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  1. 17 minutes ago, John&LaLa said:


    See post #2979





    it was my conversation last week discussing this issue that your talking about.

    I originally sent my request to the RCCL office in Australia as thats the area I am in. The response was pretty much 'Computer says NOOOOO!!".


    I then sent the question to the Royal Up email address and Mr. Bayley here: 




    Thats where I got the response from Mike Bermudez from. I guess Mr. Bayley's emails go to someone to vet before they get to him.


    Hope this helps!





  2. 9 hours ago, slyster said:

    ahhh ok.  I could still cancel they Key and just get us a VOOM package.  I would think we could do that.  I put in the minimum I could bid for the GS so I doubt we will get it anyway.  Thanks again!

    Guys this was an issue am having..

    I am booked in a Junior Suite and bought the Key for the Ovation to Alaska in September as the perks work well together. I have bid on a Grand Suite which if successful, makes the Key perks pretty useless in most ways. When I asked RCCL on 2 seperate occasions if I could cancel the Key if the upgrade was successful, they said I could only cancel the key up to 4 days out from sailing. I said I might not hear about the upgrade until 1 day out which seemed kind of silly which they said sorry thats the policy. I sent an email to corporate and sort of questioned how this is logical and they agreed it was a little silly and they would look into it. I have an email from Mike Bermudez advising me to contact him if the bid is successful and he will organise the refund of the Key for me.. See below.


    Dear Sir:
    Thank you for contacting the Executive Office of Royal Caribbean International. Your correspondence was forwarded to my attention upon review, and I welcome the opportunity to respond.  
    I want to thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am forwarding your concern over to our operational team for their internal review as you bring up a very valid point. 
    Nevertheless, I fully understand your concern and should your bid be successful after the time to cancel 'The Key' has passed please let me know directly, and I will be happy to ensure you receive your $349.86 in full for The Key.
    Best Regards,
    Mike Bermudez 
    Executive Office
    Royal Guest Experience Management
    This response came the same day I sent the email so service was excellent. So much so, I went back into my Royal Up bid and bumped it up a bit knowing I would get my Key money back if it is successful. Great service from corporate.. Fingers crossed I get it now!
    Hope this helps!

  3. On 7/18/2019 at 8:36 AM, sandebeach said:

    Interesting! I had called a few months ago and asked,  and they told me that if I received a late Royal Up upgrade, I could cancel the Key just by calling Royal Caribbean. Your email makes it sound like maybe you would get a refund but maybe you would not!

    Put my question to the Royal Up email and cc'd corporate in aswell just because and got a response last night from Mike Bermudez regarding my issue. I feel better now and it's a reminder to me why I am loyal to Royal..

    Just have to win the bid now! 😳


    Dear Sir:
    Thank you for contacting the Executive Office of Royal Caribbean International. Your correspondence was forwarded to my attention upon review, and I welcome the opportunity to respond.  
    I want to thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am forwarding your concern over to our operational team for their internal review as you bring up a very valid point. 
    Nevertheless, I fully understand your concern and should your bid be successful after the time to cancel 'The Key' has passed please let me know directly, and I will be happy to ensure you receive your $349.86 in full for The Key.
    Best Regards,
    Mike Bermudez 
    Executive Office
    Royal Guest Experience Management


  4. 2 hours ago, sandebeach said:

    Interesting! I had called a few months ago and asked,  and they told me that if I received a late Royal Up upgrade, I could cancel the Key just by calling Royal Caribbean. Your email makes it sound like maybe you would get a refund but maybe you would not!

    Seems we cannot convert it to OBC either. This is RCCL Australia I am talking too. I wonder if RCCL US would be different?

    Dear Tony:
    Thank you for your email.
    We are sorry to advise the amount to be refunded could not be converted into onboard credit. 
    Our different culinary experiences await on you onboard, reserve now the specialty dining restaurant you would like to enjoy. All of the available for booking can be found through the link below.

    Please, let us know if we could be of any further assistance.
    Kind regards,

    Jonathan Alexander Rodas Montenegro
    Cruise Administration

    Telephone: AU 1800 754 500  NZ 0800 102 123    •  Fax: 02 4322 0326  •  Email: cruiseadmin.au@rcclapac.com

  5. On 7/16/2019 at 12:55 PM, sandebeach said:

    Yes if you win your bid you can call Royal Caribbean to have the Key cancelled or you can ask the Suite Concierge to cancel it once you are onboard.


