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  1. Hello Cruisers

    I have decided to write this post to draw a line under the C&M Central America & Panama Canal Discovery on the 10/01/19 for 10 nights fiasco cruise.

    After numerous communications to C&M regarding many complaints (most left unanswered) the best compensation they could offer us was 15% off an ex-UK no fly cruise of up to 15 nights needed to be booked within a month or so & not to be disclosed to any other party. We asked for a refund as why on earth would we want to travel with C&M again?

    A warning to prospective passengers …….. please do not consider C&V because if anything goes wrong forget any compensation of good will, they don't want to know!

    On this occasion you get what you pay for, never to be repeated.


  2. Hello Cruisers

    We have heard back from C&M again (twice more as we try to contact different executives) with no joy. They are still hiding behind the small print that all itineraries are subject to amendment and they have the right to change scheduled ports of call. Be that as it may to treat passengers to such gruelling embarkation (a large number of passengers were elderly & some with walking difficulties) without any compensation awarded we can only  conclude that they do not care a jot about our opinions. Many points raised still not answered & brushed under the carpet. What shameful behaviour. All my husband & I wanted was some onboard credit as a way of any apology, not much to ask as in real terms it would'nt have cost the company much a small % & they might have even gained if passengers spent over their awarded credit. This should have been given to all passengers. 

    Everybody needs to be treated fairly & respectfully.....we just feel sad having to complain but think it's necessary to speak up. Although this cruise was reasonably priced we should all expect a decent level of service & customer care. This cruise did not live up to the description on the tin!

    As for the ongoing problems with the 1st flight out on the outbound flight keep the faith & keep plugging away.

    I wish you all perseverance & sustained energy in your ongoing correspondence. 

  3. Hello 

    We received a reply from C&MV but unfortunately not to our satisfaction. Many questions left unanswered & a gesture of goodwill that we have refused. So we have emailed back again hopeful that we will get a satisfactory reply. We are not holding our breath!

    It appears that the flight difficulties were possible known to C&MV in advance of our cruise.  

    We find it all so upsetting & unnecessary. If our complaint had been dealt with swiftly onboard rather than all this writing after getting back home could have been avoided.


    What C&MV are not getting is that unhappy customers = no business. 


    Anyway fingers crossed for a favourable outcome.




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  4. Hello small comfort but £50 has been offered might suit some but not if you paid an extra £800 for an upgrade! 

    Keep going it's an opening offer.

    I have heard back from C&M regretting our dissatisfaction, many points unanswered. 

    We will be emailing back elaborating further....ho hum onward & upward. I'm of the opinion the more a company drags it's heels sorting complaints it reflects badly.

  5. Mjk Sterling

    OMG so sorry to hear your travel experiences too. I too plan to submit a report to my travel agent who will then investigate & contact CMV on our behalf. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your story the more passengers that do the better & stronger any action. We too are suffering badly from jet lag.....over the years we have been fortunate to go on many cruises & this is the worst one ever!

    Practically zero customer care & 10/10 for trying to pull the wool, I believe there has been a coverup. Treated like animals with no RSPC inspector in attendance!

    Let's keep in touch.

    Good luck


    Sorry to repeat not an apology to be had


  6. Hello 

    The food tends to be fairly bland on cruises, we are always mystified that when we are visiting a country why local ingredients are not used eg mangos & pineapples when in central America.

    Although our waiters were good our head waiter did not want to communicate with us & to be honest the commis waiter was socially shy let's say. We found most of the staff curt.

    I laughed out loud when you commented about unhosted events exactly what we thought, cheap.

    Still we are stinging from the CMV experience …….there customer care was woefully inadequate.

    Sorry to  you but if issues could have been sorted out on the ship our opinion of the company would have been very different. It was if they had never cruised before.


  7. Hello Sailing Biggles

    Thanks for your report sorry to hear you were poorly & to have missed meeting you.

    Well I hardly know where to begin my Story. Two weeks before the cruise we learnt that instead of flying to Cozumel we flew to Cancun missing as you know Belize & the Mayan Ruins. Our Embarkation to the ship was nothing short of gruelling. One hour to wait for luggage at Cacun then a 45 minute coach ride to Playa del Carmen where we had a 20 minute walk to the key side 20 minutes of queuing to get on the ferry (1 rickety gangplank) then 40 minute diesel choppy crossing walk to ship shamble of queuing to embark then onto face to face with Mexican authorities. No apologies at any time from CMV or the captain. We went several times to complain to the reception about our treatment & asked for some on board credit not just for us but for all our travellers, deigned. A few emails bounced back from London they quoted "Force Majeure"!

    We also had to change our cabin from 5165 to 6112 because of the engine noise.

    The swimming pool was not filled for 3 days.

    We also felt some of the tours were expensive for what they were & the content poor.

    Had an apology been given & some kind of gesture of goodwill at the onset we would have probably overlooked small niggles. I can only conclude that their reputation is not as valued to them as other companies. 

    We have written to our cruise company & they will look into these complaints on our behalf.

    We thought the food & waiters good. Our cabin stewards were lovely. The manoeuvre through the canal was a highlight.  

    Anyway an experience never to be repeated with this company.

    Glad to be home.

  8. On ‎12‎/‎8‎/‎2018 at 12:16 PM, Cruise Madam said:


    My husband & I are going on the above cruise on the 10/01/19. Have reserved tours on ship as we found researching for independent tours difficult or impossible. What experience have other passengers had?

    Is this a new itinerary? Thanks. Looking forward to our cruise.



    Thank you for your recent post. I will look out for you on the ship. Hope your wait for embarkation is not to tedious. Bon voyage. 

  9. On ‎12‎/‎8‎/‎2018 at 12:16 PM, Cruise Madam said:


    My husband & I are going on the above cruise on the 10/01/19. Have reserved tours on ship as we found researching for independent tours difficult or impossible. What experience have other passengers had?

    Is this a new itinerary? Thanks. Looking forward to our cruise.



    12 hours ago, CocoLocomotion said:

    My hubby and I are on this cruise. The CMV Shore Excursion prices are quite reasonable compared to some cruise lines. If an interesting ShoreX is offered by CMV, we sign up.


    Which ports are you interested in the non-ship Shore Excursions? I have additional information for tours in Cozumel and Costa Rica. Cartagena has several options for city tours. I would post specifics, but Cruise Critic admins delete posts with too much external (useful) information.


    1 minute ago, Cruise Madam said:


    We have now booked every tour with CMV as their tours were actually reasonable.

    How do we meet up on the cruise if you'd like too?

    I have been to North Carolina twice.




  10. On ‎12‎/‎8‎/‎2018 at 2:47 PM, Sailing Biggles said:

    We are on this sector too, but have no other info other than given by C&M. I think this is a new trip for them. We start with the previous cruise in December 16th from Tilbury. Where do you embark?

    We embark in Cozumel. I have actually booked every tour with C&M as finding independent options really tricky. Perhaps we can meet up?



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