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  1. JP, What is the usual number of passengers on board, and how many are there on this cruise? RB
  2. Enjoy your cruise and keep us posted. So many of us are living vicariously through you! RB
  3. PhDiva, not sure if I should thank you for posting the menus and pictures or send hate mail for making me salivate and yearn to be on a Uniworld cruise. (😊 just kidding about the mail). You will enjoy the Rhine and Moselle cruise...it is longer so you have more days to be spoiled and the sights are wonderful. We have done it late in the season as well as in the summer, and some day hope to do it in the spring. RB
  4. Not too sure sure why they are denying tourists the chance to visit when today at the F1 race there are thousands of fans cheek by jowl cheering without masks. Can we say superspreader in Dutch?
  5. You did not miss anything by not having a schneeballen. I find it quite dry with very little flavour. Save your money for the chocolate shop. RB
  6. Thank you PhDiva, great overview of your trip. Really gets me itching to cruise again. We will wait until next year to use our credit from our 2019 cancellation with Uniworld. RB
  7. Oh, notamermaid, I am so glad you liked it. We have been there twice. Once in early spring and once in the late fall. Shoulder seasons. We decided to walk on the wall and found ourselves fumbling down the very dark steps in the tower at dusk. I hope it was a sunny day for you. RB
  8. Looking forward to your review. How many passengers on board, and where are the majority from? Any stories of really difficult travel hoops? Enjoy your cruise! RB
  9. Lindt has a shop in Kitchener that has some pretty good deals on holiday goods just after the the holiday...January is the best time to buy santas, etc. My Lindt story took place in Achen Germany about 15 years ago. We walk into their outlet store and just inside the entrance are full size grocery carts and hand held baskets. My husband picks up a basket and asks "do we need one?" LoL! I grabbed a cart and proceeded to fill it with goodies I had never seen before. €50 . The best part was we boxed it up and shipped it back to Canada and it arrived the day after we got home. RB
  10. Thank you for posting all the daily programs. The information in them covers so much. How did you cope with the daily temperatures? I would have been a wilted mess. What was your highlight? RB
  11. Just to confirm, this relates to Canada. So if you will want to travel in Canada by air, rail or ship, you will need to be vaccinated.
  12. Wow, what a relief 😄 I was worried there were not enough choices for dinner. The photos you posted made me want to be right there with you enjoying the meal...and dessert! Have a great time! RB
  13. Thank you for posting all this information. I see Uniworld has changed out the menu to make it easier for them. It used to be a choice from three different appetizers, three mains and multiple dessert. Many times I would order all the starters, no main and then the cheese plate. 😊 Enjoy your vacation .
  14. Thank you for checking in from Prague. We look forward to a cruise review when you get home. I follow a young man on YouTube from Prague. 'Honest guide Prague' who has been reporting on things to do and about the crooks at currency exchange offices, among all sorts of other topics. He does report how empty the streets are now. RB
  15. None of the Uniworld ships we've been on have had fridges. Maybe in the suites?
  16. Thank you for posting Killin Time. How many passengers on board? Are you able to wander about ports at leisure? Enjoy the rest of your cruise! RB
  17. What a beautiful day! 29 and very sticky here.
  18. It's tea time! Have a scoop for me, too. Are you able to post a photo or two?
  19. I have just pulled out our photos of the residence and fondly remember wandering away from our guide to find our own treasures. Rooms without other tourists 😄
  20. Hopefully we will be able to join you too. RB
  21. Not all cruise lines have electric assist bikes. But I wish they did 😁.
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