activities previously mentioned for sure. If you think you can create the Unsinkable Molly Brown, bring along some supplies. A roll of duct tape can be invaluable along with any other supplies to make her pool worthy. Mauibabes
  16. I would have expected your Travel Agent to have made that call to get you on the Waitlist rather than you have to make the call. That is what the TA should be doing to earn their commission.IMHO 🤪🥂 Mauibabes
  17. Our window should open Monday for the Riviera sailing. Maybe then we will know if the EU is going to have any further impacts on our itineraries. Talking to our guide in Turkey, they are anxious to have us arrive and be able to share their country with us. Oh yes, and help their economy and all the businesses that rely on tourism. They are hurting! Mauibabes.
  18. My understanding is YES, you will be tested to meet the traveling requirements. You can confirm with your travel agent and Oceania but when we disembark in Miami on December 3 we know we will be ready to fly home to California. After the fantastic experience you will have had on your cruise, there is no way Oceania will drop the ball and not test you for your return flights. Mauibabes
  19. Go on sale October 6, have fun Mauibabes
  20. SLW Forget checking in on occasion, have your TA Waitlist you for any and all PH categories you desire. Also, since you are doing a B2B, it would be desirous to not have to swap rooms in NYC so this will also present a bit of a challenge but you should be able to luck out. If you do have to swap rooms, your Butler’s will handle it for you. All hanging clothing clothing they move and you just pack the rest in your suitcase and they move it as well, easy peasy but still a bit of a nuisance with the unpacking. Being in back is no big deal, in fact our booking for Vista is in an Extended Balcony PH so the Back it is. We have never had any real issues in a rear stateroom but there can be some up/down motion. Mauibabes
  21. Just heard from a friend on Marina, Amsterdam to Lisbon and they had 100 remaining on board from previous segment and 400 boarded in Amsterdam. Took about an hour to embark and he suggested reconfirming Specialty dining reservations because all were not available every night. He had been to Toscana and said they had upped their game. Undoubtedly more updates to follow. Covid care/testing etc., all very professional. Things going good 👍🙏🤞😷
  22. LoriMay, You didn’t say if you booked through a TA or directly with Oceania. Whatever you did, contact them first thing Monday and ask for assistance with your reservations. Some reservations are held back and many times Sharing presents options. If nothing can be done now, your first stop when you get aboard is the Premium Dinner reservation podium which is usually set up in the entrance of the Terrace Cafe. You could even try the Concierge Desk to see if they can help you. Enjoy, Mauibabes
  23. I was sharing with some friends traveling with us. I did have an issue so I had to call O in the a.m. and she was able to book the 6 or 8 of us together. So best idea, call in a.m. mauibabes
  24. If in EST, a little after midnight will work but for me it has drug on sometimes 10-15 minutes after the hour. Like was said, just refresh if you are not getting through. We find booking to Share a table is better than a table for two, just because there are more 4 and 6 tables then 2’s. If you get hung up at all, just call Oceania first thing in the morning and let the Specialist do it for you. Since you are in a Suite, there should be plenty of availability in the specific restaurants at the desired times. Besides, Riviera will probably be sailing light as opposed to full so there should be less competition for restaurant seating. Just remember, your Room Service dinners can be delivered from the Specialty restaurants and served by your Butler. Once on board, your Butler can also get additional Specialty Restaurant reservations based on availability. First timer, you are in for a treat. We disembark Riviera on December 3 and we will be sure to leave some of the “Finest Cuisine At Sea” for you to enjoy. Mauibabes
  25. Our only experience doing this TA was late November to about Dec7 and we had 5 days of 3’ swells, like glass on Riviera. We are on Riviera beginning October 18 and will sail home on a second TA arriving on December 3. This is not matching your sailing but IMHO, go for it. You can always cancel or swap bookings, especially if you are getting the Suite you want. ENJOY Mauibabes
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