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  1. In your blog you mentioned that the crew is eating in one of the dining rooms...just wondering...are they being served? or is it set up as a buffet? I'm fairly sure that their usual dining room is a buffet. How about now? Just wondering.
  2. BTW: the same applies if you used the email address.
  3. Learned this when I first starting faxing my request at Staples (didn't own a fax machine)...write down the sending fax #, the date & the time. That's how they track the request.
  4. It's in a black band at the very bottom of the screen. Blue button on black band. BTW: some have reported that it simply isn't there...YMMV
  5. I think a main attraction (for me) is that whatever it is, it's cooked to order...so it comes to your table hot not lukewarm.
  6. I use a PC and have the CHAT button (& used it once with a good response).
  7. A small correction...under most circumstances it's the bank that will suffer from the fraud losses, not the owner of the card.
  8. IIRC there's a World Cruise thread in the main topics. edit: I found it! https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/674-world-cruising/
  9. That's not s'posed to happen 🤣 Call and get it fixed ASAP.
  10. Many have posted here that they not only booked them with no issues, there have been quite a few who have already returned from a B2B.
  11. Sometimes the FCD is turned into a FCC (usually when Princess is the one to cancel) or it could also get refunded to your credit card (usually if the 2 year life of the FCD has expired). Both have happened to me.
  12. I'm pretty sure, if you go on the CA website (the address is here on CC or you can Google it), you can print out the proof of vax. Try that. It's likely best to go with a belt AND suspenders.
  13. If you do that on a cruise, it will cost you $3 + the cost of the cleaner. What kind of "germs" do you think would be clinging to your clothes after you've washed & dried them? If you use hot water to wash & then dry, chances are excellent that any germs from former washer users are long gone.
  14. If you cancel, keep an eye on your FCC balance. We cancelled a cruise that used all of our FCCs. Our new balance is missing $935 from the "Goodwill" FCCs from one of our accounts. I've emailed with a request for an accounting twice. The first response I got was an explanation for how to find the FCCs on Princess.com. Not exactly what I asked for. Sent the 2nd request (including screen shots from our accounts before & after). No response yet.
  15. We've had him/her pull the bed away from the wall a little. Some will, some won't.
  16. There are plugs behind the bed. 220 only. You need to bring an adapter like this:
  17. Definitely works if you call. Some have posted here that the app has internet purchase available, some say they don't have it. The app is amazingly frustrating for many. If you can't find it on the app, call Princess to order.
  18. Pre-cruise to get the Elite discount. You can purchase on board, if you don't qualify for the discount.
  19. If the coin dispenser is out of order (it happens), you can go to a different laundry room for coins OR go to Passenger Svcs for coins. On some recent cruises (the Alaska live-froms) mentioned that there was a bowl of coins to just take what you needed...guess Passenger Svcs didn't want to be bothered with requests.
  20. Forgot to read the date...like I did. 😵
  21. Old news? Just looked at the dates on page one. So, moving or not?
  22. Wait!! They're not moving the Grand? I though she was going to OZ sometime next year. I'm gonna have to take a look.
  23. Pre-covid...they walked around with a pot of standard Lipton. If you want something "special" (I favor Earl Gray), just request it. Or if you like the brand that you can get at the IC, go to the counter in the IC & request a tea bag...bring it to the afternoon tea and request a pot of hot water. Coffee is on request, no one walks around with a pot of coffee (it's afternoon tea, after all 😉)
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