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  1. Love your forward thinking about Saturday the 12th--glad it's a sea day! Thanks for the kickoff point. Departing from Galveston, ship time will stay CST so we're good.
  2. Now that is FUNNY!!! Sorry DH didn't think so! Ha!
  3. How encouraging! Thanks for the super prompt--and positive--replies!
  4. My husband, a Chicago Bears fan, will be on the LOS on Sunday, Jan. 6. His beloved Bears play the Eagles at 3:40. Is there a way to find out if they will be showing the game on Sunday?
  5. Hi. I'm a polio survivor too. And a veteran of 24 cruises, which is the best kind of vacation for me since I use a scooter most of the time. One of those cruises was on the Liberty, with another coming up in 10 days. It is wonderfully accessible. Please tell your m-i-l that a scooter is the key to being able to thoroughly enjoy a cruise, especially since she'd be able to get out of it to use her crutches to get to your table in the MDR and other places. (The scooter allows us to avoid overuse of already stressed nerves and muscles, which leads to the unholy trinity of post-polio: fatigue, weakness, and pain. With the availability of rental scooters, there is no reason to endure the looooooooooooong walks from one part of any ship to another!) Since your DH understands how wonderful a scooter can be at WDW, hopefully he can persuade her. And hopefully there is still an accessible cabin available for your April cruise. The shower bench in handicap cabin bathrooms, combined with plenty of hand rails, provide security and stability--especially if there's extra movement while at sea. (And if she balks at a scooter, or if a handicap cabin is not available, renting a wheelchair is the way to go. It will always fold up to get through the cabin door.)
  6. This was MOST enlightening! I had never encountered medical travel insurance before, and it's a lot cheaper than what I have been buying. My husband came down with pneumonia halfway through a week-long cruise one year. If I'd bought insurance, he wouldn't have hesitated to go to the infirmary for an x-ray and get started an antibiotics instead of waiting till debarkation. Thank you for the money you will be saving us for all future trips!
  7. Another option is the $62 all-inclusive day pass at the Occidental. I get it through this is cozumel dot com (remove spaces). It's a jungle-like environment, very quiet, caters more to adults than kids. The main pool is right next to a lovely beach, and there's good snorkeling. We had been going to the Money Bar for several years, but the AI day pass trumps it.
  8. Don't you love knowing you made so many strangers cry? :::wiping tears::: Thanks for sharing your story here and linking to your amazing video. Loved, loved, loved it!!
  9. I spent a long weekend at the Iberostar a few years ago and enjoyed it. While none of the Cozumel resorts have been mentioned in the tainted alcohol reports, Iberostar was still one of the chains where there have been problems. In July I discovered my new go-to place for an AI day pass, at the Occidental. I found it on ThisisCozumel dot com, as the "Jungle Garden Beach Resort Day Pass," for $62. I could not have been more pleased, and the other 15 ladies with me agreed. They were super responsive when I asked about the tainted alcohol issue, including this: "You may also like to know that the owners of this resort (an international Spanish chain of hotels) have now told us that the policies they adhere to are not only regulated by the Government of Mexico, but also independent third parties, such as Check Safety First - which require meeting additional safety and hygiene standards."
  10. Two things: first, the Island Wings seaplane excursion in Ketchikan was THE BEST excursion I've ever done in 22 cruises. Second, the ramps/gangways in Alaskan ports can get very steep because the tides change things. I had forgotten about the reset button on my scooter when one ramp was too much for my poor little Pride Go-Go, and we had to leave it at the dock while using other transportation in the port city. So the advice to be familiar with the reset button is very very helpful! I've needed to press it repeatedly in especially hilly areas whether we were on a cruise or not.
  11. It may be personal preference, but since dinner takes about 90 minutes, you may find that unless you are night owls, late seating dinner means you finish eating shortly before bedtime! Not so great for your body. Check-in is one of the only perks of being disabled. They see you coming in your scooter or wheelchair and direct you to special lines that bypass all the able-bodied folks standing in line. Since you are rooming with her, you will go with her, as they process everyone sharing a cabin at the same time. There will be porters to handle your luggage when you arrive at the port; tip them $1 for each bag they handle, starting with what they pull out of your vehicle. If they'll be pulling her scooter out of the car/van/bus, tip them extra for that. I hope she can use bungee cords to attach her walker to the back of her scooter, since she'll probably need to use one hand to pull her carry-on (on wheels I hope!) as she uses the other hand to steer and press the GO lever. Have fun!
  12. This thread has become my go-to place for hurricane news (as well as cruise-related updates). Thank you guys!!
  13. A friend wants to make her own pour-over coffee in her cabin. She found an electric kettle on Amazon for heating water and is asking if that would be okay. I've never had problem with security confiscating my low-end plastic hot pot, but I don't know if an electric kettle would make it through security in her checked bag. Has anyone had any problems with an electric kettle on Carnival?
  14. Apparently there is no PM capability on this forum. Please email me the Fun Times to sue at probe dot org . . . Many thanks!
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