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  1. I seriously hope they don't end up cancelling cruises all the way through August. I really, really hope they don't. We have two cruises booked this summer (one in June and one in July) and I just..I can't deal with the fact that they might end up cancelling more cruises through the summer right now.
  2. I'm finishing up packing now and I bought a cute sign from the Dollar Tree for our door. They're magnetic so I can take a magnetic hook, right? Because tape won't hold this (I don't think).
  3. you think the Vista is going to get stuck at sea during the final cruise before it goes into dry dock for the propulsion issues it's been having? 😄😂🤣
  4. We had a stellar wait staff also, when we were there on Spring Break. Of course, that MAY have been due to the fact that our head waitress was somebody we'd had before on the Triumph out of NOLA. 🙂 I spotted her on the Lido on embarkation day and was like, "OMG DUDE I KNOW YOU!" Took her a minute but she remembered my son and was so happy to see us.
  5. When we were on the Vista in March, they were clearing out the lounge after each show. I don't like the idea of the ticket system. It just seems..IDK..icky. YMMV.
  6. We got lucky in that DH's boss allowed him to adjust his vacation time. So instead of being off from Fri till the following Sunday (I think that's when we were supposed to originally come in), he's off from Sunday through that Tuesday when we get back. I know others aren't so lucky. 😞 One person in my FB cruise group had their wedding cancelled because of this. 😞
  7. The thing he (and tbh, me too) have a thing about not splitting up in foreign countries. I'm too much of a chicken (even if I would be on a group excursion and not on my own) to go somewhere without him because if it's GOING to happen, it probably WILL happen and it usually happens to ME.
  8. School is FINALLY out and this trip cannot come SOON enough for me. I've been having a ROUGH time lately with the world's worst side dude--Depression. His bestie who's always hanging out the passenger side of his best friend's ride trying to holla at me, Anxiety, has been hanging around too and making things more difficult. Add on top of that my having to go find a rheumatologist (I have fibromyalgia and my current dr is fed the eff up with it, which I don't blame her at all so I have to find a specialist) AND having to probably look for an endocrinologist (my thyroid is acting all crappy. Because of course it is), I can't wait to just get away and forget all this stuff is going on though of course I KNOW it's going to be waiting for me when I get back.
  9. All I know is that the sites for muster are determined when the ship is constructed. And yes, we've done muster outside in 100+ degree heat on the Triumph (when it was in Galveston) and it sucked greatly. I smelled things I've never smelled before or since. After a couple of times of THAT though, we decided to start requesting to attend the special needs muster drill because my son (who is autistic) couldn't handle it. It was a combination of being squashed into a group of 200 people in a tight space (not fun for anyone, but really not fun for somebody with sensory issues), boredom and the heat.
  10. We went there one time...not on purpose either. We'd arrived in Cozumel only to discover that because of wind conditions all the beach-based excursions (including ours...we were going to Passion Island) were canceled. Fine. We were told to find the Shore Ex members near the ship (we found them easily...right outside of one of the shops) and they would offer us either a refund or an exchange for a different excursion. We'd never been to Chankanaab so we thought, what the heck. Holy hotdogs, Batman. The ride over and back was fine..no problems there. But I guess because of all the cancelled excursions, they shuttled everybody (or a lot more than they'd planned on, for certain) to Chankanaab. The only beach that was open was a small, rocky beach that let onto a secluded cove area. You couldn't get to the water without having to walk (and slip and fall on your tuchus) across large rocks and the water was pretty shallow. 😞 The lines for the buffets were ridiculously long..I ended up standing in line for 45 minutes for mediocre food that wasn't even remotely Mexican except the chips and salsa. It was all burgers and hot dogs and fries and stuff like that. We'd been given wristbands for unlimited drinks...only to find out that they only worked at ONE bar in the entire resort and the line was (because everybody who'd had a cancelled excursion had one of those wristbands I guess) ridiculously long. Then there was the sea lion show...people were leaving in droves after about 5-10 min because it was boring as heck. My son wanted to stay so we stayed till the end and had our picture taken with the sea lion (we didn't not purchase..it wasn't something we'd planned on so we didn't have the $$$ for it). I wouldn't send my worst enemy there. The staff we encountered were rude and it just wasn't any fun for us.
  11. Same here..thought I'd throw it out anyway. Just in case.
  12. We've actually never used camp on Carnival because the first time we sailed, he was 9 and we questioned them on embark day about how they'd handle certain situations. We weren't satisfied with their answers so we've never chosen to utilize that particular option. One of the reasons we have always found cruising to be a good option for us is that if one of us wants to take a break for a little while, we can. So like Hubs and Son will go play trivia and I'll go to tea, so I have an hour or so of grownup time to have actual grown up food and grown up conversation. I think if the child is very young (like a toddler), they'll handle it better than they would have an older child like mine was the first time we sailed. Also..I know that you said you sail soon but maybe file this thought away for future vacations, but check out Autism On the Seas. This is their bread and butter and they'll send what is essentially a nanny/babysitter with you, so that you can have respite throughout the cruise instead of having to always be with your child. We've never used them, because we've never felt the need honestly (we're pretty good about handling stuff ourselves for the most part) but I think if maybe they'd be of use to you or you want to use that kind of service, absolutely go ahead and do it! Our lives as special needs parents are hard enough as it is!
  13. We experienced it one time (we turned Platinum on the next cruise after that, so it didn't matter anymore) and it was hellish. We didn't KNOW you were supposed to go to a certain place (in that case, the Red Frog pub) at a certain time to get your zone tags for debark. We ended up getting some high number we didn't like and fortunately for us, Carnival hasn't changed their debark zone tags in god knows how long. We had found some zone 1 tags left from a previous cruise in one our suitcases and decided to use those instead.
  14. Also....OP, when is your cruise? Your kid could grow a half inch in between now and the time y'all cruise. Kids grow ALL the time. 😄
  15. Also...IIRC, you're not allowed to wear water shoes or any kind of shoe for that matter on the water slides. The explanation given to my husband was that the sole of the shoe (being grippy and all) could grab onto the side of the slide accidentally and rip your leg out of the socket.
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