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  1. The price ranges anywhere from 700 to 1800 so I would appreciate it if someone with experience with having one would respond. it also may depend on how many people you have in the cabana. We only have 2.
  2. What kind of tip have you given to the Over the Water cabana attendant at Coco Cay.
  3. That will work if you are sitting still but if you are moving with a drink in hand mask must be on
  4. Agree no Hibachi on the adventure and Izumi’s is located on the promenade which was strange.
  5. Clear your cache and/or try another browser.
  6. That is the same email we got in the allure but still had free beer and wine from 11am to 11pm
  7. Are you in different cabins. If not it doesn’t make any since. You only complete check in once for each cabin if you have different cabins and completed check in at different times it can easily happen.
  8. I hope he builds a building around it so it can be used year round. are you listening Andrew?
  9. They are staying in a grand suite so they do get unlimited free drinks in the suite lounge during happy hour. they don’t have to use their diamond plus drinks there.
  10. They can delete them but it was from a study. Unsure if it was peer-Reviewed. I did not save the study so I will have to try and find it.
  11. My November Mariner cruises add the tips right now. Note that the Mariner is already on the updated website format though. So I Iwould guess when a ship goes to this format it may add the gratuities. MyJanuary 2022 Harmony cruises (3) do not have the added gratuities. I also checked one of my many oasis class sailings and one of them had added the grats but today it doesn’t. So who knows what they are up to.
  12. No room service for the drink package in suites.
  13. It list 196 but it adds 18% for grats at check out. 179 total was good earlier but 196 was most recently before they added the 18%.
  14. Are they even going to be open for lunch if boarding time starts at 1 pm. it typically is only open for lunch up to 1:30 pm.
  15. I have to agree with you about the roller skates. We have been on the explorer out of Florida and there were no roller skates then. I would love to see it though.
  16. The antigen test is as reliable for positive results as the PCR test but gives a higher percent of false negatives.
  17. I bring my wine to specialty restaurants and have never been charged the corkage fee. there is a fee that can be charged but again we have been lucky and never charged.
  18. I assume when you say rapid test you are talking about the antigen test because there are rapid RT-PCR tests too.
  19. The study is interesting but it wasn’t pier reviewed (yet).
  20. Gary: did it show up on the website for you yet? I don’t have the email yet and it is not available on the website for me.
  21. Your insurance is going to pay for the test without symptoms and they will give you the results that day?
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