    Update sandebeach, seems it may not be possible. They don't say no, but they do say you may not get a full refund as the Key has to be cancelled 4 days prior to sailing and if the bid approval comes in 1 day before you miss out. I have asked whether it could be turned into OBC and am waiting for the reply. Hopefully that can happen. Guess I really need the bid to be successful for this scenario to even play out. Will be a learning curve for everyone I guess.


    See email below from RCCI:


    Dear Tony:

    Thank you for contacting the Cruise Administration Department.

    In regards to your below query, please be advised that we have checked in the terms and conditions 
    of The Key purchase and unfortunately this could only be cancelled 4 days prior of the sailing to get full refund.

    The refund will be directed to the original form of payment in the next 5 to 7 business days after the cancellation, if 
    you decide to cancel this after this time frame, we would not guaranty that you will be receiving full refund. 

    Should you have further queries, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind regards,

    Hector Adolfo Rodas Chavez
    Cruise Administration

    Telephone: AU 1800 754 500  NZ 0800 102 123    •  Fax: 02 4322 0326  •  Email: cruiseadmin.au@rcclapac.com




  6. Hi all,

    Without trolling back through 118 pages of this thread, I hope my question hasn't been asked already. Sorry if it has!


    We are booked in a JS on the Ovation going to Alaska in September. I have also purchased the Key program which just adds a few benefits that the JS perks don't cover. I have now received my Royal Up offer and am interested in making a bid for the GS. My question is, the Key becomes pretty much useless if we get the GS so does anyone know if we can cancel the Key and get it refunded or for OBC if the bid is approved, remembering that the approval may not come until 24 hrs prior to boarding? I don't want to cancel the Key now incase the bid fails. Catch 22 I know..


    Anyone have any ideas? 🤔


    I just want to say, I really love having this quandary... It's an awesome problem to have I think! 


    I look forward to your helpful responses..



  7. We booked our Gty JS in January for our September 13th Sailing on Ovation to Alaska. Suite number was allocated about 85 days out. We now have 62 days to go! Woohoo...


    Funny thing, we were allocated the exact same suite number we had on Quantum out of China in 2016.. Awesome cabin, right in the middle of the hump, deck 6.  


    Good luck with the cabin you get allocated! 👍



  8. 7 minutes ago, John&LaLa said:


    How do you know you can't cancel the Key🤔

    Lunch and breakfast in CK are really good


    It seems they close the cruise planner 2 or 3 days out from the cruise for purchases.



    Which then contradicts the cancellation policy..



    Sorry about the cut and paste sizes! 

    I maybe wrong in my assumption but thats the way I am reading it.. 

    Maybe I need to waste a few hours and call RCCL.. 🙄

    Confused more now!

  9. Hi all,

    Got my RoyalUp email today for our September 13th sailing to Alaska on Ovation. Below are the reasons why it's not for us.


    We are already in a JS Gty (6640 on the hump was assigned) and I have already bought the Key as well, 2 months ago. 


    The upgrade prices offered were ($US):

    Grand Suite - $500 p/p

    Owners Suite - $700 p/p

    Sky Loft Suite - $1,000 p/p


    The major dilemma here is, if I was to bid for a Grand Suite, I may not know if it is successful until up to 24hrs prior to sailing. If it is successful, I would want to cancel the Key program within the last 24hrs because it would be no benefit at all, which apparently is not allowed. Thats $350 down the drain.

    If it's unsuccessful, we would want the Key program to stay so we couldn't cancel it prior to knowing one way or the other as they are limited numbers apparently (even though it's seems to be still available on our cruise even though its close to sold out).


    In the Junior Suite, we already get priority embarkation, dinner at CK & double points.

    With the Key we get priority seating at venues, Voom access, priority debarkation at ports, lunch at Chops plus other things..

    So most of the perks from the GS are covered with what we have (except lounge and concierge I guess!) 


    This RoyalUp program would work much better if they could tell you further out from sailing, maybe 7 days and allow you to cancel anything that coincides with it at no charge for a refund within that 7 days or give it as OBC if wanted.


    Thanks for the offer though RCCL (It wasn't offered for our Quantum sailing in 2016).

    Just my 2 cents worth!


    Have a great day everyone!



  10. 46 minutes ago, NeedsVitaminSea said:

    Ovation is in Seattle, at least earlier in the summer, but Canada Place is Vancouver.  Is Ovation moving to Vancouver in September?


    Sorry my bad. My trip finishes in Vancouver. I did quote my Vancouver cruise terminal to airport car. I have booked a Carmel car in Seattle to go from the airport to the hotel (Marqueen) but haven't booked a car from the hotel to the pier yet. I have asked them if they have that service and am still waiting for their response. Its not that far apparently so I will keep looking but may just use a cab on the day.



