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  1. Someone would have to pay me alot of money for me to stay there. 🙂
  2. I cant believe that after only 3834 postings people are running out of photos😊📷.
  3. Yes Coral, it is Budapest. You can post the next photo unless someone wants to challenge you to name the bridge (but I would have to double check to be sure which one it is) RB
  4. Dogs4fun, You are not wrong, I am sneaky. 😉 We were on a cold, dark, fabulous 2 week Christmas/New Year cruise.
  5. No cropping was done to this photo taken early January 2012. 😊
  6. I will pick up the wild card just to keep things going. Name the river and city for your chance to post the next photo.
  7. Yes, the Hermitage in Amsterdam. This visit was in 2018 and the sculptures may not have been permanent. Wild card!
  8. Yes, the Netherlands. Yes, a museum. Zero in to which museum .
  9. I will pick up the wild card just to keep things going.
  10. Dogs4fun, thank you for posting the links! I live less than an hour's drive from the Niagara river and have cruised the Moselle a number of times. Spending an hour or two watching these videos will help my mental state. RB
  11. Tripping down memory lane pre covid is a fun pastime, especially when our memories can become fuzzy and we only remember the good times. We used to live in eastern Ontario right on the St. Lawrence River . We could daytrip to Ottawa, Montreal, Eastern Townships, or South to Lake Placid. RB
  12. Happy to report Moderna jab#1 has taken place. Yeah! #2 scheduled for mid July. So far, so good, no soreness, but will take it easy and oder pick up for dinner. No need to exert myself, just in case. RB
  13. Second seating, I have no idea where your cat is, but it may be a stray as it was seen on a different roof probably far away 😊 RB
  14. gnome 12, your retirement cake looks fantastic, I'd gladly sit on your driveway social distancing and help you eat it 🎂. Enjoy your retirement, we highly recommend it. RB
  15. Not to be nitpicking, it was probably a typo, but the population of Ontario is just over 14 million. 😉
  16. Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Too bad they are going to bed, so we have a wild card. Thank you to Renmar for the link to the YouTube video. Now I wish I would have had a chance to see the interior. On our tour that day we did not go into the monastery but walked through the woods to an overlook for a view of the Inn and the Danube rivers. WILD CARD
  17. Still waiting for someone to identify the river and town .
  18. It is in a wooded area next to the churchyard which I think had a wall around it. Let me know if you want another photo clue. RB
  19. When I first saw this in the wooded area I thought it was an outhouse with a view.😉 except the view of the river was in the opposite direction.
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