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  1. Yep. Wind blew the Diamond Princess into the pier in Victoria while we were docking, and the propeller was so bent that the 100-mile trip back to Seattle took 8 hours.
  2. I am so, so sorry about your accident. A day pass at the Occidental gives you buffet, open bar, pool . . . and a sandy beach for easy entrance into the water. I found it through ThisIsCozumel dot com. (Jungle Garden Beach Resort Day-Pass). By the way, I had both hips replaced in 2018. The post-surgery swelling in my foot and ankle is finally resolving now, 18 months later. So just to encourage you to be patient about that.
  3. Lori, As I'm now living with post-polio syndrome, I have also lost mobility since we started cruising. I read your post to my husband of 45 years, and we both reacted the same way to this sentence. May I gently point out that your house is quite a bit smaller than any cruise ship? Not needing a wheelchair in your home is a completely different category than walking around a ship that is three football fields long! The thing about losing our mobility, even if it's by degrees rather than completely, is that wisdom calls for choosing where to spend our limited energy and ability. As others have said, keep your energy for FUN rather than suffering your way down a looooooong hallway or standing in lines. Absolutely no payoff for either of those things! And, as others have pointed out, a scooter provides the most wonderful independence! FAST (read: ZOOM!) independence! I hope these responses help you to be realistic. It's the best way to cruise!
  4. If it's a regular walker and not a rollator, I'd get a harness from Monster Scooter Parts. It hangs on the back of the scooter seat. https://www.monsterscooterparts.com/walker-holder-scooters.html
  5. Love your forward thinking about Saturday the 12th--glad it's a sea day! Thanks for the kickoff point. Departing from Galveston, ship time will stay CST so we're good.
  6. How encouraging! Thanks for the super prompt--and positive--replies!
  7. My husband, a Chicago Bears fan, will be on the LOS on Sunday, Jan. 6. His beloved Bears play the Eagles at 3:40. Is there a way to find out if they will be showing the game on Sunday?
  8. Hi. I'm a polio survivor too. And a veteran of 24 cruises, which is the best kind of vacation for me since I use a scooter most of the time. One of those cruises was on the Liberty, with another coming up in 10 days. It is wonderfully accessible. Please tell your m-i-l that a scooter is the key to being able to thoroughly enjoy a cruise, especially since she'd be able to get out of it to use her crutches to get to your table in the MDR and other places. (The scooter allows us to avoid overuse of already stressed nerves and muscles, which leads to the unholy trinity of post-polio: fatigue, weakness, and pain. With the availability of rental scooters, there is no reason to endure the looooooooooooong walks from one part of any ship to another!) Since your DH understands how wonderful a scooter can be at WDW, hopefully he can persuade her. And hopefully there is still an accessible cabin available for your April cruise. The shower bench in handicap cabin bathrooms, combined with plenty of hand rails, provide security and stability--especially if there's extra movement while at sea. (And if she balks at a scooter, or if a handicap cabin is not available, renting a wheelchair is the way to go. It will always fold up to get through the cabin door.)
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