  11. 7 hours ago, kelbell said:

    Tincoll would you mind telling me what car service you are using?

    This will be are first time, trying to decide on Uber(have never done that)

    or a car service.  Not to concerned about price, but reliability.

    Thank you.


    The company is called KJ Limousine Services



    I read a lot of reviews about them and they are reliable and honest. Not the cheapest but I like to travel in comfort when I am on holidays. If I wanted rough and ready, I would have backpacked to the destination! It is costing about CAD$130 for the trip from cruise terminal to airport. 


    Just make sure if you book them you say 'Canada Place Cruise Terminal' and not just 'Canada Place' as they are different places and different costs. The cruise terminal is more expensive as they have to park and wait.


    Hope this helps.




  12. 6 hours ago, ScottC4746 said:

    So you are saying the smaller the ship the better the larger the ship the worst?


    I think both ships have their merits! We broke our cruising virginity (so to say) on the Mariner and when we first got onboard we couldn't believe how big and spacious it was. There was never a dull moment on that cruise and we had a great time. When we boarded Quantum (2 years later), that level of excitement went up another notch. Its even bigger but we also knew what to expect with the people as we had just spent 10 days doing a road trip through Beijing and Shanghai. I am sure a Quantum class ship cruise to the Caribbean is very different than a Quantum class ship cruise in China just because of the other passengers. You don't talk to people no where near as much as a Westernised cruise I would say, but it's still fun and exciting. 



  13. We are booked on Ovation for the Sept 13th Alaska trip. We have previously done the Quantum out of Shanghai with 5000+ Chinese passengers so we know what expect :classic_rolleyes:. We come from a small tropical Island country in the South Pacific where its 35+deg Celcius nearly every day. We will be driving from New York to Chicago via Toronto first to get aclimatised. 

    I hope its colder in Alaska!!!




  14. We booked a car to go from the port to the airport in September. We have a 12:30pm flight and I booked the car for 7:30am but the car company has come back to me an said we dont need to leave till about 9am so rebooked us for 8:30 - 9am.. 


    Hope this helps! 


  15. Scott,

    I will try to shed some light on Asian cruising for you guys as My wife (Filipino) and I (Australian) have done 4 now.


    We did Mariner of the Seas out of Singapore firstly for a 3 night jaunt to Kuala Lumpur and then 7 nights to Thailand & Vietnam in February, 2014. For the 7 night cruise, there were a lot of Westerners on it. We have made some life long friends from it. Mariner being a bit smaller was a great ship for Asia as it wasn't too big. They are right in saying the casino is always full and I can add the buffet to that list aswell. The bars & the pools on the other hand were nearly always empty. Chinese New Year was amazing wherever you went as there was always something happening.


    We also have done 2 cruisers back to back on the Quantum of the Seas for 13 nights out of Shanghai to Japan & South Korea. This was a totally different experience as you are really fighting with 5000 Chinese people to do anything on the ship. We were definitely a minority with only about 60+ Westerners on this cruise. There are some pros and cons with this. Pros are the staff will absolutely love you. They will bend over backwards to make sure you are having a good time because not a lot of the Chinese will speak to them unless they are Chinese themselves. Don't get me wrong, we had a blast and met some amazing Chinese families who were lovely, but I will say their respect for anything Western is definitely on the low side! Some Chinese have no regard for anyone else at all which brings us to the cons. You will need to push your way out of the lifts as they will just barge right in before the doors finish opening. They will push in front of you in the buffet without hesitation, even if you have been patiently waiting for someone to finish. The shopping sales on the ship are like a war zone. Best place to watch it is up above the Saloon looking down on the promenade. Getting of the ship in ports are fun. Whilst the crew try their best to make it orderly, some people have a chip on their shoulders and believe they have a right to do whatever the hell they like. 


    After saying all this, we had a blast. Being married to an Asian certainly helped me and I had no issues with the way it all went down. Just learn to push back. they won't be offended at all as they are used to it. Like my wife says of her childhood days in the Philippines, if you had a bowl of rice on the table for dinner and 10 people about to dig in, you learn very quickly to be the aggressive one and push in. It's life!


    I will say, if your cruise is going to Ho Chi Minh city, I would highly suggest you look up the tour guide called 'Zoom' there. Try and get a bus load of people from your Roll Call and do an excursion with him. Very knowledgable and a good laugh. We had a bus of about 30 people all up and we had an amazing time for the day we were there. 


    There were some Westerners on our cruisers who complained no end about everything after they got off the ship because they compared it to every other cruise they have had to the Caribbean. Its not Westernised at all. Thats why you go there!

