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  1. Then how about Gouda? One year we were in alkmaar for the annual cheese festival where the fellows were demonstrating the way they stepped to avoid rocking the loaded platform of the wheels of cheese.
  2. Wow! Wish I had aunts and uncles like you when I graduated ! All three options are good, but I like the inclusion of the stops along the Main and Nuremberg . Amsterdam as a starting or ending point makes it easy to extend your time there. Have fun planning. Rb
  3. It is a sunny, warm +1°C day in southern Ontario, so we went for a drive to get some fresh Ontario strawberries! Greenhouse grown in Leamington. Tastes like summer. Moments like this as well as yesterday's groundhog's shadow give me hope RB
  4. As a fellow Canadian, may I ask who you ha e your plan with? We used to get the annual plan with CAA, but then changed to CARP. Now are trying to find the right fit for future travel. Thanks, RB
  5. Trivia time (useless information)...a Canada goose poops every 8 minutes. They are a nuisance in our parks and waterfront.
  6. Jklc123, the last time we were there there had to have been at least 4 guides with their groups. The location is also listed in many of the what to see for free listings. You were lucky.
  7. Not Very peaceful with all the tourists gaping in the windows.
  8. Coral has it. Your turn next. We had the pleasure of having drinks with Anita von Hohenberg in her living room in 2011 and again in 2013.
  9. Name the River and Place. If you are correct, you get to post the next picture.
  10. We did a late season Prague to Basel with Uniworld. Last cruise of the 'summer' season before they started the Christmas market cruises.
  11. Is this a photo of Ruine Karlsburg taken from the Marktplatz in Karlstad am Main? We have a photo of the Marktplat taken during November 2015 just after the Christmas tree was installed.
  12. U by Uniworld is their line for the younger singles demographic that is not all inclusive.
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