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  1. Eli90

    Your dream house...

    Yup. Same here actually. This is more our kind of thing http://www.bridgfords.co.uk/. We want cheap and low maintenance and if it was within an hour of the sea, even better. Who needs a hot tub anyway.... *sits in cold house, craves hot tub*
  2. Eli90

    Your dream house...

    We're planning on moving house in the new year so are knee deep in estate agents details. For a bit of light relief we've been playing fantasy houses and looking at this http://www.sothebysrealty.co.uk/ and so far I've found myself a 6 million quid house in sandbanks in Dorset with sauna, hot tub and heated pool... Might need to do a bit of overtime first though ;)
  3. Eli90

    Cruise photos

    Great, thank you for the info! I hadn't heard of Picassa before...I think some of my friends have Flickr, might need to ask them about it!
  4. Eli90

    Cruise photos

    Before every cruise I make sure I charge my camera, have lots of memory space and take lots of photos. Are there other keen photographers out there? :) I have quite a collection now, goes back to almost 10 years, although I didn't have a camera for my first few cruises. I want to set up a website where I can collect all of my photos,has anyone done this kind of thing? I've been thinking about WordPress but there are also companies like 1and1 and many others that do it all for you. Where do you think is a good place to have a collection of all of my photos? Any advice would be very much appreciated! :)
  5. Eli90

    amazon cruises

    I really want to go to the Amazon, it's my next destination..and i've been thinking for a while whether it might be easier to fly there rather than taking a cruise. Not sure which one works out cheaper in the end..could anyone shed some light? :)
  6. Eli90

    Fast Food in the UK

    SUbway is really nice, and you can't beat a pasty from Greggs now and again. Apart from that, I try to stay away from the fast food, just because of how unhealthy and greasy it is. Also, who knows what goes in there...
  7. Eli90

    New Member - hello!

    Wow, a lot to take in! I think a few sea days like you suggested would definitely be the best option for our first time, I'd hate to realize that a cruise isn't for me stuck out in the middle of the ocean! We're thinking of going mid-summer or potentially winter, depends on work schedules really, which company would you suggest going with for a first time? We're not fussy about cabins and I think we'll definitely go exploring ourselves rather than booking group excursions etc, we like the adventure although our sense of direction isn't the best so we may spend a lot of time getting lost! All part of the fun I guess! Thanks for all your help!
  8. Eli90

    First time snorkeling...

    Thanks, that was really helpful, I wouldn't be confident going out alone so I would make sure I was always with someone. I've never been exposed to a strong current so I don't know whether I would cope or seriously struggle! I'll have a serious think about it, I wouldn't want anything to go wrong and spoil the whole holiday!
  9. Eli90

    Catania, Sicily: What to do in the city?

    Me and the OH are looking to go to Sicily for a romantic break later this year and was just wondering where you would recommend to visit and where's good to stay? I like the thought of staying in a hotel as I like not having to worry about cooking and cleaning etc but the OH wants to rent a villa like this for the fortnight as it's more private. [URL]http://www.cottagestocastles.com/villas/sicily.aspx[/URL] Any thoughts? I definitely want to visit Etna and the Greek Temples but apart from that I'm open to all suggestions, the market that Keith mentioned sounds great as we're both massive foodies! Any names of great restaurants that you've come across on your travels would be great too. Thanks!
  10. Eli90

    First time snorkeling...

    I can swim but I'm not a "strong swimmer", what level of ability do you need to be able to go scuba diving/snorkelling?
  11. Eli90

    New Member - hello!

    Hi Duncan, fairly new to the site also, I'm currently thinking about planning my first cruise, any advice from anybody would be great!
  12. Eli90

    Weight Watchers Point System anyone?

    I joined Weight Watchers last week and I'm determined to stick to it, I've tried loads of diets but I like that Weight Watchers doesn't restrict you from eating anything, just quantity and makes you make good choices, I lost 4 pounds in my first week which I think is pretty good going, good luck everyone!
  13. Eli90


    Mine's anything by Thornbridge. Nice pint of Jaipur IPA would do the trick!
  14. Eli90

    English vs American

    Aluminium and Colour drive me crazy! Also, past tense of drink is drank. This makes you drunk. (YEO!) I've spent a bit of time in N Ireland, and they use Craic (think it's an Irish word for fun?). I.E 'That was great craic!' or 'What's the craic?' (an informal greeting. Has to be my favourite word (that isn't swearing!)
  15. Eli90


    Came here to make the same point tartanexile81 made. Two pedants in a pod. :D Whiskey - Bushmills. If you can get hold of the 25 year-old, all the better. Whisky - Depends on my mood. Laphroaig if I want to go peaty. Otherwise Jura or a Macallan (I quite like 18).