    Don't try to compare it.


    Quantum is an amazing ship. Its big! We are going on its sister ship this September, (Ovation of the Seas) to Alaska. Can't wait. I am sure there will be some pushy people on that one too albeit a different race! :classic_unsure:


    Hope this helps a little. You will have a great time and see some pretty awesome places I can attest to that!.


    Drop me a line if you need to know anything else!







  16. I will add to this as I did a cruise on Quantum earlier this year. You're right they do charge because they don't have enough time to give all 4000+ passengers a ride during the cruise because most cruises are shorter. However even on the 8-night cruise they still charged for it. What's worse is the duration of the Northstar ride is shorter than normal as advised to me by the crew on the day and they will not swing it out over the side of the ship as shown in the promotional pictures. Straight up and down only, apparently due to wind factors whilst at sea.


    I did it, and paid for it, I wouldn't bother doing it again.


    I-Fly though, my wife enjoyed the experience and it was worth the money I think.


    Hope this helps!

  17. Ok, for food...


    Windjammer - Overall the food was great. Always a good selection and plenty of it. They would refill most times if you were looking at it and it was getting empty. Wait staff are super friendly and will help you find seats if needed! Desert bar was always stocked up. The highlight were the Chocolate Chip Cookies. They were amazing! Freshly baked and unbelievable... You have to get in quick though as the Chinese grab platefuls of them to take back to their rooms. Don't miss out! You will thank me!

    The Grande - Food was great. Escargot here in garlic butter same as most ships I think. Most other usual items were here. Treat this as your usual MDR experience.


    American Icon - Has a burger on the menu and some pistachio encrusted salmon which is pretty awesome. It was all very nice. Calamari entree was nice too. The Salted Caramel desert is yummy! Don't miss it!


    Silk & Chic - We didn't eat dinner in either of these unfortunately so can't really elaborate on them at all!


    Coastal Kitchen - Usually for suite guests with Gold cards only, we had no issues with our Junior Suite Silver card getting in here for any meals. breakfast, lunch or dinner were usually just walk right in. They do say that at dinner, Gold card guests get priority but It was never more than 3/4's full anytime we went there! Food was great again! Service is also awesome!


    Kung Fu Panda Noodle bar - We tried it, it was ok! Wouldn't rave about it. It is in the open so on a cold day is a bit windy with no doors! Doesn't cost much but Windjammer is just around the corner with a better assortment and no charge!


    Wonderland - It is definitely an experience worth trying! Food is weird to say the least! Liquid Olives, Liquefied Lobster all pretty crazy but tasty. The beef shank was huge and easily could feed two people. The meat just fell off the bone, better then I had ever seen before! Whilst most of the portions are small, the mains are pretty big and it will fill you up pretty easily! The Pistachio Ice cream is worth the wait too!


    SeaPlex Doghouse - great for a quick snack. Cony Island Hot Dog is pretty standard.. Great with onion and ketchup! pretty standard!


    As for having a drink:

    Michael's Pub - Will almost always be empty unless there are an unusual amount of Westerners on board. Good place to go for a quiet drink really!


    Music Hall - If you want to have a laugh, go here for the Karaoke session. You will think that Elvis has returned and is singing Mandarin! They go nuts.. Your ears will hurt after a little while though!


    Schooner Bar - Another great bar to go for a quiet drink most of the time. Go there late at night and say hi to Laby the pianist from Malaysia. He's really very good at playing and singing and has no problems with most requests. He can also sing songs from many different languages, mandarin, filipino, malaysian, english, japanese etc...


    Pool Bars - As it was pretty cold on both our cruises, the pool bars were closed most of the time. The Solarium bar was open but again, alot of Chinese don't go there to drink so it's usually pretty deserted!


    Casino - Unless you really need to go there, I would say give it a wide berth. Like being in an ashtray. Good for a quick look and amazing how some people can blow money like that but each to their own I guess! High Rollers room is near the Music Hall. Also pretty ordinary unless you have oodles of cash at your disposal!


    Hope this helps a bit! Food overall on the ship was excellent. We never had a bad meal. Sure the buffet is crowded, but it can be like that on other ships too I guess!


    One last thing, Don't miss going to the wings above the bridge for a great look at the side of the ship. Located at the front edges of the Solarium, the doors are heavy but they are small open decks for a look see!




