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  1. We have used Uniworld bikes in December and even on New year's day in Vienna!
  2. MarLieb I wish I could find the thread from a year or two ago where we had a review done by both generations. The young daughter gave us her perspective of their river cruise. It was positive! You know your son the best, so go for it, but watch out, you may just start a yearly request to go on river cruises! RB
  3. SCmom, You will get your documents only a few weeks before your scheduled cruise. The Uniworld website has a section 'already booked' or something similar. You may find more day to day information there. If you are looking for advance information about exact times for arrivals and departures, you're out of luck. The docking location in Nuremberg is in an industrial area on a canal, about a 20€ cab ride from the main central train station . The logistics of travelling between and Prague and cruise ships has been covered elsewhere in these boards. You can board the Beatrice any time. Just be aware you will not be able to get into your cabin until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Staff will store your suitcases until then, and you are welcome to explore the ship, have a meal and relax with a beverage...or two. Prague is a wonderful city to explore. I suggest you check out the 'Honest Guide' to Prague on YouTube. These young men are proud of their city and give very good recommendations on what to see and do and how to avoid getting ripped off. I have been on 9 Uniworld cruises, always on the older ships and have toured a few of the SS sister ships when docked nearby. There is a soft spot in my heart for the River Queen, and I, too, feel that something has changed over the years, but because they have changed the sweets they put in my candy dish just doesn't warrant my complaining. RB
  4. I agree with Robin, the comfort of the bed is exceptional. And when your eyes are closed during your blissful sleep you can't see the decor. Yes the decor is a bit much, and it is nothing like my house, but it always make me feel like I am somewhere special, and not in an Ikea store. Enjoying your report. Brings back memories of our first river cruise on the River Royale when it was brand new. RB
  5. Uniworld does have a spare ship....The B. The U by Uniworld ship that was sailing along the Seine, but they scrapped that itinerary this year. Not sure if the regular demographic of Uniworld would appreciate a ship designed for millenials? 😉 So thankful no major injuries...this time. RB
  6. Looking forward to your review. This particular cruise is on our radar for October. RB
  7. You can rinse the bottle out with the hot water from the dispenser for tea at the coffee station.
  8. Uniworld provides each guest a reusable water bottle that is yours to keep. They are doing their part to eliminate waste plastics, etc. Water is available at the 24 hour coffee station for your bottle. The water from the tap in your cabin is safe to drink. RB
  9. Travelnut4, Check your itinerary , you may not be leaving until the next day. If that is the case, you can embark any time you want. You can also check in as early as you want, but know you won't be able to get into your cabin until about 3 in the afternoon. What we have done is check in at breakfast time, the crew secures our luguage and we take off for the day. Have a great time, RB
  10. Very much enjoyed your review. Did you book through them or through a travel agent? RB
  11. Please let us know who you end up with. After many trips with Uniworld, I agree, they are pricing themselves out of our comfort level. We have looked at AMA, Scenic and Emerald, but my gut isn't ready to commit. Thanks, RB
  12. Please reconsider? 😉😁 that way you can write a review for all of us 'zoomers' who have hit midlife and beyond. RB
  13. I, too, have to shake my head. Not sure what is happening with U by Uniworld. Why pay that much for less than what you get with all inclusive on the regular cruises? RB
  14. We have taken the bikes for our own use and at least one of us (usually hubby) on all the organized bike tours on every river cruise we've taken. Along the Moselle, Rhine and Danube, in summer AND winter. A lightweight rain coat from L L Bean is my go to rain gear. It is about knee length, has a zipper that unzips from the bottom as well (so you don't split the zip when you sit down), has a hood and folds into a reasonable packet. Most cruise companies provide umbrellas, but they are useless in the wind, poke others and you need to hold it up using one arm so you don't have both hands free. Have fun planning, RB
  15. Go for the bike ride! Think positive the weather will cooperate. On our cruise day it rained a bit so you would not have sat out on deck anyway. The ride along the river gives you a different perspective and it was very enjoyable. Stops along the way to catch your breath and see something interesting. A hot shower and a soothing beverage afterward and all was good. Our ship had bikes, but all of the bike tours were provided through touring companies that provided their own bikes, guides and commentary., so I would check to make sure they use the ebikes if that is your peddle power comfort zone. Have a great time, RB
  16. Notamermaid, thank you for starting this thread, Many of us look for your posts to know what is really happening on the Rhine. All of your added stories about history and geography are such a joy to read. As Neil Gaiman once wrote... May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you are wonderful, and don't forget to make some art...write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope , somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself. RB
  17. Thank you for the review. We have taken the other Christmas / New Year's cruise a couple of times and wondered how this one compared. Sounds like we will add it to our list. RB
  18. Three days in Prague are enough to get a taste of what you want to see and do the Next Time you are going to be there. And you will want to go back! I suggest you search 'the honest guide to Prague ' on YouTube. This young man is a local with extremely good English and is proud to show you his home town...the good and not so good (scam money exchanges), the hidden gems and where to get cheap beer. 🍺 RB
  19. Thank you for taking the time to post your cruise review. I know it takes a lot to do so. RB
