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  1. Hello Cruisers I have decided to write this post to draw a line under the C&M Central America & Panama Canal Discovery on the 10/01/19 for 10 nights fiasco cruise. After numerous communications to C&M regarding many complaints (most left unanswered) the best compensation they could offer us was 15% off an ex-UK no fly cruise of up to 15 nights needed to be booked within a month or so & not to be disclosed to any other party. We asked for a refund as why on earth would we want to travel with C&M again? A warning to prospective passengers …….. please do not con
  2. Hello Cruisers We have heard back from C&M again (twice more as we try to contact different executives) with no joy. They are still hiding behind the small print that all itineraries are subject to amendment and they have the right to change scheduled ports of call. Be that as it may to treat passengers to such gruelling embarkation (a large number of passengers were elderly & some with walking difficulties) without any compensation awarded we can only conclude that they do not care a jot about our opinions. Many points raised still not answered & brushed under the carpet. Wh
  3. Hello We received a reply from C&MV but unfortunately not to our satisfaction. Many questions left unanswered & a gesture of goodwill that we have refused. So we have emailed back again hopeful that we will get a satisfactory reply. We are not holding our breath! It appears that the flight difficulties were possible known to C&MV in advance of our cruise. We find it all so upsetting & unnecessary. If our complaint had been dealt with swiftly onboard rather than all this writing after getting back home could have been avoided. What C&MV are not
  4. Hello small comfort but £50 has been offered might suit some but not if you paid an extra £800 for an upgrade! Keep going it's an opening offer. I have heard back from C&M regretting our dissatisfaction, many points unanswered. We will be emailing back elaborating further....ho hum onward & upward. I'm of the opinion the more a company drags it's heels sorting complaints it reflects badly.
  5. Hello RobinDonkey Sorry to hear your news about your return flight & an unsuccessful claim for compensation. Was your return flight the early one to Gatwick on the 21/1/19? We too have written to our travel agent with our complaints C&M have 28 days to reply. Fingers crossed we will get a positive reply.
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