  18. Just doing a B2B on Quantum in Asia now and on turnaround day, breakfast was served until 8:30am only. We didnt have to disembark in Shanghai but we did have to go down to the gangway, clock out and back in again. We were lead by a staff member before and passengers were let off.. Pools were open but that was about it. No bars, no food! It seem deserted. Yours may be different. I even got moved on by a staff member who was fogging the prominade. Have fun on your B2B.. Cheers

  19. We are on the Quantum right now on our way back to Shanghai to complete the 5 day Busan and Fukuoka cruise. We also completed the 8 day cruise to Hiroshma, Tokyo & Kobe aswell B2B. Everything Emgee says is absoltuely correct! Be prepared to give a little space to the Chinese people but be some what assertive and push back with a smile sometimes. They will not be offended at all and somewhat expect it actually. This will be very evident when exiting the lifts! Also be prepared to squeeze an extra 4 family members onto the lifts when to us it is already well over full! They will try! The sales on the promonade are the most amazing acts of agilty you will see from people. How some older ladies can squeeze there way into grab a cheap watch is spectacular! Watch from the 5th floor balcony for a great laugh. Be careful if you are carrying coffee around. Also plan your shows well and plan to arrive atleast 1hr early if you want a really good seat as they fill up fast!

    Hiroshima - The full day tour to Miyajima Island and the A-Bomb dome doesnt give you alot of time at each. You will get about 1 hr at Miyajima Island and it would probably take at least 2 hrs to comfortably walk around it and see it properly! You will fell a bit rushed, but it is very nice to see. The Dome is eerily inspiring knowing its history. The walk around the parks that surrpund it were very nice. The Museum is a little disheartening and not for the faint hearted. Some pretty dreary images in there. Again only about 1 hr or here. If I had the choice again, I would do the A-Bomb dome and look around the city more from there. Miyajima Island while nice, was just a ferry ride with a shrine and some deer roaming around. Very clean spot except the toilets there.


    Tokyo / Yokohama - We didnt do any cruise excursions here. We got to the train station and caught the bullet train down to Odawara where we grabbed a guide and went to see Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashi. Unfortunaltey it was an overcast day so we only got the bottom two thirds of Mt. Fuji, but we did get to play in the snow near Lake Ashi for a few hours and then had a great lunch in a small Japanese restauruant on the edge of Lak Ashi. Beautiful scenery. I am suprised RCCI doesnt organise a tour to this area! It is about a 2 1/2 drive back to Yokohama though so your time there is limited!


    Kobe - We got the free shuttle into the city and probably wasted about 5 hours just looking around the open malls there. They are huge! We had dinner of Kobe Beef (Very famous) at a small restaurant just near the entrance to China Town. Be prepared to pay for it as its not cheap but tepinyaki style was great for a group of 10 of us and atleast we can say we tried it! It is extremly nice beef by the way, only small!!!!


    Fukuoka - Again we did our own thing today. We got a cab into the city centre (Canal City Shopping Centre) and then walked around from there to about 10 different shrines and temples close by and some parkes to try and see the Cherry Blossoms. We saw a few but we probably needed another day or two to see them all blooming.. Missed it by that much!


    The Quantum is an amazing ship. Have your pedomoter ready as it very big! The four main dining restaurants are all worth a try. The food was great.. Windjammer food was quite good too we found. Whilst it did get busy if you just delay your timing by 30 mins or so from opening time, it filtered out pretty quick and there was space to move! The staff there (Georgia and Iowan - Both Head Waiters) were great and were happy to help out with anything you need). Watch for the Chinese taking copious amounts of cookies and fruit! Where it goes, I have no idea!!!


    JR (Bartender - Music Hall) and Roberto (Bartender - Michaels Pub) were also great. The staff will almost fight over you when they see your a Westerner. They will always say Hi and be happy to have a small convo with you. They do not get that much with the Chinese. Even the Chinese staff will be eager to say hello! They love tips of they do a good job and it is a rarity for them to see them handed out! I did feel that the staff did not need tips to be friendly though which was refreshing. They were always eager to please!


    Im sure there will be other stuff that I have forgot, so I will have a think about it and add more later if I remember it. Just remember, it's your holiday so enjoy.. Be prepared for a slighlty different holiday though. There will always be plenty of room in the paid restaurants, the pool areas, the bars and the sun decks to relax on! If your a gambler or like to pig out at the buffet - Your screwed!


    (As a disclaimer - I am Australian but I am married to a Filipino so I kind of know about the Asian culture a bit. If you had 20 family members fighting for the last bowl of rice at dinner, you would learn to push too!)



  20. We are sailing this moment through the Korea Strait on the Quantum of the Seas to South Korea and I can tell you the RoyalIQ app has been great. It helps as it is a mobile compass to check on things you want to do aswell as book shows or restaurants easily! It does everything! Well worth the download!


    Have fun with it!



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