  20. Turkey is cooked, and we are truly blessed to have family and friends to share a bountiful meal together. Also thankful for the good health to travel and see this wonderful country as well as the rest of the world. Happy Thanksgiving! RB
  21. Day 9 The day everyone has been waiting for...Castle Alley! The Gorge! Major deflation....it was a cool and grey day. No blue sky for all the castle photos. BUT! the ship cruised through without any problem, and the German sausage and beer for lunch on the upper deck was a great meal. Rudesheim tour in the afternoon with a wine tasting, or a cable car ride up to the Niederwald Monument. backtracking. we started the morning in Boppard with an early morning stroll. It was nice to walk about as the town as it was waking up. Evening entertainment in the lounge after dinner was a group called La Strada. Very talented and enjoyable. As soon as they were finished they were hustled off board and the ship set off. Day 10 Speyer. Sorry to say, I have no recollection of Speyer. I spent the day in our cabin. I was sick. Nasty cough that sounded like I was going to cough up a lung. Just wanted to sleep. Bummer, I missed the vinegar tasting. There was an optional (69 euro) bus tour that went to Heidelberg in the afternoon. Hubby wandered about on his own, sat in the church and had a 'private' organ recital as the organ was being tuned. Then he set off on a bike and toured along the river and the large park near the dock. Remembering the last time we were here, the church, Kaiserdom, is a treasure, and the Technical Museum is a must see for anyone who likes planes and engines and things that move. Day 11 Strasbourg, France Another day spent in bed. But hubby joined the do as the locals do walking tour. Optional (85euro) Black Forest tour was an all day tour returning at 6pm. For those not on the day trip, there was a duo entertaining in the lounge around 5pm. A young singer accompanied by a fellow with an accordion . She was very good singing in both french and english. Once the entertainers left and the day trippers were back on board the River Queen set sail for Breisach. Day 12 Alsatian Wine Villages and Colmar A cool Sunday morning. We chose to take the bus to Colmar. Hubby took the regular walking tour and although I was feeling better, felt the gentle walking group might be a better fit. Turns out we saw just as much and a bit more, but at a slower pace. As it was Sunday, we could not go into the churches, nor were any shops open. Farewell Dinner this evening. Captain and staff looked dashing in their fancy duds. Time to start packing. A few days earlier a letter was in each cabin requesting everyone to confirm their flight numbers and times or if they were going to continue with DIY plans and if they needed taxis. We were issued coloured tags for our suitcases so staff would know when to collect them and put them out to the bus or taxi. Very civilized and smooth running system. Our flight was not until the afternoon, so although we had to vacate our cabin by 8:30, we were able to have a leisurely breakfast and then wait in the lounge until our ride to the airport. It was fun to watch the next group of passengers board and start exploring their new home for the next two weeks. I am happy to answer any questions about this cruise, or Uniworld. (this was our 9th) RB Photos Deutsches Eck Boppard Colmar Traben Trarbach
  22. Day 8 Cochem Decision time. Choices. Morning... 1) Walking tour and castle visit, up hill and steps 2) Vineyard hike, very steep sandy roads, 2 hrs up, 1 hr down Afternoon...Wine tasting and Meet the Mayor of EdigerEller. And we did none of the above. Having done this cruise once before we had the luxury of going off on our own and not feel like we missed seeing any of the sights that were part of the organized tours.
  23. Day 6 Oh, my, trying to do a review a month after the trip, things are getting fuzzy. According to our excursion overview page this was the morning we sailed along the Moselle and the afternoon was in Trier. While were sailing this morning there was a lecture in the lounge by our Cruise Manager, Rik, on the European Union. The Moselle is such a beautiful river, with vineyards up fairly steep sides. The ship docked in Schweig and the bus ride into Trier was not very long at all. The bus drove up a steep and curvy road to the top of some vineyards and an overlook of the Roman amphitheater and the city. Time for some photos and back on the bus down to Porta Negra, the well preserved Roman Gate. We chose to go off on our own so have no idea about the walking tour. This was the day we celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. When we got back to our cabin it had rose petals on the bed with chocolate hearts, a chilled bottle of sparkling wine and a beautifully decorated cake. Day 7 Luxemburg The ship is docked in Schweig and a lovely place to go Nordic walking with the Wellness Coach at 7am. A note here about the 7am activities. Cabins on board the ship are 'cozy'. not the easiest for two people to get around when you are both trying to get ready, so my sweet husband gets up just before 7 and leaves for whatever daily activity the Wellness Coach has planned. Yoga, stretching, Nordic Walking, etc. Most days he is the only participant. He loves it because he gets a one on one class and feels he is doing something good to counter the extra local beverages he consumes. I have a half hour to myself to get ready for the day. Works for us. Buses left for Luxemburg, with a walking tour and a visit to the WWII American cemetery or a longer walk without the cemetery. A third bus did a scenic drive to visit the Archaeological Park Roman Villa Borg and to the Saar Bow River Bend. It was a foggy morning so when we got to the Saar, it was eerily beautiful. While everyone was touring the ship relocated to Mehring.
  24. Most of the time they just need to know how many guides or busses are needed. In the case of bike rides or similar events there could a limited number of bikes or spaces available. On the first evening when your cruise director goes over the list, and you know what you want to do, stop by the front desk on your way to dinner and let them know. That way you'll be organized and at the top of the list. Have a great time. The Antoinette is beautiful. Not my taste, but maybe my great aunt Nettie used to to have a chalet decorated like it. 😉 RB
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