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  1. Great job on packing light! It's so much easier than lugging big bags filled with things you don't really need.
  2. bobandkelly

    to color or not to color....

    You rock the pixie! and even the bald is good, I just think that might be more upkeep than the pixie on a cruise. Whatever you decide you'll be beautiful and enjoying your cruise! Kelly
  3. bobandkelly

    to color or not to color....

    I would do a pixie! Both gray and pixies are in right now so take advantage of it! Here is a link (I hope it works) she had her long hair cut super short and it is so cute! Find a good stylist and go for it! [url]http://themakeoverguy.com/2012/09/dramatic-long-hair-cut-short-makeover-by-christopher-hopkins-the-makeover-guy/[/url]
  4. bobandkelly

    Check out this Lady's Blog

    Wow! what she does with old clothes is amazing! Thanks for sharing!
  5. bobandkelly

    Art Deco South Beach Hotel

    We stayed at the Surfcomber by Doubletree. I would not hesitate to stay there again. The pool area is beautiful, it's right on the beach, nice location for walking/shopping/eating.
  6. Have you checked the FAQ's for the cruise line you are sailing on. I know Carnival has recommended earliest flight times on theirs. Kelly
  7. I was just looking at one of these. Are you looking at the one with Cocoa Beach Shuttle? I'm wondering if you get to pick the hotel you want to stay at?
  8. bobandkelly

    packing light

    This is a really good list with many options for mixing/matching. The only thing I will suggest is possibly another swim suit. I find they don't always dry and I don't like putting them on if they are damp. Hope you have a wonderful cruise! The ship will be so pretty all decked out for Christmas!
  9. bobandkelly

    Farewell, 'What Not to Wear'

    Do you know if these are available to watch anywhere? I've missed that and a few other episodes. I can't imagine the show without Clinton! I've really enjoyed watching it over the years. They have helped me and I'm sure countless others. I wish them both the best!
  10. bobandkelly

    Struggling leaving 18 month old with grandparents

    I say go and enjoy yourself! I'm one of the grandparents that shared my grandson while my DD and DSIL went on their cruise. We had so much fun with the little guy. They had fun and we had fun. So go and celebrate with your older kids and leave the little one to his own fun vacation.
  11. bobandkelly

    Highly-recommended travel hair dryer?

    I bought this one for travel but it works so good I use it for my regular hair dryer. I bought it because it came with both the concentrator and a diffuser. I'm a curly girl so the diffuser is my go to attachment. I don't have any problems with it falling off. I've seen it on sale at Ulta. http://www.hottools.com/product_detail.cfm?product=HT1044
  12. bobandkelly

    What is your favorite foundation

    Tarte Smooth Operator, I'm an Agent 12. It is a tinted moisturizer that gives me a light coverage with an SPF of 20.
  13. bobandkelly

    Questions about Manicures: Natural, Gel & Shellac

    Hi Charlie, glad you are enjoying the boards! I like to have my toes and nails different colors. For me it's just more fun! Some people have bought the product and equipment needed to do the shellac/gels at home. I go to a salon and have mine done. They easily last two weeks. I have had both the CND Shellac and Gelish. I'm currently wearing Gelish in a French manicure and I love it. I'm coming up on two weeks. If you look close you can see where they are growing out but other than that you can't tell. If I go with a dark color it's pretty noticeable after a week because my nails grow fast. I would much rather get mine done at the salon and not have to pack polish/remover or take the time to do mine on the ship. Hope you have a fun trip! Kelly
  14. bobandkelly

    Formal nights - Legend

    [quote name='huxlemo']Our next cruise is out of Tampa on the Legend for 7 days. Which days are the formal nights on?[/QUOTE] They are on Monday and Friday. We just sailed on the Feb 5th cruise and had a great time! Wonderful staff and service. Hope you have a good cruise!
  15. bobandkelly

    Dec 11-18 Legend

    I hope you mean "that's all folks" for that day! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your review! We sail on 2/5 and can hardly wait!