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  1. a1m1yr,

    Your plan could work if you are able to coordinate the timing of your transfer points in Nuremberg and are willing to spend time waiting for each train, tram, or bus. We have stayed in Nuremberg for a few days pre cruise twice.  First time thought we could take local transit, but the person at the front desk of our hotel suggested a cab was the better option . 

    A taxi to the ship was less than €20. The local drivers know exactly where to go and take you right to the dock. No need to walk from the bridge down and around to the dock.

    Have a great trip,


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  2. Foxland,  do you want to see a number of Christmas markets, or do you want to be on a cruise ship on Christmas day? We did the 2 week Uniworld Grand Christmas cruise which started two days before Christmas and ended in the new year.  The only actual market was in Nuremberg on the 23rd.  We enjoyed the cruise so much we did it again two years later.


  3. PhDiva, not sure if I should thank you for posting the menus and pictures or send hate mail for making me salivate and yearn to be on a Uniworld cruise. (😊 just kidding about the mail).

    You will enjoy the Rhine and Moselle cruise...it is longer so you have more days to be spoiled and the sights are wonderful.  We have done it late in the season as well as in the summer, and some day hope to do it in the spring. 


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  4. Oh, notamermaid,  I am so glad you liked it.  We have been there twice. Once in early spring and once in the late fall. Shoulder seasons.  We decided to walk on the wall and found ourselves fumbling down the very dark steps in the tower at dusk. I hope it was a sunny day for you.


  5. Lindt has a shop in Kitchener that has some pretty good deals on holiday goods just after the the holiday...January is the best time to buy santas, etc.

    My Lindt story took place in Achen Germany about 15 years ago.  We walk into their outlet store and just inside the entrance are full size grocery carts and hand held baskets. My husband picks up a basket and asks "do we need one?"  LoL! I grabbed  a cart and proceeded to fill it with goodies I had never seen before. €50 .  The best part was we boxed it up and shipped it back to Canada and it arrived the day after we got home.


  6. Thank you for checking in from Prague.   We look forward to a cruise review when you get home.

    I follow a young man on YouTube from Prague.  'Honest guide Prague' who has been reporting on things to do and about the crooks at currency exchange offices, among all sorts of other topics.  He does report how empty the streets are now.


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